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Latest Headlines

Upcoming study outlines broad strategy for securing future DoD computer networks

As the Defense Department contends with greater and more sophisticated cyber attacks, it needs to enhance security from "chip to the cloud" and boost the speed and performance of system defenses, while remaining cost-effective, according to a recent Lexington Institute blog post.  

DISA releases 'best practices' guide to help military shift services to the cloud

The agency said the guide isn't official DoD or DISA policy, a security requirement or technical implementation guidance, but "a collection of best practices discovered during the DoD [Chief Information Officer] Cloud Pilots effort." 

Nations need to develop appropriate response to state-sponsored cyberattacks, expert says

Tobias Feakin, senior analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, provides a general framework that outlines what governments should do to develop a proportionate response.

Innovative proposals sought by DARPA to thwart DDoS attacks against networks

A DDoS attack occurs when multiple compromised computers or systems, potentially hundreds of thousands, are directed to a single system with the intent of disrupting or denying legitimate users access to information, communications and communications capabilities.

DoD establishes new guidelines, oversight for its cyber workforce

The Defense Department issued a directive last week that creates a council to handle oversight for new guidelines that will standardize and unify its cyber workforce and policies.

GAO reviews FAA progress to safely integrate drones into national airspace

Federal aviation regulators by September expect to develop a foundation for a detailed plan to integrate drones into U.S. airspace, and then enact it in December, congressional investigators said in a new report.

Air Force seeks insider threat monitoring system

The Air Force is seeking commercial information technology to help it better monitor its networks for insider threats. The product will be a key component to the development of its Insider Threat Program, according to a solicitation posted by the service Aug. 11.

Russian hackers infiltrated Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified network, reports NBC News

The Pentagon took down the Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network after it noticed suspicious activity that later revealed a cyber attack by Russian hackers,  NBC News  reported Aug. 6, citing unnamed sources. 

Spotlight: JCS network down for more than a week for cyber investigation

The Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network has been down for more than a week – at least since July 29 – for an investigation into suspicious activity.

Federally funded project focuses on tracking data to prevent advanced persistent threats

The Georgia Institute of Technology announced June 30 that it was awarded a $4.25 million contract from the federal government to find out exactly where data move as it's routed from one host to another and if, for example, malicious code is attached to that data.