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Latest Headlines

OMB changes security incident reporting procedures, tweaks FISMA metrics

The Office of Management and Budget said Oct. 3 that new guidelines issued to federal civilian agencies will improve the government's information security posture.  

New model helps forecasters relay more accurate localized weather events to communities

Weather forecasters are better able to warn local communities threatened by tornadoes, hail, torrential rain, or heavy snowfall as well as air traffic managers and pilots about air turbulence and thunderstorms thanks to a new, next-generation weather prediction model.

UPDATED- Final smart grid interoperability standards guide released by NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released its third – and final – version of a document designed to help industry transform the more-than-century-old U.S. electrical system into an advanced, interoperable smart grid.

VA expands immunization record sharing pilot

Veterans will now be able to get some vaccinations at a nationwide drugstore's retail locations thanks to improved sharing of veteran electronic health records with a private platform.

Mayorkas: DHS in 'dire need' of cyber legislation

A Homeland Security Department official said the department is in "dire need" of legislation that would address cyber threat information sharing and help it build its cybersecurity workforce. "We are not without tools, but we do have a dire need for legislation to better equip us,"  said  Mayorkas, during an Oct. 1  Washington Post  event.

GSA hypes APIs, social media as means to publishing content

Forget traditional websites. To get content out there, agencies need to use new tools, argues the General Services Administration in a DigitalGov blog post, to change how government publishes information-- away from desktop ".gov" websites where traffic is declining, and toward mobile applications, social media and search engines.

IRS should better manage worker identification data, says watchdog

The Internal Revenue Service's voluntary classification settlement program, or VCSP, allows employers to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees, but an internal audit takes issue with the accuracy of data collected as well as its management of the applications.

IG exposes information security gaps at federal, state health insurance exchanges

A recent review of three health insurance exchanges identified a variety of information security vulnerabilities ranging from unauthorized database access to poor information storage practices.

Paper highlights legal, ethical issues with open health data, makes policy recommendations

Government open data initiatives have made patient health information more readily available online through and third-party sites that pull from public sources. But coherent legal and ethics policies are lagging data innovation, says a paper recently published in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal.

Regulatory agencies doing less regulating, more advising for cyber resilience and response

Federal regulatory agencies are taking on a greater advisory role in helping critical infrastructure and financial services companies apply the National Institute of Standards and Technology's  cybersecurity framework  and reduce their cyber risks, several experts recently said.