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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: DHS to hold cyber hiring fair this summer

The Homeland Security Department is finishing up plans to hold an IT and cybersecurity job fair in Washington, D.C. in June or early July.

Spotlight: DHS wants standardized requirements for cyber jobs

Although each agency hires its own IT security team, Eric Goldstein suggested that a standardized set of requirements will help federal agencies attract better tech talent and hire people faster.

US Navy offers $26M contract to small business to train military cyber personnel

The U.S. Navy is offering a $26 million five-year contract to a small business to train the Navy and Marine Corps' cyber personnel.

Spotlight: FBI looks in-house for new CIO

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has chosen Gordon Bitko to be its new CIO, Federal News Radio reported earlier today.

Lawmakers, HR leaders decry's slowness

Members of Congress and the human resources community are not happy with the performance of the website, according to news reports.

White House to announce federal CISO pick within a month

The White House plans to announce its pick for the newly created federal chief security officer position within a month, according to U.S. Chief Information Officer Tony Scott.

Spotlight: Senators say like a 'black hole'

Using the site is like "typing your information into the black hole," said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) during the meeting. 

Halvorsen's new strategy for data center savings: Cut the people

Halvorsen explained that he believes having employees monitor and maintain servers is a poor use of labor. By installing automation tools at data centers, Halvorsen believes he can achieve savings beyond the $1.8 billion projected for DoD through fiscal 2018.

Survey: Despite benefits, creativity remains undervalued in public sector

73 percent of public-sector creative professionals at the federal, state and local levels felt that creativity is undervalued in government and that their creative capabilities are limited, according to Adobe's "Creativity in the Public Sector Survey," which released March 30. 

Spotlight: DHA nervous about moving military doctors' cheese

Defense Health Agency Director Raquel Bono told  Politico  the department is nervous about the rollout of its new electronic health record to eight hospitals and more than 20 clinics in the Northwest by the end of the year.