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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Proposed rule would lead to new Wireless Emergency Alert capabilities

Federal Communications Commission leaders unanimously voted to approve a proposed revamp of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system on Nov. 19.

Government should ensure security, privacy but not overregulate IoT, says report

A new report recommends the federal government take several actions as it navigates the Internet of Things, such as ensuring privacy and security protections are in place without imposing regulations that would hinder innovation.

CBP to expand use of mobile, body cameras at points of entry

A Department of Homeland Security agency plans to expand its use of mobile, fixed, maritime and body cameras at points of entry and on government vehicles.

Spotlight: Don't fall for companies offering drone registration assistance, says FAA

The agency says at least one company is already offering to help operators register drones for a fee.

House committee inquires about agency stingray policies

As more evidence of the use of portable cellphone tracking devices by federal agencies emerges, congressional investigators have asked two dozen departments to reveal their policies for including so-called "stingrays" in investigations.

NASA, FCC, USDA lean on open source to propel IoT forward, DoD less so

As the sensors and connected technologies that make up the Internet of Things find a home in the federal government, many agencies believe the adoption of open source technology will ensure that innovation isn't happening in silos.

DoD moving $3.5B in IT systems to vacate spectrum, says Wheeler

To support the federal government's recent spectrum auction to the private sector, the Defense Department is shifting its technology to operate in new radio frequency bands.

NIST instructs agencies to use application control programs in new guidance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published comprehensive resources on application whitelisting, as well as a step-by-step guide to implementing the technique to prevent malware intrusion.

Army app streamlines DoD research lab information

A new mobile application built by the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center brings together previously disconnected information from the Defense Department's research laboratories.

Federal government trails state, local and city in IoT adoption, says IDC

State, local and city governments are more mature adopters of Internet of Things technology than the federal government, according to a new report from market research firm IDC Government Insights.