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Latest Headlines

New VA pilot studies how tech can help doctors find patterns, insights within data

The Veterans Affairs Department has started a two-year pilot project to study how technology can help physicians make better clinical decisions as they contend with an ever-increasing amount of medical data such as electronic health records and medical literature.

Input sought on new federal health IT strategy focused on data collection, sharing and use

Federal health IT officials are requesting feedback on a new draft strategy that seeks to modernize the healthcare system, including improving individual care and expanding research. More than 35 federal agencies have worked on developing the draft that identifies priorities to advance the collection, sharing and use of electronic health information.

HHS: Info exchange and financial incentives top reasons for EHR adoption

The ability to exchange clinical information and take advantage of financial incentives came in as the two top reason why healthcare providers adopt electronic health records, says a Dec. 5 Health and Human Services Department data brief. The data brief (pdf) details why physicians decided to adopt, or not adopt, EHRs. The brief is also meant to help explain how financial incentives drive EHR adoption.

Federal health data releases need to be more usable and accurate, Brookings panelists say

As the federal government increasingly releases more health data to help patients, physicians, hospitals and others better understand treatments, outcomes and costs, panelists at a Brookings Institution discussion Dec. 1 said that data need to be more usable and accurate.

HHS says more than 1 million apply through

More than 1 million people submitted applications to get insurance through after the first week of open enrollment, the Health and Human Services Department said Nov. 26.

Niall Brennan to become first chief data officer for CMS

He will lead the newly formed Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics, which will provide data access to outside health care providers and other stakeholders in an effort to help them make better decisions related to improving patient care, while lowering costs.

Federal health office shares vision for improving healthcare quality through IT

Healthcare quality and value can improve if a nationwide strategy is aligned with principles such as interoperability, system modularity and data capture and reuse, says the office responsible for setting the Health and Human Services Department's information technology strategy.

NSF: 'Smart' network devices, systems transforming physical world as research expands

Since 2008, NSF has invested more than $250 million for fundamental research into "smart," networked systems that underlie advances such as autonomous cars, robotic surgery and smart grids.

Auditors shine light on vulnerabilities in FDA computer network

Vulnerabilty testing of the Food and Drug Administration's computer network found several deficiencies that could potentially be exploited by attackers, but auditors did not gain unauthorized access to the network, an internal investigation revealed.

FTC pushes big data considerations at multi-government conference

A meeting of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners concluded Oct. 16, resulting in the adoption of several resolutions, including one focused on privacy and big data. During the event, Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill urged privacy representatives from several countries to draft specific solutions to address the discrimination, security and privacy implications of big data.