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Latest Headlines

Auditors shine light on vulnerabilities in FDA computer network

Vulnerabilty testing of the Food and Drug Administration's computer network found several deficiencies that could potentially be exploited by attackers, but auditors did not gain unauthorized access to the network, an internal investigation revealed.

National Weather Service worker charged with allegedly stealing sensitive government files

Hydrologist Xiafen "Sherry" Chen was arrested Oct. 20 at at the agency's Wilmington, Ohio, facility after being indicted in U.S. District Court, according to the FBI.

New analysis tool helps Army better evaluate changes to tactical networks

A new tool promises to help the Army better evaluate evolving tactical networks by allowing for system-of-systems testing before large investments are made, according to the Defense Department.

Commerce secretary: US stands by multistakeholder process to preserve free, open Internet

The United States will resist all efforts to give "any person, entity or nation" control of the Internet rather than the "global multistakeholder communities," said Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker in a Oct. 13 speech.

Top FAA official: Agency needs to make sure industry complies with key NextGen mandate

FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker said he FAA needs to make sure that airlines and other operators comply with the mandate for implementing the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, or ADS-B, equipment in their aircraft by 2020.

NSF struggles to keep up with computing demands, study finds

Advanced computing needs are threatening the National Science Foundation's position as a provider of high-powered computing to its researchers, according to a new report.

Increased Internet speeds could exacerbate digital divide, say experts

A gigabit Internet connection – one that delivers 1,000 megabits of information per second – is available to some in the scientific community; however, the average U.S. Internet user, who enjoys only a 10.5 Mbps connection, could soon be seeing an upgrade. As companies begin to lay fiber for ultra-fast networks, Pew Research asked a panel of experts what to expect in the "gigabit age."

Security concerns, economic stakes threaten Internet, panel says

The Internet, once an all-encompassing information hub is beginning to splinter as confidence in it wanes because of protectionist sentiments, interoperability challenges and cybersecurity threats, several experts said. Speaking at a Sept. 25 Brookings Institution event, one panelist said that as economic stakes in web-based activity and decreased security take a toll, the greatest challenge is shaping the structural evolution of the Internet.

Paper: Great promise for online voting if security, verification challenges met

Without a vast improvement in security, privacy and verification protocols, broad adoption of online voting – which has the potential to make voting easier and more accessible, improve turnout and reduce costs – is unlikely to take off, a new paper argues.

New model helps forecasters relay more accurate localized weather events to communities

Weather forecasters are better able to warn local communities threatened by tornadoes, hail, torrential rain, or heavy snowfall as well as air traffic managers and pilots about air turbulence and thunderstorms thanks to a new, next-generation weather prediction model.