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Fever Pitch

SPECIAL REPORT For years cybersecurity lagged compared to other competing priorities, as federal officials dealt with other programs affected by tighter budgets and resources. But with an intensifying threat, that's changed. Read the report

NIST, NARA closer to standard for securing federal information on outside systems

A final draft on a standard for protecting controlled unclassified information, or CUI, in nonfederal information systems is available for comment.

Expert panel discusses issue of new principles for Internet governance

As governments use the web for surveillance among other stresses to keep it an open and independent medium, Tim Berners-Lee suggested that people create a Bill of Rights or Magna Carta that enshrines the principles of the Web or Internet.

CIO Council releases searchable library of public laws, executive orders and OMB documents

The CIO Council recently released a searchable database of public laws, executive orders, memos and other documents from the White House budget office in what it's calling an IT Policy Library.

GAO: Library of Congress continues to suffer poor IT management

The world's largest library and the country's oldest federal cultural institution is increasingly relying on IT as it continues to carry its collection mission in the Digital Age, but it's struggling to effectively administer and protect new systems.

IRS seeks fresh set of members for electronic tax committee

The agency is looking for people to volunteer to be part of the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee, which serves as a public forum for electronic tax issues with the goal of going paperless, updated, functionality drastically diminished say businesses

In the early hours of March 31, the Treasury Department pushed out an update to, one of the federal government's premier open data platforms, but instead of ushering in improvements or new capabilities, changes to the massive database tool stripped the site of critical functionality.

Independent UN expert will probe, monitor and report on online privacy issues

Brazil and Germany – two countries concerned about data collection, electronic surveillance and interception of digital communications by governments and private companies – pushed for a resolution that established the special investigator.

GitHub still fighting DDoS attack reportedly from Chinese hackers

Chinese hackers are reportedly continuing their assault on the U.S. social coding platform GitHub with a distributed denial-of-service attack that is routing traffic from China's most popular search engine,  The Wall Street Journal  reported March 29.

NIST seeks pilot privacy-enhancing technologies for NSTIC project to secure online identities

The federally led program that's trying to provide secure online identity interactions for individuals and organizations across the nation is soliciting applications to test privacy-enhancing technologies.