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Latest Headlines

What's online privacy going to be like in 10 years? Pew canvasses Internet experts

Pew polled more than 2,500 respondents described as technology builders, analysts, researchers, policymakers, managers and marketers regarding the development of a "trusted privacy-rights infrastructure" that fosters innovation and monetization, while still allowing people to protect personal information through easy-to-use formats.  

DARPA seeks proposals on how to better counter advanced persistent cyber threats

Researchers at the Defense Department are seeking proposals to improve the understanding of complex computing environments with an eye toward identifying and preventing sophisticated and advanced cyber attacks.

DoD to begin going live January 1 with core portion of JIE

The Defense Department will begin going live with pieces of its Joint Regional Security Stacks on January 1 and will continue rolling out JRSS across locations with the goal of reaching all JRSS installations by the end of 2016, said DoD Acting Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen. JRSS will reach initially operating capability across the DoD network by the end of 2016, and JRSS capability will be 98 percent complete by the end of 2017, he said.

'Cyber Pearl Harbor' plausible, says cyber military expert

The threat of a "cyber Pearl Harbor" – a hotly debated term after then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta used the phrase in a 2012 address – isn't just an idea used for shock value; a cyber attack with catastrophic effects on the United States is very possible, according to an expert on cyber military operations.

Treasury IG issues report outlining shortcomings in IRS computer systems, other problems

A recent annual audit of the Internal Revenue Service's computer systems summarized several security weaknesses across the agency that could compromise sensitive information and potentially result in taxpayer data being stolen, improperly disclosed or misused.

DoD needs to complete transition to IPv6 on enterprise network, IG says

The IG said IPv6 hasn't been made a priority by the chief information officer and U.S. Cyber Command. Additionally, DoD's CIO, CYBERCOM and the Defense Information Systems Agency didn't have an effective and coordinated effort nor did it use available resources toward transition to the higher protocol.

European Commission views sought on whether US can compel provider to disclose data stored abroad

The Center for Democracy and Technology says it would be beneficial for the European Commission to provide its views on a case in which a U.S. federal court has ordered Microsoft to produce a customer's information that's stored in a data center in Ireland – an order the company has refused to comply with.

NRC must beef up information systems security practices, processes, IG says

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to perform continuous monitoring of its information systems and update its system security plans, according to a recently released internal audit.

Cybersecurity remains top-five challenge for Justice Department, IG says

As cyber threats, attacks and espionage escalate against the United States, the Justice Department needs to make sure it's properly addressing these issues in a coordinated manner and sharing critical information with industry, among other measures, the inspector general said.

Persistent problems keep USDA from achieving secure, sustainable IT systems

While the security of the Agriculture Department's IT systems continues to improve, they're still vulnerable due to "longstanding weaknesses." The inspector general evaluated the department's overall security program as part of the Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, which establishes baseline security standards for all agencies.