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Latest Headlines

PRC checks its authority, declines to hear contracted post office closure appeal

The Postal Regulatory Commission, a commission independent of the Postal Service that acts as its regulatory agency on matter such as mail rate increases, recently ruled that it would not hear an appeal on the closure of a rural Idaho post office, despite the fact that it technically has oversight of the facilities.

GAO: Savings hard to find with fed agencies not maintaining mobile device, service inventories

According to the Office of Management and Budget's most recent estimate – done in 2012 – the federal government spends approximately $1.2 billion yearly on about 1.5 million mobile devices and related wireless services.

DOJ issues drone guidance for agencies that enhances transparency, accountability

The department uses drones to help in search and rescue efforts, drug interdictions and fugitive investigations, among other applications, since they are more cost-effective and safer than using manned aircraft.

DHS not tracking employee usage of offline travel booking, possibly incurring greater fees, IG says

The web-based system is much cheaper than the making reservations by phone. Online fees cost about $7 to $10, while doing it offline costs about $30 to $37, or more than three times the cost.

IG: DoD footed the bill for nearly $1M of employees' personal casino and strip club purchases

Defense Department employees and military members used their government-issued charge cards to spend more than $1 million in personal expenses at casinos and strip clubs, says a May 19 DoD inspector general report.

Audit finds Coast Guard still lacks strong organizational approach to safeguard data

The Coast Guard has made progress in protecting personal and health data, but organizational challenges such as a lack of coordination among its privacy offices, incomplete contingency planning and infrequent security reviews of physical facilities could still put data at risk.

USPS should renegotiate some building leases in the Eastern Area, IG says

The Postal Service could save millions annually by renegotiating leases for 77 buildings in the agency's Eastern Area, says a May 12 USPS inspector general report. USPS leases more than 23,000 buildings nationwide, consisting of about 79 million interior square feet. It pays more than $800 million annually to lease those properties, the report says.

GAO: Cost of Kabul embassy expansion continues to rise into the billions

The State Department has already invested billions of dollars in the expansion of its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan since 2002 and the spending continues to rise because the agency hasn't properly assessed the risk and cost of the project, says a May 19 Government Accountability Office report.

GAO: FCC needs to measure whether consumers receive satisfactory broadband performance info

Consumers can access data about their broadband service through Internet service providers, or ISPs, third-party websites and Federal Communication Commission reports, but there are issues in each of these areas. 

International efforts underway to improve aircraft tracking, flight data recovery

While the Government Accountability Office report did not make any recommendations to relevant U.S. agencies, it pointed out concerns among stakeholders about prescriptive standards versus a performance-based approach.