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Latest Headlines

Federal government plans to enhance analytics dashboard for public over next 6 months

More than 3,800 government websites across 37 agencies have used the analytics program since it was introduced in 2012. Agencies can use web analytics and customer satisfaction tools and get performance metrics guidance, metric benchmarks and training at no cost.

FCC leverages 'the opportunity of consolidation' to drive modernization

What began as an effort to improve governance and assess the security risk of the Federal Communications Commission's information technology systems quickly became an opportunity to consolidate and reduce costs through IT modernization.

Big data earns praise, caution from federal IT officials

Big data will be the most critical component to moving their agencies forward, said three federal IT officials June 17 at the Brocade Federal Forum in Washington, D.C.

Federal CIO: Agencies would benefit from data committees

The federal government already has a great deal of talent in data science, but agencies aren't organized to best leverage it for their programs, said Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott.

New RFQ on governmentwide agile software development contract to hit the streets

Agile is an approach that federal agencies are increasingly using to develop software in increments, typically in a few weeks to a few months, rather than wait two to three years until such a project is delivered.

FITARA should reduce IT acquisition risks, save money if implemented effectively, says panel

The House Oversight and Government subcommittees on information technology and government operations held a June 10 hearing on the role that the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act can play in reducing IT acquisition risk. 

CIOs get boost with release of FITARA guidance

The Office of Management and Budget has officially given federal chief information officers more clout in the government. By releasing the final draft of implementation guidance for the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, OMB awards CIOs bigger IT governance and personnel management roles. 

DoD updates guidance on IT services management

The Defense Department's chief information officer signed new guidance for the management of information technology services.

Wanted: Training program for Digital Service procurement pros

The federal government wants to know how best to train and develop the contracting workforce that supports government's Digital Service teams. 

NIST preps digital privacy framework, considers control catalog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a new interagency report that will advise federal agencies on assessing and mitigating the privacy risks associated with their digital services.