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Latest Headlines

GAO finds some security weaknesses within Fiscal Service's information systems

A review of a bureau's information systems within the Treasury Department found a "signficant deficiency" in security measures over financial reporting, a Government Accountability Office report released July 18.

Cities, feds grapple with inadequate border-crossing infrastructure

Port of entry infrastructure along the U.S. borders has struggled to keep up with the needs of cross-border trade and travelers, lawmakers and federal officials testing during a House hearing.

Texas search-and-rescue group can resume drone usage after court order

A Texas volunteer group that searches for lost and missing persons is resuming use of drones in such efforts after a federal court said the Federal Aviation Agency's email warning the group not to use such unmanned aircraft wasn't legally binding.

GAO finds some key FDIC financial systems still vulnerable, open to attacks

Despite implementing stronger computerized defenses, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation still needs to address weaknesses that are putting key financial systems and information at "unnecessary risk," congressional investigators said.

ACLU joins appeal of Idaho woman suing NSA

More than a month after a federal judge struck down a lawsuit that an Idaho woman filed against the National Security Agency's collection of cellphone data, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have taken on the case in the appeals process.

Taxpayer Advocate to focus on preparer fraud and tax exempt applications

The federal taxpayer ombudsman plans to focus on how the Internal Revenue Service addresses tax preparer fraud and handles tax-exempt organization applications. The National Taxpayer Advocate is required to make a mid-year report to Congress that lays out its goals for reviewing the IRS.

Despite recent successes, DOJ officials say more tools needed to combat criminal botnets

In recent years, Justice Deparment officials said they've successfully disrupted major criminal botnet operations from stealing more information and money. But as criminals continually change their tactics, officials said several U.S. laws need to be changed or updated to keep pace.

CDC head says "pattern" of poor safety in handling pathogens at labs

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that a recent incident potentially exposing staff to anthrax has revealed a "pattern" of poor safety measures in handling such dangerous pathogens over the years.

Baltimore VA office stockpiled thousands of claims records

Major mail mismanagement at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Regional Office slowed down the processing of benefits claims and the mishandling of sensitive documents, a July 14 VA inspector general report says. A supervisor at the Baltimore VA office inappropriately stockpiled about 8,000 documents in an office, the report says. Also, about 1,500 documents containing personally identifiable information about veterans were improperly stored in work spaces at the Baltimore office.

NIST report outlines steps to strengthen encryption standards development after NSA revelation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's main advisory committee, which has been reviewing concerns about the integrity of the agency's cryptographic standards and guidelines program, recommended greater transparency and openness in NIST's relationship with the National Security Agency.