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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Pentagon creating info sharing hub to monitor insider threats

The Defense Department is creating an information sharing system to better monitor and catch insider threats.

Spotlight: Cyber weapons unlikely to get WMD-like treaty

Banning cyber weapons can't take the same approach as a treaty to ban the use of weapons of mass destruction, a post at Defense Systems argued yesterday. Part of the problem is that the term "cyber weapons" is itself ambiguous.

Spotlight: Navy seeks industry help to boost weapons-systems cybersecurity

The Naval Air Systems Command is looking for outside help to improve its weapons-systems cybersecurity capabilities.

Army wants tiny drone system to give small groups of soldiers eyes in the sky

The U.S. Army has taken the first steps to develop miniature drones weighing less than six ounces that soldiers can easily launch to see in near-real time what's ahead of them and around them.

Spotlight: The Pentagon is using 'cyber bombs' against Islamic State. What does that mean?

Cyber command uses these weapons, which can range from commercial products to specialized proprietary systems, to disrupt cellphone networks and computer systems in the battle against the Islamic State group.

US military looks to Silicon Valley for help with AI capabilities

Despite tensions between the U.S. government and Silicon Valley in the aftermath of the FBI-Apple standoff, the Department of Defense is increasingly looking to Silicon Valley to help it develop artificial intelligence capabilities.

Commercial cloud providers will play key role in next iteration of MilCloud, says DISA

For the next iteration of the Department of Defense's MilCloud cloud computing solution, the Defense Information Systems Agency is looking for help from commercial cloud providers, reported Defense Systems.

Army smartphone app helps unit leaders predict, minimize impact of altitude sickness

The U.S. Army has developed an Android-based app that military commanders can use to predict how many soldiers are likely to get altitude sickness, the severity of their illness and how long they'll take to adjust to high altitude.

DISA wants to access Silicon Valley IT innovation, but sees cultural hurdles

The Defense Information Systems Agency wants greater access to tech innovation coming out of Silicon Valley, particularly from startups, said a DISA official.

House panel approves opposition force training for cyber war games

An addition to the House defense authorization bill would create a dedicated, mandatory training program for cybersecurity troops that play the "red team" – generally Iran, China, North Korea and Russia – in cyber war games.