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Latest Headlines

Commerce OIG reports on computer-hoarding, pornography-viewing, device-wiping senior official

An unnamed senior official at the Commerce Department is under fire for wasting government information technology resources by permitting unauthorized use of computing devices and remotely erasing a tablet device collected for forensic analysis, among other allegations.

VBA didn't always protect the benefits of vulnerable vets, IG says

The Veterans Benefits Administration didn't protect the benefits of hundreds of veterans who weren't able to manage their own affairs, according to a Veterans Affairs Department inspector general report.

Corruption, faulty data hampered $950M Afghan refugee program, IG says

Corruption within the Afghan government and a lack of reliable data have made it impossible to implement a long-term strategy for refugees, according to a new Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction audit.

VA investigating patient care problems at a slower rate, despite a higher number of incidents, GAO says

Veterans Affairs Department medical centers are rooting out patient care problems at a slower rate than normal despite an increase in incidents and the Veterans Health Administration doesn't know why, according to a recently released Government Accountability Office report.

Army Corps of Engineers paid $2.2M for half-finished building, audit shows

The Army Corps of Engineers paid more than $2 million for a half-built facility in Afghanistan that it has plans to complete, according to an Aug. 25 Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report.

GAO: FAA needs better risk analysis to ensure NextGen interoperable with systems worldwide

U.S. regulators overseeing a long-term initiative to modernize national air-traffic management have developed plans and activities to ensure the system is interoperable with other similar efforts around the world, but there isn't a process to routinely identify and address potential problems.

IRS didn't adequately protect taxpayer information following property seizure, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service could better protect the rights of taxpayers who had property seized due to delinquent taxes, according to a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report.

DOI's offshore drilling oversight division understaffed, says watchdog

The Interior Department division that handles oversight of offshore drilling needs more full-time staff to review and respond to incidents, according to a recently released DOI Inspector General report.

USPS can't track whether new customer experience program is improving customer experience, says IG

The Postal Service doesn't know if its new program intended to improve customer experience at post offices is actually working, according to a USPS inspector general report.

IRS had trouble helping identity theft victims due to budget constraints, TIGTA says

The Internal Revenue Service is having trouble assisting identity fraud victims because of budget constraints imposed by Congress over the last few years, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.