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Latest Headlines

Agile and iterative contracting techniques used during wartime helped develop life-saving tech

The military needed technology to counteract roadside bombs that were causing a high number of casualties during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Combatants and insurgents were using cellphones and other devices to remotely detonate bombs.

Army's new simulation environment lets soldiers further hone cyber skills

The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command announced June 23 the Cyber Battleground Range, which it expects to be open to all units later this summer, according to an Army article.

US partners with Estonia on cybersecurity, digital services

Speaking in Talinn, Estonia, Defense Department Secretary Ash Carter announced a new initiative to bolster NATO's cybersecurity efforts, while 18F employees met with Estonian technologists in Washington to learn from one another's digital services offerings.

GPS celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Air Force announced GPS' full operational capability two decades ago. On July 17, 1995, the service had 24 satellites in orbit, providing global 24-hour coverage.

DISA's strategic plan focuses on staying ahead in cyber, IT

The Defense Information Systems Agency updated its 2015- 2020 strategic plan, setting an overall goal for maintaining Defense Department capabilities and detailing steps to achieve it.

White House orders federal agencies to tighten networks in 'cybersecurity sprint'

Federal CIO Tony Scott recently announced the 30-day cybersecurity sprint, which requires agencies to take several steps to beef up their security measures and improve the resilience of federal networks.

Air Force seeks tool to improve insider threat detection through new presolicitation

The notice said that capabilities may address intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance modernization, situational awareness, mobile networking and communications equipment, and cryptographic operations modernization, among others.

DOD, private-sector partnerships key to security, officials say

An employee exchange program between the Defense Department and commercial information technology companies is reaping benefits, a DOD official said. Through the Information Technology Exchange...

DoD makes the IT security gauntlet faster, less burdensome

A little more than a year ago, DoD implemented the Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology, or RMF for DoD IT. Defense officials expect it to be more flexible, more effective and provide a continuous view of security risks so they can be reviewed in a more timely manner.

Army homepage shut down following hack

Hackers with ties to Syria claimed responsibility for an attack on the Army's homepage yesterday that led military officials to take the site down.