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Latest Headlines

Only one-quarter of federal agency IT officials polled say their network data is protected in transit

And the top challenges in protecting such data are budget constraints, limited resources and the complexity and impact on network performance, the online survey of 200 federal IT officials representing 60 agencies found.

DoD issues sweeping update to cyber strategy (Audio)

The Defense Department unveiled  a new cyber strategy  today that affirms its commitment to more effective deterrence in the cyber domain and the integration of offensive cyber options into combatant command plans. 

OPM strengthened agreements with contractors following last year's cyber breaches, CIO says

The agency has strengthened its contractual clauses and is also making sure all agency contracts have the appropriate clauses in them – that is "clauses that require segregation of data."

IG: DoD must speed migration to IPv6

The Defense Department's inability to properly move to Internet protocol version 6, or IPv6, could mean cost increases and vulnerability to cyber threats, a new report found.

FAA should develop holistic threat model as it transitions to NextGen system, GAO says

As the Federal Aviation Administration shifts to a more advanced and networked Internet-technology based air-traffic control system, it needs to develop a comprehensive threat model to better protect computer networks against cyber threats.

USPS audit finds HR chief uses data effectively but merging systems can make process better

Although the top human resources officer for the U.S. Postal Service effectively uses internal data to manage strategic goals and lessen risk, data usage can be improved by further consolidating legacy systems.

IG: Disaster recovery of EPA information systems may be difficult without key updates

The agency's inspector general, which conducted the audit from March 2014 to January 2015, focused on EPA's National Computer Center, or NCC, that provides critical computing and data management support for a large segment of its administrative, programmatic and scientific applications.

Cyber attacks against industrial control systems, retailer point-of-sale systems see surge in 2014

Dell's annual threat report focused on the most common attacks last year. The report uses data from its Global Response Intelligence Defense network and network traffic data from Dell SonicWALL.

Expert panel discusses issue of new principles for Internet governance

As governments use the web for surveillance among other stresses to keep it an open and independent medium, Tim Berners-Lee suggested that people create a Bill of Rights or Magna Carta that enshrines the principles of the Web or Internet.

GAO: Library of Congress continues to suffer poor IT management

The world's largest library and the country's oldest federal cultural institution is increasingly relying on IT as it continues to carry its collection mission in the Digital Age, but it's struggling to effectively administer and protect new systems.