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Latest Headlines

The president's 2017 budget request: Federal information technology

President Barack Obama rolled out his fiscal 2017 budget request to Congress on Feb. 9, which included more than $19 billion, or a roughly 35 percent increase, from fiscal 2016, in funding for cybersecurity to support the president's Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

White House unveils broad strategy for strengthening cybersecurity

President Obama unveiled a sweeping cybersecurity strategy Feb. 9, which directs his administration to implement a series of "near-term actions" to enhance the nation's cybersecurity.

Report: Pro-Palestine Twitter account dumps hacked DHS staff directory, alleges DOJ next

On Sunday a Twitter account leaked a staff directory of more than 9,000 alleged Homeland Security Department employees, according to  Vice 's Motherboard.

Study: Federal leaders embrace digital but still can't keep pace with private sector

A new study showed that federal leaders recognize the value of digital technology in improving their agencies' operations, productivity, capacity to meet goals and ability to better serve their customers. However, many feel government is still lagging behind private-sector adoption.

Spotlight: OPM seeks chief privacy officer

The Office of Personnel Management is looking to hire a chief privacy officer, according to a job posting that closes Feb. 11.

Obama's budget proposal: 1.6% pay raise for feds, 6 weeks paid parental leave

The fiscal 2017 budget request that President Obama will deliver to Congress next week will include an average 1.6 percent pay raise for federal employees. An employee's actual raise will depend on military or civilian status as well as locality.

Calls for postal reform grow louder

For years, proposals to reform the U.S. Postal Service have stalled on the Hill, but last week a congressional panel said the need for legislative action is more urgent than ever.

Audio: Federal government to overhaul background investigation system

The federal government is changing the way it performs background investigations and securing the sensitive data associated with the process, according to senior officials speaking on a press call Jan. 22.

Cyber recommendations neglected at FBI, says report

A handful of recommendations the Justice Department Inspector General offered to bolster cybersecurity at the FBI remained open about two months following a report on the FBI's Next Generation Cyber Initiative.

CRS: Congress may want to increase its oversight of the federal cybersecurity workforce

There are several executive branch initiatives underway to attract and retain cybersecurity talent in the federal workforce. Few of those programs, however, are mandated to report their progress to Congress.