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18F director warns of reliance on requirements for gov't IT

Too often agencies are blindly checking a list of requirements rather than really thinking through how the technology they acquire or develop will serve the user, said Greg Godbout, executive director of the General Services Administration's innovation lab called 18F.

Top Obama administration official says FAR can be made to work

A senior Obama administration official acknowledged that federal purchasing rules are difficult to navigate, especially for information technology projects and services, but they're getting the job done – for now.

Federal shared-services online marketplace opens doors to public

A federal online catalog where government agencies can go shopping for services offered by other agencies has opened its doors to industry.

Agencies falling short in providing accurate, complete federal award data, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office said agencies provided incomplete and inaccurate information about such assistance awards- totaling about $619 billion- on, a publicly accessible website designed to improve transparency and accountability on federal spending.

IG: NASA spending too much on facility's O&M costs rather than on software testing

NASA is spending more money than it should to maintain one of its software verification and validation facilities, leaving less funding to evaluate the software, a report by the space agency's inspector general found.

GAO finds some security weaknesses within Fiscal Service's information systems

A review of a bureau's information systems within the Treasury Department found a "signficant deficiency" in security measures over financial reporting, a Government Accountability Office report released July 18.

Lack of leadership, resistance to change helped kill key Air Force IT program, Senate report finds

The collapse and cancellation of a major Air Force enterprise resource management software program was caused by a combination of faulty leadership, cultural resistance and failure to follow Defense Department and congressionally mandated business rules, a bipartisan Senate report found.

DoD given good marks for managing software licenses, GAO finds

The Defense Department is doing a good job of managing its software licenses and has laid the groundwork for data analyses that could help it negotiate better agreements and achieve greater savings in the future, congressional investigators said..

IG: NOAA's next-gen satellite program cost estimate more solid, but subject to change

While the latest estimated cost of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's next-generation environmental satellite program is more solid, several factors could potentially affect that figure, according to a new audit.

Expert panel: DoD needs to revamp process to keep pace with IT products and services

The Department of Defense needs to revamp the way it buys IT products and services, including changing rigid federal regulations, being open to more commercial competition and providing more training to the agency's acquisition workforce, to keep pace with rapid technological changes, an expert panel at the Brookings Institution said recently.