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Latest Headlines

IG memo to FAA: Eliminate risks to air traffic control automation system deployment, rein in rising costs

The Transportation Department's inspector general recently said the implementation of an advanced system to help manage air traffic — which the watchdog warned in a previous report could fall short of capabilities, go over budget and over schedule — is still at risk.

Air Force tests reconnaissance system to give forces better picture of surroundings

The technology- called Skate- is a portable, adaptable and customizable small unmanned aircraft system, or SUAS. Users send the square black device out like a remote-controlled airplane, which records video that warfighters can watch to understand the vicinity, giving them a clearer picture of where they are, much like police officers who walk their beats.

Internal probe finds former DARPA director violated ethics rules in endorsing company product

The former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency violated government ethics rules by using her government position to endorse a product she developed for a company she founded, an internal Defense Department probe found.

Army testing lab selected to analyze software for Joint Strike Fighter

The Army will help provide independent software analysis of the U.S. military's next-generation stealth jet known as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Air Force Academy creates new cybersecurity major to expose cadets to potential cyber careers

At a time when the Air Force Academy has cut a number of majors, it has developed a new computer network security major designed to help cadets better understand and gain proficiency in cyberspace, the institution said recently.

NASA chooses two dozen small business technology proposals with potential to commercialize

NASA selected 23 small business proposals to work on advanced technologies as a way to increase participation by such businesses and commercialize their research, according to an Aug. 8 statement by the space agency.

Navy earns 399 patents in 2013, moves up in rankings in trade group report

The Navy said it received patents for more inventions in 2013 than many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, citing a trade group report released this summer.

DARPA-funded IBM brain-inspired chip could revolutionize future technologies

Researchers at IBM have developed a new ultra-low power, brain-inspired computer chip that could revolutionize military use of mobile robots and remote sensors where electrical power is limited, among other applications, company and government officials said Aug. 7.

New jammer helps defend Navy vessels against electronic threats

A prototype electronic warfare system may soon help Navy and Marine Corps forces defend themselves against jamming and return the favor to enemy forces.

Army labs re-create battlefield environment to test cyber threats, identify vulnerabilities

The Army said it's simulating a battlefield environment in a laboratory to better address cyber threats to new technologies before they're tested by soldiers in the field.