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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: State Dept. to test employees' phishing resiliency

The State Department is planning to send fabricated phishing email messages to its employees around the world to test their cyber hygiene.

IG: Census Bureau failing to monitor GSS-I goals, Geography Division costs

The U.S. Census Bureau is failing to monitor its goals for the Geographic Support System Initiative and the costs for two aspects of its Geography Division, a Commerce Department Office of the Inspector General report found this week.

Flint-inspired Michigan bill ending FOIA exemptions for governor, legislature faces opposition

Prompted in part by the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan, a committee of the state legislature has approved a series of measures to expand government transparency, including ending the blanket exemption to Freedom of Information Act rules for the governor and legislature.

Spotlight: US still lacking countrywide data breach notification law

The U.S., despite 47 states having their own notification laws, lacks a single, national law at the federal level.

Illinois auditor general sued following alleged FOIA violations

Allegations of misspent campaign funds  have dogged  Illinois Auditor General Frank  Mautino  since the former state representative began the position on January 1, but now he is being sued for his alleged failure to turn over records related to said funds as part of Freedom of Information Act requests.

US lawmaker seeking answers following $81M cyber heist of Bangladesh central bank

A heist of the Bangladeshi central bank may not have been of prime concern to U.S. stakeholders 20 years ago, but in the age of cyber heists – especially one involving $81 million – a top U.S. lawmaker is eager for answers.

Spotlight: Pentagon's bug bounty finds 90 bugs

A highly touted bug bounty program at the Pentagon revealed around 90 bugs.

UPDATED: IG report shows 18F's unauthorized Slack use breached GSA documents

18F, GSA's innovation arm, has caused a data breach through unauthorized use of the popular enterprise messaging service Slack.

IG finds flawed access controls at VA's Project Management Accountability System

The Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs has ineffective access controls over its Project Management Accountability System dashboard, according to a report by the department's Office of Inspector General.

DHS' Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation system nearing completion of Phase 2

The Department of Homeland Security is closing in on contract awards for the second phase of its Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation system. Since the department launched Phase 2 last year, it has so far issued a request for quotation and taken submissions, so contractors are expecting award announcements any day.