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Latest Headlines

DoD and VA will achieve EHR interoperability, says Miller

Electronic health record interoperability between the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments has been a long time coming, but an interagency program office is making progress, a DoD official told lawmakers during an April 9 hearing.

Hagel: U.S. will exercise 'restraint' in cyber operations

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sought Friday to downplay the United States' recently-earned reputation for aggressiveness in cyberspace, even as he acknowledged a rapid pace of personnel expansion within Cyber Command. The Defense Department, he said, "will maintain an approach of restraint to any cyber operations outside the U.S. government networks. We are urging other nations to do the same."

Re-scoped iEHR falling behind schedule, says GAO

The department of Defense and Veterans Affairs continue to pursue a project known as the iEHR, which is falling behind schedule, finds the Government Accountability Office.

Spotlight: DoD approves Amazon cloud

All military services and Defense Department components are now permitted to lease computing space through Amazon Web Services.

NOAA satellite spending to nominally increase under budget request

Systems acquisition for major satellite programs at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would nominally increase under the president's fiscal 2015 budget proposal.

DoD abandons DIACAP in favor of the NIST risk management framework

An effort to align defense and federal civilian cybersecurity guidance culminated this month with the Defense Department jettisoning its specialized certification and accreditation process.The change is an expected one that grew in likelihood as the DoD and NIST actively sought over the past few years through a joint task force common ground in their cybersecurity guidance documents.

JIE not a program of record, says Takai

A Defense Department effort to restructure its information technology infrastructure is not a program of record, although it is subject to program of record-like oversight, said DoD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai.

Likely next Cyber Command head calls for 'proactive' cyber operations

The likely next head of Cyber Command and the National Security Agency told Senators during a Tuesday confirmation hearing that the United States military posture in cyberspace has been reactive, rather that proactive. Vice Adm. Mike Rogers – President Obama's pick to replace Gen. Keith Alexander as the dual-hatted commander of Cyber Command and the NSA –  testified  before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

2015 Budget Request: NOAA (UPDATED)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would receive a total budget authority of $5.44 billion under the White House budget proposal released today. Current year spending is $5.18 billion.  

Cost of NSA surveillance hard to define

Surveillance by the National Security Agency is costing the United States in terms of direct costs to American taxpayers to run the programs, costs to the American Internet industry, costs to foreign relations work and costs to Internet security, said Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and chief executive of the New America Foundation. But pegging a dollar value on it is a difficult exercise,  said  panelists during a Feb. 25 event hosted by the think tank in Washington, D.C.