Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GSA's innovation team announces new API standards

The General Services Administration's team of innovators known as 18F has released its first version of recommendations and guidelines for API production.

New TechAmerica commission to advise federal government on tech convergence

An IT industry group has established a commission to advise the federal government on the convergence of social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies.

BOP wants device to help federal inmates get access to legal documents electronically

The Federal Bureau of Prisons wants to build a computerized tool to help inmates with legal issues. In a request for information, the bureau wants commercial input to develop an electronic discovery system that would allow inmates to view legal documents without the need for trips to resource libraries.

CFPB seeks technology recruits for fellowship program beginning in 2015

Under the 2015 fellowship program, CFPB is accepting applications for software, web and user experience developers, graphic designers, cybersecurity professionals, data architects and data scientists, among others, for positions that will last two years. Fellows are expected to begin work in January 2015.

Excessive control by governments, industry may stifle online innovation and sharing, new Pew study says

In a decade, the Internet may be a very different place as increased control in the form of censorship, monitoring, business and copyright restrictions limit what information users can access and how...

New federal toolkit aims to help agencies better measure, analyze social media programs

Federal agencies that want to measure how well their social media programs are working or identify areas that need updating can tap into a new analytics toolkit developed by a government working group.

New federal toolkit seeks to improve social media content for people with disabilities

A new federal toolkit aims to help agencies assess their social media programs for people with disabilities and identify areas that can be improved.

Open government is not without privacy challenges, finds paper

In an effort to be more transparent and participatory governments are making more data publicly available in machine-readable formats and under open licenses, but such noble aims are not immune to privacy issues, says  a paper  published June 18 in  Future Internet, a Switzerland-based scholarly journal.

Proactive social media monitoring drives online citizen services at HHS

Recent revelations of widespread government surveillance, or the "Snowden effect," may have given the practice of digital monitoring a bad rap, but a Health and Human Services Department official says proactive social media monitoring can drive positive citizen services.

UN: Countries face substantial barriers in providing e-government services

For the first time since the United Nations began measuring its member states on e-government development, all 193 countries have national websites, but most still are at the early stages of delivering online services, according to U.N.'s recently released 2014 survey.