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Latest Headlines

IG: Census Bureau failing to monitor GSS-I goals, Geography Division costs

The U.S. Census Bureau is failing to monitor its goals for the Geographic Support System Initiative and the costs for two aspects of its Geography Division, a Commerce Department Office of the Inspector General report found this week.

Spotlight: US still lacking countrywide data breach notification law

The U.S., despite 47 states having their own notification laws, lacks a single, national law at the federal level.

Report: In mixed cloud landscape, hybrid IT rules agencies

Nearly every government agency has begun migrating to the cloud, but the cloud is not ideal for every workload, so most agencies think it is unlikely they will move completely to cloud resources.

Spotlight: Rep. Hurd says data center consolidation, not modernization fund, is key to funding IT upgrades

The Obama administration for months has been fiercely pushing its proposed $3.1 billion IT modernization revolving fund, but the chairman of a House panel overseeing federal IT issues said this week that that's not his preferred approach.

US lawmaker seeking answers following $81M cyber heist of Bangladesh central bank

A heist of the Bangladeshi central bank may not have been of prime concern to U.S. stakeholders 20 years ago, but in the age of cyber heists – especially one involving $81 million – a top U.S. lawmaker is eager for answers.

Spotlight: Evaluating Obama's cyber legacy

Former federal officials evaluated President Obama's efforts to improve federal cybersecurity at an event in McLean, Va., yesterday, and delivered a mixed verdict.

Spotlight: Pentagon's bug bounty finds 90 bugs

A highly touted bug bounty program at the Pentagon revealed around 90 bugs.

Senators to OMB: Where's the DATA Act pilot on contractor reporting?

Senators from both parties pressed the Office of Management and Budget Tuesday on the agency's plans to create a procurement pilot for contractor reporting that complies with the DATA Act's requirements.

UPDATED: IG report shows 18F's unauthorized Slack use breached GSA documents

18F, GSA's innovation arm, has caused a data breach through unauthorized use of the popular enterprise messaging service Slack.

House blocks access to Google-hosted apps, Yahoo Mail in response to security threats

In reaction to security threats, the U.S. House of Representatives' IT team decided to block lawmakers and their offices from using Google cloud-hosted software applications and Yahoo Mail.