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Latest Headlines

Colorado state center seeks equipment that transmits wildfire data from plane to firefighter

Colorado's Center for Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting wants equipment that would share wildfire information from aircraft to firefighters on the ground in near real time.

Spotlight: Cyber weapons unlikely to get WMD-like treaty

Banning cyber weapons can't take the same approach as a treaty to ban the use of weapons of mass destruction, a post at Defense Systems argued yesterday. Part of the problem is that the term "cyber weapons" is itself ambiguous.

Spotlight: US still lacking countrywide data breach notification law

The U.S., despite 47 states having their own notification laws, lacks a single, national law at the federal level.

Michigan's Allegan County ponies up $10M for new 911 system

Allegan County, Mich., plans to spend up to $10 million to deploy a new emergency 911 system over the next year, reported the Holland Sentinel via Emergency Management.

USAID, Army develop video game to train solders how to respond to overseas disasters

The U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Army have teamed on the creation of a new video game to train U.S. soldiers on how to respond to foreign natural disasters.

Experts debate need for National Hurricane Center app to track hurricanes

With the start of hurricane season less than a month away, weather experts are wondering why the National Hurricane Center does not have a smartphone app that can track a storm's progress or monitor forecasts.

Microwave system offers backup to Texas 911 service

The emergency 911 phone service in southeast Texas is getting more reliable with a new microwave backup, according to a new report.

GAO: FEMA suffers from weak IT management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, must address management weaknesses in its information technology systems, an audit by the Government Accountability Office found.

Boycott campaign lobbying tech companies to 'dump Trump' at Republican convention yields few victories

The expected nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate leaves the tech companies supporting the 2016 Republican National Convention in a potentially awkward spot, given the politics in Silicon Valley. And some protesters are trying to get those companies to boycott the convention entirely.

When it comes to US government health alerts, people want the human touch

When it comes to being alerted to a national health emergency by the U.S. government, people want the human touch – even if it comes through the TV.