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Latest Headlines

Colorado state center seeks equipment that transmits wildfire data from plane to firefighter

Colorado's Center for Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting wants equipment that would share wildfire information from aircraft to firefighters on the ground in near real time.

TSA and SSA move ahead with Windows 10 upgrade

The Transportation Security Administration and the Social Security Administration are both on track to upgrade their systems to the Windows 10 operating system, representatives from both agencies confirmed at a Fedscoop this week.

Michigan's Allegan County ponies up $10M for new 911 system

Allegan County, Mich., plans to spend up to $10 million to deploy a new emergency 911 system over the next year, reported the Holland Sentinel via Emergency Management.

Spotlight: Navy seeks industry help to boost weapons-systems cybersecurity

The Naval Air Systems Command is looking for outside help to improve its weapons-systems cybersecurity capabilities.

New IBM partnership leverages cognitive computing for California water monitoring

A partnership between IBM Watson and OmniEarth announced Friday is set to break new ground in water monitoring and environmental analytics in California – a  potentially disruptive change for water utilities countrywide.

Good news, bad news in lastest FITARA implementation scorecard

There's good news and bad news in the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard a House panel released on Wednesday. The good news is that fewer agencies are failing at FITARA implementation. The bad news is that one agency is still failing, and another received a lower grade.

Spotlight: Pentagon's bug bounty finds 90 bugs

A highly touted bug bounty program at the Pentagon revealed around 90 bugs.

Spotlight: The Pentagon is using 'cyber bombs' against Islamic State. What does that mean?

Cyber command uses these weapons, which can range from commercial products to specialized proprietary systems, to disrupt cellphone networks and computer systems in the battle against the Islamic State group.

GSA adds Schedule 70 Special Item Number for health IT acquisitions

The General Services Administration detailed upcoming changes to Schedule 70, the government's largest acquisition vehicle, at a Professional Services Council-hosted breakfast earlier on Monday.

Spotlight: CBP using agile development for border operations

FCW had an interesting article yesterday about the ways Customs and Border Protection is advancing its technological capabilities using agile development.