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Latest Headlines

VA Secretary: Open source is the only way to operate

Veterans Affairs Department Secretary Bob McDonald voiced his support for open source technology July 30, as he outlined a broad reform plan that includes streamlining information technology and taking a more "holistic" look at customer service.

Policymakers must look at IoT as a whole, not just parts, says industry group

As Internet of Things, or IoT, technology grows and influences multiple market segments, policymakers must consider rules that could apply across the board, a new report states.

PTO sets pace for feds' digital conversion movement, delivers 1M XML pages monthly

For the Patent and Trademark Office, digital conversion isn't new; it's a core part of the agency's years-long Patent End to End initiative, which aims to achieve a next-generation patent and trademark workflow.

Digital experience central to White House effort to improve immigration system

The White House announced July 15 a major initiative to improve the legal immigration system that officials said is now complex, paper-based and confusing to users applying for a visa.

Cybersecurity sprint ends with some agencies reporting successes

The 30-day "cybersecurity sprint" federal agencies undertook in response to serious data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management wrapped up July 12. Now, agencies await review from senior Obama administration officials and the promised Federal Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy.

White House to host first 'Tech Day' Aug. 4

Federal Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith said this upcoming Tech Day is just one of the initiatives she and her team are working on to make the government more tech-savvy.

Federal government plans to enhance analytics dashboard for public over next 6 months

More than 3,800 government websites across 37 agencies have used the analytics program since it was introduced in 2012. Agencies can use web analytics and customer satisfaction tools and get performance metrics guidance, metric benchmarks and training at no cost.

FCC leverages 'the opportunity of consolidation' to drive modernization

What began as an effort to improve governance and assess the security risk of the Federal Communications Commission's information technology systems quickly became an opportunity to consolidate and reduce costs through IT modernization.

Big data earns praise, caution from federal IT officials

Big data will be the most critical component to moving their agencies forward, said three federal IT officials June 17 at the Brocade Federal Forum in Washington, D.C.

Federal CIO: Agencies would benefit from data committees

The federal government already has a great deal of talent in data science, but agencies aren't organized to best leverage it for their programs, said Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott.