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Latest Headlines

Over 7M service instances to transition off Networx by 2020

Over 7 million government service instances are on the clock to transition from expiring Networx and Networx Enterprise contracts by 2020, according to the General Services Administration.  

JIE has undergone no test or evaluation, says OT&E report

Despite launching one and a half years ago, infrastructure and components of the Defense Department's Joint Information Environment have yet to undergo any operational testing, said the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation in an annual report submitted to Congress Feb. 1.

IRS e-filing down, outage could continue today

The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns because a hardware failure has caused major disruptions to a number of tax processing systems, said the agency in a statement posted late Wednesday.

FirstNet's PSAC launches new task teams for public safety network

Task teams for the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee, or PSAC, kicked off their work last week to ensure local input in developing the nationwide public safety broadband network.

FCC looks to amend Emergency Alert System rules with focus on security

The Federal Communications Commission issued a notice of proposed rulemaking Jan. 29 that would impact the nation's public warning systems, the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts.

'Severe cyberattack' on Israel's Electric Authority underway

On Tuesday, Israel's Electric Authority had neutralized but had not fully disabled a "severe cyberattack" that targeted the country's electric systems and was discovered Monday.

Strickling: Challenges remain but the future of Internet governance is bright

As the debate on who "runs" the Internet continues, the head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said he believes multi-stakeholder decision-making will prevail.

In a first, cyberspace weapon system fully capable, Air Force says

The Air Force Intranet Control Weapon System achieved full operational capability earlier this month – becoming the first cyberspace weapon system to reach FOC status.

Whether dramatic or organic, IT modernization starts with understanding the 'pull' of existing systems, says SSA CIO

There is a pressing need for federal agencies and departments to modernize their information technology infrastructure.  For some, it's a dramatic transition, but for others it's more gradual, said Social Security Administration Chief Information Officer Rob Klopp.

Report: Cyber response executive order in the works

President Obama will issue an executive order or presidential directive within several months that provides federal agencies guidance on the appropriate response to a catastrophic cyber attack, according to  Politico.