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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: State Dept. to test employees' phishing resiliency

The State Department is planning to send fabricated phishing email messages to its employees around the world to test their cyber hygiene.

At the VA's Million Veterans Program, precision medicine is fast becoming reality

For over five years now, consenting veterans have been donating their genomic data to the Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, in one of the largest precision medicine big data projects in the world. And after collecting over 470,000 samples since 2011, analysis on the data is now underway.

European Parliament wants changes to the Privacy Shield deal reached between EU, US negotiators

The European Parliament wants changes in the Privacy Shield deal reached in February between EU and the U.S. government negotiators that would replace the 15-year-old Safe Harbor framework transfer Europeans' data to the United States.

EPIC to OPM: Stop collecting sensitive job applicant information if you can't secure the data

Saying federal agencies are "incapable of adequately protecting sensitive information from improper disclosure," a privacy watchdog group this week urged the Office of Personnel Management to limit the amount of personal information it collects on job applications and focus instead on data protection.

State Department IG criticizes Clinton's email practices as secretary of state

In a report due out soon, the State Department's Office of the Inspector General is highly critical of Hillary Clinton's email practices while she was U.S. secretary of state.

Report: In mixed cloud landscape, hybrid IT rules agencies

Nearly every government agency has begun migrating to the cloud, but the cloud is not ideal for every workload, so most agencies think it is unlikely they will move completely to cloud resources.

Clinton email hacker to plead guilty

The hacker who says he broke into Hillary Clinton's personal email server while she was U.S. secretary of state will likely plead guilty to criminal charges this week.

Federal cloud decision makers are looking for an off-ramp when it comes to FedRAMP

A majority of federal cloud decision makers would consider a non-FedRAMP-compliant cloud deployment, even though FedRAMP is mandatory for agency cloud deployments and service models at the low and moderate risk impact levels.

US lawmaker seeking answers following $81M cyber heist of Bangladesh central bank

A heist of the Bangladeshi central bank may not have been of prime concern to U.S. stakeholders 20 years ago, but in the age of cyber heists – especially one involving $81 million – a top U.S. lawmaker is eager for answers.

Spotlight: Evaluating Obama's cyber legacy

Former federal officials evaluated President Obama's efforts to improve federal cybersecurity at an event in McLean, Va., yesterday, and delivered a mixed verdict.