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Latest Headlines

GitHub still fighting DDoS attack reportedly from Chinese hackers

Chinese hackers are reportedly continuing their assault on the U.S. social coding platform GitHub with a distributed denial-of-service attack that is routing traffic from China's most popular search engine,  The Wall Street Journal  reported March 29.

New industry paper recommends policymakers tread carefully in nurturing Internet of Things

As policymakers seek to nurture greater Internet of Things development, they should address issues like competition, standards, spectrum, security and privacy, among others, in a collaborative manner across all market sectors, a new industry white paper says.

GPS satellite problem emerges as Air Force plans to launch another system

On the heels of reports about a GPS satellite software glitch, the Air Force prepared to launch a new GPS system from its base in Los Angeles. A GPS message indexing problem was recently identified that affects some of the active GPS IIF satellites.

NIST: Precise timing signals are critical in development of Internet of Things

A new National Institute of Standards and Technology paper says some critical applications systems among the billions of wired and wirelessly linked physical devices from smart meters to smart cars – known as the Internet of Things – may be hampered by inadequate timing systems.

Pew: Emerging, developing nations see Internet impact good for education, bad for morality

Pew conducted face-to-face interviews of more than 36,600 people in 32 countries such as Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Russia, Tanzania and Vietnam from March 17 to June 5, 2014. 

CIA Director Brennan says cyber is 'urgent national security priority' in foreign policy talk

The CIA, in collaboration with federal and private sector partners, has improved its capabiltiies and understanding of cyber threats, but so have their adversaries.

Commerce task force seeks to start discussion on cybersecurity issues with many stakeholders

The Internet Policy Task Force plans to hold a series of discussions around key cybersecurity issues through the multistakeholder process, according to a draft request for comment, released March 13.

Assume you've been compromised, stresses OPM security director

Federal agencies often approach cybersecurity by addressing each infection and by assuming they have a secure baseline, but they're not being honest about the strength of their security and are continually stuck playing "whack a mole," a government cybersecurity expert says.

GAO: Census Bureau faces challenges in designing, implementing Internet response option

An Internet response option for the 2020 census could be more convenient for households, provide better quality data that could result in less follow-up work, and lower costs related with processing paper questionnaires.

Senators seek national strategy that fosters innovation, economic growth with Internet of Things

So far, about 25 billion consumer devices such as home appliances to wearable technology are connected to the Internet, and that's expected to swell to 50 billion by 2020.