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Latest Headlines

DARPA tests drone-mounted WiFi

Warfare more dependent on the gathering and dispersal of battlefield data has long been in the making, but hobbled by the problem of assuring connectivity – especially at the level of soldiers rather than commanders.

FAA: ADS-B ground infrastructure complete

The nationwide ground infrastructure necessary for air traffic controllers to see airplanes according to their GPS-transmitted location is now complete, says the Federal Aviation Administration.

House panel vote on ICANN shows lack of trust in multistakeholder governance, say critics

A House panel split along partisan lines Thursday to advance a bill that critics say sends the wrong message about U.S. confidence in the multistakeholder model of Internet governance.

The end of Networx is coming; GSA releases RFI for successor contract

The General Services Administration took its first public step in starting up a contract vehicle for governmentwide telecommunications services to replace Networx, its current vehicle that's scheduled to expire in spring of 2017.

Navy shaves weeks from NGEN transition

The Navy says it has cut 88 days from the Next Generation Enterprise Network transition schedule so that it'll be mostly complete by Oct. 1.

IT security controls at IRS endanger taxpayer data, says GAO

Information security controls at the Internal Revenue Service are so deficient the confidentiality, integrity and availability of taxpayer data is at risk,  finds  the Government Accountability Office in an April 8 report.

Cutting ICANN cord to NTIA benefits U.S. interests, says Strickling

The U.S. role today in managing the domain name system that underpins the Internet is symbolic rather than real – and is a symbol worth jettisoning, officials told a somewhat skeptical panel of lawmakers.

DHS needs backup system for Workplace as a Service, say auditors

The Homeland Security Department should implement disaster recovery capabilities to its telework virtual desktop system so agency teleworkers can access it during should an emergency strike the two DHS data centers that run it, says the departmental office of inspector general.

NSA bulk metadata collection faces more proposals for its end

The days of bulk storage of communications metadata by the National Security Agency may be numbered with the addition of reform proposals from President Obama and House Intelligence Committee leaders – although both are under criticism from privacy watchdogs for not going far enough.

U.S. not abandoning the Internet, says Strickling

The United States government is not abandoning the Internet as it moves to transition the government's stewardship of the Internet's Domain Name System over to private ownership, according to Lawrence Strickling, the head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.