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Latest Headlines

UN-supported cyber norms dictate peace-, wartime-behavior

A U.N. group has agreed to a set of "cyberspace rules of the road," dictating international cyber relations.

Audit: NRC's web-based licensing system needs improvement to boost usage, effectiveness

The web-based licensing system generally meets operational capabilities as intended, but use varies among license reviewers, who evaluate new or amended license applications, and inspectors, who visit licensees to make sure they comply. 

Army develops faster, more effective way for intel analysis of visual media obtained from enemies

Army researchers have designed a user interface for a system that enables computers to better manage tens of thousands of images, enhancing how Defense Department intelligence analysts search, filter and explore such visual media.

NIST publishes updated document on cryptographic standards needed for data encryption

The agency has revised guidance recommending methods for generating random numbers – crucial in data encryption – and permanently removed any reference to a controversial algorithm suspected of being tampered with by the National Security Agency.

VA gets serious about PIV, two-factor authentication during cybersecurity sprint

The Veterans Affairs Department is using the recent information system breaches at the Office of Personnel Management as an opportunity to review current security practices and push existing protocols that may not have been fully implemented.

Federal government plans to enhance analytics dashboard for public over next 6 months

More than 3,800 government websites across 37 agencies have used the analytics program since it was introduced in 2012. Agencies can use web analytics and customer satisfaction tools and get performance metrics guidance, metric benchmarks and training at no cost.

Archuleta keeps breach numbers close to the vest, has federal CIO's support

During the last of three congressional hearings held last week to address data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta held her ground in refusing to peg a final number on compromised records.

Federal agencies exposing login and password information, technology company finds

Login credentials for 47 federal agencies across 89 unique domains may have been exposed, leaving them open to espionage and criminal attacks, reported Recorded Future, which analyzed open source intelligence data and 17 paste sites for a year.

Official: DHS has authority to order agencies to bolster network security, but no stick to enforce

The Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 authorizes DHS to assist the Office of Management and Budget with managing and monitoring implementation of security requirements by agencies and providing them with operational and technical assistance, among other activities.

House votes to keep congressional control over domain name system transition

The House approved a bill that would let Congress check over plans to shift control over the Internet's domain name system to an international organization.