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Latest Headlines

Experts say tech industry has duty to counter extremism, but against imposing legal onus

Michael Chertoff, Michael Leiter, Zoe Baird and others weigh in about interplay and relationship between government and the private sector on terrorism, encryption and other similar emerging issues

Census director says no personal data leaked from breach for which Anonymous members claim credit

Census's John H. Thompson says the breach was limited to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse, an external database that didn't include personally identifiable information from people responding to censuses and surveys.

UPDATED- Census Bureau confirms 'unauthorized access' to system; Anonymous members claim responsibility

The Census Bureau confirmed that it's investigating a cybersecurity incident that resulted in an "unauthorized access to non-confidential information," which some members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for in a July 22 tweet.

UPDATED- Sepulveda: International Internet policies key for future growth in US, abroad

An eventual total US exit from the inner workings of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, will be a major step for the transition of the Internet from a formerly US-dominated network to a worldwide commodity, said Daniel Sepulveda, deputy assistant secretary of state and the US coordinator on international communications and information policy.

OPM memo: Fed agencies will have to pay fair share to notify 21.5M victims in breach, provide services

According to the memo, OPM seeks agency contributions for fiscal 2015, which ends in about two months, and for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 "given the limited resources available to OPM at this time to deal with a contract of this size."

Who lurks in the 'dark web'? Criminals, terrorists, the military and more, CRS explains

The World Wide Web is typically described as the "surface web" in which websites can be accessed by search engines. Then, there's the "deep web" in which certain content can't be indexed by search engines. Within that is the "dark web," a realm intentionally hidden that can only be accessed with special software.

HHS IDEA Lab seeks analytical minds for major health IT projects

The Department of Health and Human Services is looking for people with expertise in big data for three health IT projects through its HHS IDEAS Lab Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program.

Dawn Leaf makes the case for a cloud practitioner roadmap

More than five years ago, Dawn Leaf lead the National Institute of Standards and Technology's work to write a cloud computing roadmap for the federal government. Since that time, there's been no shortage of additional resources for departments to rely on as they move systems to the cloud, but as Labor Department chief information officer, Leaf sees an important element missing.

Lawrence Livermore-developed security-enhancing network mapping tool to be commercialized

The lab's Network Mapping System tool, which helps information technology managers discover and characterize their networks, has been licensed to Washington, D.C.-based Cambridge Global Advisors.

Army seeks support for Cyber Battle Lab across all electromagnetic activities

The branch plans to transition by October its current Network Battle Lab that focused only on experimentation to support the network to the Cyber Battle Lab that will develop, use and assess technologies in cyberspace operations, electronic warfare and spectrum management.