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Latest Headlines

NRC must beef up information systems security practices, processes, IG says

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to perform continuous monitoring of its information systems and update its system security plans, according to a recently released internal audit.

Cybersecurity remains top-five challenge for Justice Department, IG says

As cyber threats, attacks and espionage escalate against the United States, the Justice Department needs to make sure it's properly addressing these issues in a coordinated manner and sharing critical information with industry, among other measures, the inspector general said.

Persistent problems keep USDA from achieving secure, sustainable IT systems

While the security of the Agriculture Department's IT systems continues to improve, they're still vulnerable due to "longstanding weaknesses." The inspector general evaluated the department's overall security program as part of the Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, which establishes baseline security standards for all agencies.

EPA must address deviations, apply patches following IG computer security assessment

The Environmental Protection Agency needs to correct several deficiencies found in its configuration management program, an internal audit found.  

Major privacy groups back FTC in consumer data lawsuit against Wyndham

Several major electronic privacy organizations have filed amicus briefs, supporting the Federal Trade Commission's lawsuit against Wyndham Worldwide Corp. that, the commission alleged, failed to protect consumer information.

NSF: 'Smart' network devices, systems transforming physical world as research expands

Since 2008, NSF has invested more than $250 million for fundamental research into "smart," networked systems that underlie advances such as autonomous cars, robotic surgery and smart grids.

Federal panel holds hearing on rule change that expands FBI electronic surveillance powers

A federal regulatory body is discussing a rule change Nov. 5 that would allow the FBI to conduct electronic surveillance of devices wherever they're located.

Despite some progress, two major USPTO IT initiatives need improvement, audit finds

An internal audit found a number of problems among the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's two major advanced IT initiatives currently in development.

Audit: Requirements, risk management issues snag IT system modernization at IRS

Insufficient project requirements, among other problems, are continuing to delay a now four-year-old Internal Revenue Service IT modernization effort, designed to help taxpayers resolve disputes with the agency, the internal watchdog finds.

Isolate, control, manage hypervisor environments, says NIST

System administrators working at federal agencies and departments can minimize the risk associated with running virtualized machines on a single host computer, called a hypervisor, by isolating VMs, controlling access, and managing privileged operations and interactions, according to draft security guidance (pdf) issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Oct. 20.