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Latest Headlines

Army smartphone app helps unit leaders predict, minimize impact of altitude sickness

The U.S. Army has developed an Android-based app that military commanders can use to predict how many soldiers are likely to get altitude sickness, the severity of their illness and how long they'll take to adjust to high altitude.

DISA wants to access Silicon Valley IT innovation, but sees cultural hurdles

The Defense Information Systems Agency wants greater access to tech innovation coming out of Silicon Valley, particularly from startups, said a DISA official.

House panel approves opposition force training for cyber war games

An addition to the House defense authorization bill would create a dedicated, mandatory training program for cybersecurity troops that play the "red team" – generally Iran, China, North Korea and Russia – in cyber war games.

Budget problems are at heart of DISA's reorganization, official says

The Defense Information Systems Agency's soon-to-be-complete reorganization comes in response to budgetary challenges.

US Navy offers $26M contract to small business to train military cyber personnel

The U.S. Navy is offering a $26 million five-year contract to a small business to train the Navy and Marine Corps' cyber personnel.

Spotlight: VA meets EHR interoperability mandate with DoD

The Veterans Affairs department signed documentation last week attesting that it has met its congressional mandate to achieve electronic health records interoperability with the Defense Department.

Halvorsen's new strategy for data center savings: Cut the people

Halvorsen explained that he believes having employees monitor and maintain servers is a poor use of labor. By installing automation tools at data centers, Halvorsen believes he can achieve savings beyond the $1.8 billion projected for DoD through fiscal 2018.

The few, the proud, the cyber Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps is taking the fight to the cyber domain. As part of a larger effort to improve the U.S. military's cyber force, the service recently launched its Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group, or MCCYWG.

Spotlight: DoD space operations center starts to come online

A Defense Department-led system, called the Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center, or JICSpOC, is in its fourth and final test phase and will soon come online.

IG: DoD far off track on data center consolidation

The Defense Department lags in meeting key milestones required as part of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, or FDCCI, according to a new report from the DoD Inspector General.