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Latest Headlines

Bill seeks trade penalties on foreign countries that harbor hackers

In response to the compromise of 22 million federal workers' records after a cyberattack on the Office of Personnel Management, a bill proposes new retaliation tactics against foreign cyber perpetrators.

New report: Privacy, property rights among top regulatory issues as drones multiply in air

As unmanned aerial vehicle usage becomes more prevalent within society, governments, the commercial sector and the public will have to take a hard look at a host of changing and evolving implications it has on privacy, property rights and other issues, a New America report says.

Who lurks in the 'dark web'? Criminals, terrorists, the military and more, CRS explains

The World Wide Web is typically described as the "surface web" in which websites can be accessed by search engines. Then, there's the "deep web" in which certain content can't be indexed by search engines. Within that is the "dark web," a realm intentionally hidden that can only be accessed with special software.

Cybersecurity sprint ends with some agencies reporting successes

The 30-day "cybersecurity sprint" federal agencies undertook in response to serious data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management wrapped up July 12. Now, agencies await review from senior Obama administration officials and the promised Federal Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy.

Social media, other companies would be required to report 'terrorist activity' under Senate intelligence bill

The measure is part of the larger Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016, which the Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously passed about three weeks ago. The full Senate has yet to vote on the entire bill.  

Army seeks support for Cyber Battle Lab across all electromagnetic activities

The branch plans to transition by October its current Network Battle Lab that focused only on experimentation to support the network to the Cyber Battle Lab that will develop, use and assess technologies in cyberspace operations, electronic warfare and spectrum management.

DoD CIO to industry: Do your homework

As DoD tries to better understand its industry partners, Halvorsen isn't seeing the same eagerness from vendors trying to better understand their customer.

Marine Corps, Interior Dept. push IT mandates as part of cybersecurity 'sprint'

The Marine Corps is directing its information technology system administrators to immediately implement public key infrastructure, or PKI, encryption as part of a review of cybersecurity at the service. Privileged user authentication and PKI are mandatory requirements, according to a memo issued July 1.

UN-supported cyber norms dictate peace-, wartime-behavior

A U.N. group has agreed to a set of "cyberspace rules of the road," dictating international cyber relations.

Army develops faster, more effective way for intel analysis of visual media obtained from enemies

Army researchers have designed a user interface for a system that enables computers to better manage tens of thousands of images, enhancing how Defense Department intelligence analysts search, filter and explore such visual media.