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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Hillary Clinton's private email likely a popular spear-phishing target

Five fake speeding ticket notices released by the Sate Department on Wednesday were just a glimpse into the spear phishing attempts targeted at Hillary Clinton's email account.

Two VA medical centers marked appointments as complete before doctors saw patients

Two Veterans Affairs Department hospitals marked appointments as complete even before patients were seen by a doctor, according to a Sept. 29 VA inspector general report.

Radiation levels from X-ray scanners that screened airport travelers were safe, says report

Weapons-detecting X-ray scanners that were removed from U.S. airports two years ago due to privacy concerns met federal safety limits for radiation exposure, accoridng to a new scientific report funded by the Homeland Security Department.

New report recommends US strategy to prevent Americans traveling overseas to fight for ISIS

More than 250 Americans are going overseas to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups and the United States has largely failed to stop most of them, in part, because it lacks a national strategy, the House Homeland Security Committee said in the new bipartisan report.

GAO: FISMA compliance persistently weak across federal agencies

The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 lays out specific security controls that should be applied to federal agencies' information technology, but a new audit finds that FISMA implementation in fiscal years 2013 and 2014 by agencies was mixed.

Spotlight: Senators want DOJ stingray rules extended to DHS

In a Sept. 29 letter, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) urged DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to "adopt a default warrant requirement, as DOJ did" for the use of cellphone duping technology, called stingrays.

VBA senior execs manipulated relocation program for financial gain, finds IG

Senior executives at the Veterans Benefits Administration inappropriately used their influence and the relocation expense program to obtain positions with less responsibility but the same pay level while also pocketing questionable reimbursements for their moves, finds an internal audit.

Consumer advocacy groups, new industry coalition spar over use of unlicensed spectrum

A consumer advocacy group said that a new telecommunications industry coalition formed "to promote the consumer benefits" of unlicensed spectrum and new licensed technologies such as LTE-U designed to operate in such bands actually threatens Wi-Fi competition and those benefits.

USPS hasn't recovered certain sensitive documents from outside law enforcement agencies, IG says

The Postal Service hasn't ensured sensitive documents related to investigations from outside agencies are returned to them in a timely manner, according to a recently released Postal Service Inspector General report.

UK's 'Karma Police' bulk surveillance operation likely dwarfs NSA's, says report

The United Kingdom's intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters, launched a mass electronic eavesdropping campaign in 2009 without court order or judicial warrant that likely dwarfs the National Security Agency's surveillance operation in the United States, according to leaked documents.