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Latest Headlines

Clapper highlights cyber as top US security concern

As cyber attacks grow more sophisticated and persistent, the United States must be prepared for a cyber event of massive scale, said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper while delivering the Intelligence Community's "Worldwide Threat Assessment" to Congress.

DoD should establish '3D printing czar,' says paper

While the Defense Department has begun some experimentation with 3D printing, it will not leverage the technology's full potential unless it establishes a coordinating body or "3D printing czar" to oversee efforts department wide, according to a new paper from a technology and policy think tank.

Army Research Laboratory releases new comprehensive science and technology plan

The so-called Technical Implementation Plan, which identifies two dozen program areas from high-performance computing and alternative energy to intelligent vehicles and even cybernetics, will guide the laboratory's technical strategy from 2015 to 2019.

GAO: DoD IT programs not meeting baselines may result in possible cost overruns, limited oversight

The Government Accountability Office focused on major automated information system, or MAIS, programs such as communications, logistics, management, and command and control systems. In fiscal 2013, DoD spent about $4.4 billion on MAIS programs out of the nearly $31.9 billion earmarked for IT investments.

DARPA touts advances in deep Web search through Memex

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to shine light into the "dark Web" – the intentionally hidden portion of the World Wide Web which often provides those exchanging information with anonymity and encryption that deters monitoring.

Cyber deterrence 'relatively immature,' says head of US Cyber Command

"The concepts of deterrence in the cyber domain are still relatively immature," said Adm. Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the U.S. Cyber Command.

China's military still struggling with its cyber and electronic warfare capabilities, new RAND report says

The study examined the People's Liberation Army, or PLA, weaknesses in the areas of human capital and organizational areas, defense research and industrial complex, and combat areas at on land, sea, air, space, cyber and electromagnetic regions.

UN report focuses on modern technology to improve peacekeeping missions

United Nations peacekeeping missions are "well behind the curve" when it comes to using technology to establish situational awareness, carry out mandates and protect themselves.

Sorry VistA, DoD's health record won't be open source

The Defense Department's next electronic health record will not be based on the open source architecture that supports the Veterans Affairs Department's EHR.

Janus DoD/VA health record viewer to be shared with third-party medical providers

A graphical interface that allows electronic health records from the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments to be viewed side-by-side will be pushed outside of the government's healthcare networks, according to a VA official.