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Latest Headlines

Agencies don't know if programs to improve lives of Afghan women actually worked, says audit

Three federal agencies responsible for directing funds to help women in Afghanistan didn't track their spending or results, so no one knows if the programs worked, says a Dec. 18 Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report. The agencies involved reported spending at least $64.8 million on 652 projects, programs and initiatives to support Afghan women in fiscal years 2011 through 2013.

DoD doesn't know if testing ranges are susceptible to spying, says GAO

The Defense Department doesn't know if its testing ranges are vulnerable to foreign spying, a Dec. 16 Government Accountability Office report says. "DOD has not conducted a risk assessment that includes assessing the degree to which foreign encroachment could pose a threat to the mission of the ranges," the GAO report says.

GAO: FEMA overspent 'hundreds of millions of dollars' in administrative costs during disasters

The agency is not requiring that established targets for reducing administrative costs during disasters be met, congressional investigators said in Dec. 17 report.

CFPB sues Sprint for alleged unauthorized charges

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Sprint for allegedly illegally billing its wireless customers tens of millions of dollars through third-party charges, says a Dec. 17 CFPB statement. The CFPB alleges that Sprint allowed third parties to put unauthorized charges on the accounts of mobile phone users.

Report: Agencies aren't requiring grant recipients to provide information on grant performance

The federal government faces significant challenges in controlling grants and benefit programs administered in partnership with state and local governments and not-for-profit institutions, says a Dec. 16 Association of Government Accountants report.

Long wait times, low access to live help mar IRS taxpayer phone service, GAO says

The GAO report said "more than a third of calls ended with the taxpayer hanging up, receiving a busy signal, or being disconnected before reaching an assistor." In 2014, taxpayers had to wait more than twice as long to speak with an assistor than they did in 2009.

Former DHS special agent sentenced to 3 years for obstructing probe, falsifying records

A former agent within the Homeland Security Department's office of inspector general was sentenced Dec. 15 to more than three years in prison for impeding an internal investigation and falsifying records in the Texas field office.

GAO: James Webb Space Telescope risks schedule slip

Despite NASA reporting the James Webb Space Telescope, or JWST, will launch as planned in October 2018, the Government Accountability Office says one of the agency's most complex and expensive projects in NASA history faces increased schedule and cost risks.

GSA wants to assess IT supply chain risk management governmentwide

The General Services Administration wants to know how it can provide better due diligence for acquisitions involving government information technology. It's working with customer agencies to establish a common set of indicators that could be used to for a supply chain risk assessment.

US not as friendly to civilian drone R&D as other countries, witnessess tell House lawmakers

If federal regulators don't revamp rules designed to accelerate drone research and development for civilian use, U.S. companies will likely shift testing and operations – and jobs – abroad, several witnesses told a House subcommittee last week.