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Latest Headlines

USPS IG: International mail forwarding, continuity shipping would be boon for business

The Postal Service could gain some much-needed revenue with services such as international mail forwarding and continuity shipping, says the agency's watchdog in a report that explores the feasibility of non-postal products.

FTC offers best practices to improve consumer privacy, security around Internet of Things

The report summarizes a debate among participants at a November 19, 2013 workshop hosted by the FTC on the topic as well as other submitted public comments. The discussion was limited to IoT devices sold to or used by consumers, not those in a business-to-business context nor machine-to-machine communications.

VA construction overrun costs total $1.5B, officials tell lawmakers

Recent Veterans Affairs Department construction projects have overrun costs by $1.5 billion and been delayed by months, it was revealed in a Jan. 21 House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing. VA officials told the panel in the Wednesday hearing that they are working to finish overdue construction projects and fix the issue that caused the delays and extra costs.

CMS fell short of following contracting requirements in developing marketplace, audit says

In awarding the 60 contracts across 33 companies to help build the marketplace, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid fell short of complying with contracting requirements, an audit found.  

NNSA should remain within Energy Department despite overlap with other agencies, says panel

As National Nuclear Security Administration laboratories shift away from a focus on nuclear projects and undertake more assignments from other agencies to address broader national security concerns, a larger debate over their governance has also emerged.

VA still needs to improve oversight of project management system for IT projects, audit says

The Veterans Affairs Department has taken steps to improve a project management process designed to make sure its IT projects are completed and delivered on time, but an internal audit found that accountability and oversight still need to be strengthened.  

TSA over-classified parts of DHS IT security report on JFK airport, says IG

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said Transportation Security Administration officials are unnecessarily concealing information in a new report that highlighted the vulnerabilities of security controls of DHS technology systems at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

GSA doesn't know how many employees telework, says IG

The General Services Administration doesn't know how many virtual employees it has and many telework arrangements are not fully approved, according to the GSA Office of Inspector General.

Despite fewer aircraft and flying hours, CBP's aviation maintenance contract rises, IG finds

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said it could not reconcile maintenance labor hours to see if they were being recorded accurately. And the agency doesn't have adequate internal controls to address the problems.

Supreme Court rules in favor of DHS whistleblower

The Supreme Court decided Wednesday that a former air marshal who revealed sensitive information to the media about some air marshal's not being on flights is able to seek protection under whistleblower rights laws. The Homeland Security Department had been seeking to overrule an appeals court ruling that sided with whistleblower Robert MacLean who was fired in 2003, but the court voted 7-2 to uphold the appeals court ruling.