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Latest Headlines

Despite pact, Clapper remains concerned about China's cyber espionage

The United States and China reached a landmark agreement in September 2015 aimed at preventing state-sponsored cyber intrusions, but that wasn't enough to keep China off of the U.S. intelligence community's annual worldwide threat assessment report to Congress.

Report: Pro-Palestine Twitter account dumps hacked DHS staff directory, alleges DOJ next

On Sunday a Twitter account leaked a staff directory of more than 9,000 alleged Homeland Security Department employees, according to  Vice 's Motherboard.

Secret Service radios need an upgrade, says DHS OIG

As part of the U.S. Secret Service's protective mission, officers rely on radios for their day-to-day security operations. But a recent audit found those radios are in need of an upgrade.

Report: IoT makes the 'going dark' debate moot

More technology companies offer products and services with strong encryption, but when people use them to "go dark" – whether for innocent or nefarious purposes – it isn't as big of a problem as law enforcement officials have claimed, says a new report.

DHS begins hunt for social media monitoring technology

Amid calls for the Homeland Security Department to more closely monitor security threats hidden in plain sight on social media, the department issued a request for information Jan. 25 on social media analytics technologies.

IDC: Federal IT security spending to rise 11% for national defense, emergency services

As cybersecurity continues to take on a more significant role in the total framework of national security, the federal government has matched that increase in importance with a sizeable increase in spending, according to IDC.

International relationships more important than ever in cybercrime investigations, says DOJ official

The Internet is not simply a domestic platform, and so prosecuting and preventing cybercrime is increasingly "a world issue," said a senior Justice Department official.

Continued pressure on DHS to monitor social media in visa investigations

The Homeland Security Department on Friday faced another call from Capitol Hill to incorporate the monitoring of social media platforms into the background checks of visa applicants.

Cyber recommendations neglected at FBI, says report

A handful of recommendations the Justice Department Inspector General offered to bolster cybersecurity at the FBI remained open about two months following a report on the FBI's Next Generation Cyber Initiative.

CBP rolls out facial recognition technology at JFK

U.S. Customs and Border Protection this week began using facial recognition technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport to verify that travelers match their passport photos. The move follows a successful pilot of the technology at Washington Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.