Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: NTIA to hold multi-stakeholder meeting on UAS systems

This will be the second multi-stakeholder meeting the NTIA has held on drones since President Obama established the process to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.

Spotlight: Border protection system lacks authority to use SSNs in system access

CBP had used the system to give users account access, creating a "HashID" of their SSN to provide identity management.

Kansas House votes to close private email loophole for open records

A new bill working its way through the Kansas legislature would stop state officials from hiding behind their private email accounts in order to avoid making records public.

Supreme Court eases restrictions on federal hacking authority

The Supreme Court on Thursday quietly approved a change to Rule 41, which could give the Federal Bureau of Investigations the authority, if granted the right warrant conditions, to hack any computer or network anywhere in the world.

Senate, House mull contrasting FOIA reform bills

A recent Congressional Research Service report compared and contrasted two Freedom of Information Act reform bills that are working their way through Congress.

Spotlight: More government data breaches due to human error than cyber espionage, finds report

Governments in 2015 lost more data from simple mishandling than from cases of cyber espionage, found security analysts in a new report.

Spotlight: FBI unlocks second iPhone without Apple

The FBI managed to unlock a second iPhone on Monday, which it previously asserted it needed Apple's assistance to unlock, because someone gave the agency the passcode.

Secretive surveillance court curtails agency surveillance, data retention in new rulings

A top surveillance federal court released recent decisions this week that laid out new oversight compliance requirements for the National Security Agency's and Federal Bureau of Investigation's retention of personal data.

IG report: NASA has insufficient info security framework

NASA lacks an agencywide information security management framework and should hire a permanent senior security officer to better address its risk management efforts, a recent Inspector General report found.

House bill would subject National Security Council discussions to FOIA

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.)  introduced  a bill, HR 4922, last week that would make the White House's National Security Council subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.