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Latest Headlines

IG: Postal Service can leverage big data for efficiencies, new products

Big data presents an enormous opportunity for the Postal Service to improve current capabilities and spin off new services that align with its mission.

Interagency team publishes models for articles, events on GitHub

An interagency team has created new models for structuring online content in a way that makes it easier for agencies to publish information for desktop browsers, mobile devices, social media and other outlets without manually adapting the content each time.

Big data report asks Obama to push data breach legislation, consumer privacy protections

Big data poses a serious risk to consumer privacy and challenges corporations to responsibly handle security –two issues that need prompt attention and policy development from the White House, recommends a May 1 report (pdf) from the White House on big data.

Usability tests put the brakes on redesign

At first, "the comments themselves were almost all positive," said Jeanne Holm of "So if we'd stopped there, that would've been the design we moved forward with."

Spending transparency gets boost with passage of DATA Act, awaits President's signature

Bipartisan legislation designed to bring greater transparency, consistency and accuracy into federal government spending through the use of strong, uniform open data standards is headed to President Obama for his signature.

Federal social media registry looks to expand

The General Services Administration's federal social media registry allows those with email address to register federal accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and, soon, Instagram. The registry – which serves as the federal government's solution for addressing copycat and unauthorized social media accounts – likely won't stop with Instagram either.

Education Dept. wants student aid APIs

Application programming interfaces can allow third-party developers to build apps and tools that interact with government data and forms. The Education Department says it's interested both in read-only APIs, which would let tools push out information, and read-write APIs that would let users complete forms through third-party tools.

FBI facial recognition database surges with images

An FBI database storing facial images for digital recognition purposes is on track to have 52 million images in it by next year, show bureau documents obtained through a lawsuit.

With Senate passage, DATA Act on track to become law

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act took another step toward enactment into law after the Senate passed the bill unanimously Thursday. After it passed, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a  statement  in support of the Senate version, calling it a compromise supported by leaders from both parties in both chambers.

HHS pushes state agencies to share data

After 9/11, information sharing became a term associated with intelligence and counterterrorism. But the Health and Human Services Department is also trying to bring together information dispersed across the numerous state systems used for HHS-funded programs.