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Latest Headlines

DMI develops mobile app, virtual database to help manage US military cemeteries

DMI, a Bethesda, Md.-based enterprise mobility firm, announced this week that is developing a mobile app for internal cemetery operations, as well as a common virtual database and network environment, for more than 42 U.S. military cemeteries.

White House puts the kibosh on encryption bill

A draft bill pending in the Senate would require device manufacturers to include encryption workarounds in their products for law enforcement access, but the White House declined to provide public support for the bill, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

FBI unlocks San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, drops case against Apple

The FBI on Monday dropped its charges against Apple, in a legal battle that had the federal government attempting to force the company to unlock the iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

DARPA thinks spectrum allocation challenges can be addressed through machine learning

Last week the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced its latest "grand challenge," which asks teams to develop smart systems that leverage machine learning to optimize available wireless spectrum.

Report: Encryption wasn't key to carrying out Paris attacks

The New York Times  reported that the coordinated Paris attacks in November 2015 did not rely heavily on encryption technology, but rather on prepaid "burner" phones that were brand new and promptly discarded after the attackers exchanged communications over only several activated minutes.

Spotlight: FirstNet turns to Tumblr to talk public safety broadband

FirstNet is the latest government organization to join social media blogging platform Tumblr, and it's doing so to spread stories of success in its mission to provide a broadband network to all first responders in the U.S.

NIST issues draft guides on telework security

New draft guidelines aim to improve security of telework and bring-your-own-device practices.

4 cyber threats dominated 2015, report finds

An assessment of cybersecurity incidents in 2015 revealed four trends, including vulnerabilities in a popular encryption method.

A good digital experience may correspond to greater trust in government, finds report

Citizens who are satisfied with their e-government experience are also 66 percent more likely to say they trust an agency, department or program, according to the ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index for Q4 2015.

DOT to test the impact of adjacent band power levels on GPS applications

Beginning next month, the Transportation Department will test what adjacent radio frequency band power levels that can be tolerated by GPS and global navigation satellite system, or GNSS, receivers.