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Latest Headlines

Report: Federal R&D funding was slashed in fiscal 2013

Federal funding for research and development fell dramatically in fiscal 2013 compared to the previous fiscal year, which includes about $10 billion in cuts to the Defense Department, says the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics.

Defense Secretary comes out against Republican budget proposal

The head of the Defense Department rebuffed Republican lawmakers' attempt to use Overseas Contingency funding to bolster the DoD budget while still reducing spending for non-defense agencies.

OMB calls for agencies to cut fiscal 2017 budget requests by 5%

Federal agencies will need to trim their fiscal 2017 budget requests by 5 percent compared to their fiscal 2016 proposals, says a May 1 Office of Management and Budget memo. 

OMB issues draft FITARA guidance that significantly broadens power, role of federal CIOs

OMB laid out its plan for implementation of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, which gives CIOs a greater role in IT program governance, personnel processes and improves the transparency into IT investments.

House and Senate agree on budget blueprint; fed workers generally spared

House and Senate Republicans Wednesday night came to an agreement on the budget framework for fiscal 2016, mostly sparing federal workers from workforce reductions and cuts to benefits, but reinstating sequestration cuts for agencies starting in October.

HASC dives into 2016 NDAA, approves a slew of oversight amendments

The House Armed Services Committee began its markup of the bill that will establish funding levels for all defense-related spending in the federal government, adding several amendments intended to oversight via additional reports to Congress.

Democrats say they won't pass appropriations bills that continue sequestration

Senate Democrats are firing warning shots at Republicans saying they won't get behind any appropriations bills that lock in sequestration cuts for fiscal 2016.

Obama will veto House VA appropriations bill because it fails to fund healthcare fixes

The White House said President Obama would veto the House's version of the fiscal 2016 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriation bill should it land on his desk.

House Republicans blame IRS wasteful spending for customer service decline

The Internal Revenue Service has been calling for a stop to agency budget cuts that they say have caused poor customers service, but House Republicans came out Wednesday to counter that claim.

OMB releases more IT Dashboard metrics

For the first time since the Office of Management and Budget released the  IT Dashboard  in 2009, it is providing IT performance metrics used in internal discussions with agencies, according to a report.