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Latest Headlines

RAND: Virtual intervention app shows promise for vets with PTSD

The first release of an application that aims to help service members potentially suffering post-traumatic stress disorder has recieved high marks in a review from RAND. 

Commerce OIG reports on computer-hoarding, pornography-viewing, device-wiping senior official

An unnamed senior official at the Commerce Department is under fire for wasting government information technology resources by permitting unauthorized use of computing devices and remotely erasing a tablet device collected for forensic analysis, among other allegations.

VA dep sec looks beyond evolution and interoperability, focuses on innovation

Innovation is on a steady march through the department's health agency, particularly in the area of improving veterans' access to care, said VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson.

Policymakers must look at IoT as a whole, not just parts, says industry group

As Internet of Things, or IoT, technology grows and influences multiple market segments, policymakers must consider rules that could apply across the board, a new report states.

NCCoE guide tells providers how to secure EHRs on mobile devices

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has released its first draft of a step-by-step, how-to guide mapping out how healthcare providers can make mobile devices more secure and protect sensitive patient information.

HHS launches online resources for health management during disasters

Communities responding to disaster situations can now find federal health resources in a single place.

DoD pushing WiFi to military hospitals, Pentagon

The Defense Department plans to support the explosion of health data in the Military Health System with increased wireless infrastructure. "Most of our hospitals are not new buildings," said Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen.

NIST proposes new ways to secure email, mobile devices

Two new information technology security building blocks proposed through a National Institute of Standards and Technology public-private partnership could help organizations make email and mobile devices more secure.

NIH syndicates grant data

Government agencies or other interested organizations can now pull grant information from the National Institutes of Health directly into their online content, while maintaining the look and feel of their website or mobile application.

Less than one-third of weaknesses in gov't web and mobile apps fixed, new industry report says

The Veracode report also found that three out of four web and mobile applications developed or used by government organizations fail standard security policies and they also have a high prevalence of SQL Injection vulnerabilities when first assessed.