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Latest Headlines

UN: Countries face substantial barriers in providing e-government services

For the first time since the United Nations began measuring its member states on e-government development, all 193 countries have national websites, but most still are at the early stages of delivering online services, according to U.N.'s recently released 2014 survey.

State seeks input on creating multi-platform foreign language application

The State Department is seeking information on how it can deploy a universal electronic flashcard solution that supplements language training on multiple computing platforms.

Cybercrime costs global economy as much as $575B a year, new report says

Cybercrime is costing the global economy from $375 billion to as high as $575 billion annually, a new report estimated.

Cybersecurity top concern for federal CIOs, CISOs, says TechAmerica survey

Improving cybersecurity emerged as the top priority again for federal chief information officers and chief information security officers, according to an annual survey from industry group TechAmerica.

Report: More federal execs going virtual for training and events

The impact of federal conference and travel spending scandals over the past few years appears to be playing out as a shift to digital. After four-years of steady decline, more federal executives are now attending online webinars than in-person conferences.

NS2020 will provide more options, empower agencies, say GSA officials

Network Services 2020, the General Services Administration's mega telecommunications contract that will replace Networx, will span everything from advisory services, to satellite, with enough flexibility for eventually include emerging technology like mobile-to-mobile solutions, say GSA officials.

Kostin: Digital government strategy a continuous effort

A year ago, federal agencies  met  ambitious deadlines established under a presidential directive to create a modern digital government. Now, says General Services Administration's Gwynne Kostin, agencies are rethinking these areas and enhancing them to provide a better experience for users, she said.

NIST unveils AppVet for mobile application evaluation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released version 1 of a free, open source system comprised of a web application, tools and clients for testing and evaluating the security of mobile applications.

GAO worried about pace of 2020 Census technology plans

A review of the technology projects the Census Bureau is preparing for its 2020 population count left the Government Accountability Office concerned about their prospects for timely completion.

NSA collecting SMS messages in bulk, says reporting based on latest Snowden document

The latest revelation gleaned from the trove of Edward Snowden-leaked documents shows the National Security Agency collecting almost 200 million SMS text messages a day from across the globe, "using them to extract data including location, contact networks and credit card details, according to top secret documents,"  reports   The Guardian  in an investigation undertaken with UK's Channel 4 News.