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Latest Headlines

Nation state actors dominate the changing cyberthreat landscape in new report

Global conflicts have emerged as the preeminent driver of cybersecurity threats, eclipsing attacks by individual, private actors that were often driven by financial motives, according to Crowdstrike's 2015 Global Threat Report.

Spotlight: OPM seeks chief privacy officer

The Office of Personnel Management is looking to hire a chief privacy officer, according to a job posting that closes Feb. 11.

Education Dept. highlights recent progress, cyber plans while CIO faces congressional gauntlet

Congressional leaders are concerned that the Education Department's trove of personally identifiable information will become the next target for an Office of Personnel Management-scale breach, and the past performance of the department's Chief Information Officer Danny Harris only fanned the flames during a hearing Tuesday.

Report: IoT makes the 'going dark' debate moot

More technology companies offer products and services with strong encryption, but when people use them to "go dark" – whether for innocent or nefarious purposes – it isn't as big of a problem as law enforcement officials have claimed, says a new report.

FirstNet's PSAC launches new task teams for public safety network

Task teams for the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee, or PSAC, kicked off their work last week to ensure local input in developing the nationwide public safety broadband network.

Spotlight: The ISIS encryption app that doesn't encrypt at all

After a week-long investigation  The Daily Dot  has determined that a widely reported Android app the Islamic State created to exchange encrypted messages actually doesn't send or encrypt messages at all. 

NIST issues draft update to key cryptographic publication

The National Institute of Standards and Technology on Wednesday issued a second draft of a publication that IT security specialists can leverage to determine whether the random numbers that underlie their cryptography are sufficiently unpredictable.

IDC: Federal IT security spending to rise 11% for national defense, emergency services

As cybersecurity continues to take on a more significant role in the total framework of national security, the federal government has matched that increase in importance with a sizeable increase in spending, according to IDC.

New America: FCC has 'statutory mandate' to protect user data from ISPs

When the Federal Communications Commission reclassified Internet service providers in its net neutrality ruling last year, it received not only the legal authority to protect user privacy, but a "statutory mandate" to do so, according to a prominent think tank.

CBP rolls out facial recognition technology at JFK

U.S. Customs and Border Protection this week began using facial recognition technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport to verify that travelers match their passport photos. The move follows a successful pilot of the technology at Washington Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.