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Latest Headlines

American tech industry suffering due to unresolved surveillance policy issues, says exec

One year after U.S. government surveillance activities were revealed by former Defense Department contractor Edward Snowden, American technology companies continue to feel negative repercussions, said Brad Smith, executive vice president and general Counsel for Microsoft.

Kass-Hout: FDA using cloud computing, new tools to store, access and analyze big data

The Food and Drug Administration is building an "innovative technology environment," which relies in part on cloud computing to handle an influx of big data as well as tools to identify, extract and analyze information, the regulatory agency's chief health informatics officer wrote in an agency blog.

OIG wants to know how the Internet of Things applies to USPS

The Postal Service office of inspector general wants to know how the Internet of Things, data strategy and analytics could be applied to USPS operations, infrastructure, products and services, according to a  solicitation  posted June 17 to FedBizOpps.

Cross-sector NSTIC implementation tough to crack, says panel

Reaching the point where identity solutions that apply to the healthcare sector could also be accepted in the area of financial services or other sectors continues to be a challenge for the  Identity Ecosystem Steering Group.

DHS IG finds security flaws in system that produces RFID-enabled 'green' cards

While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is largely safeguarding electronically stored personal data on permanent resident cards, a recent investigation found vulnerabilities in the overall system, including missed security patches that could have been potentially exploited by hackers.

Federal personnel tracking systems inadequate, says paper

The federal government uses four major systems to track workforce vacancies but none maintain completely accurate personnel accounts because agencies must provide the information, data is slow to refresh, and personnel and positions aren't always coupled together,  says  a paper published June 12 by the Brookings Institution.

VA to buy, not build, new scheduling system for VistA

Within months the Veterans Affairs Department plans to issue a request for proposal for the purchase of a new patient scheduling module that would work within the Veterans Health Information System Technology Architecture, or VistA.

NextGen incentive program would require additional FAA appropriation, says Huerta

The Federal Aviation Administration lacks the necessary authority to create an incentive program that encourages pilots to equip aircraft with technology critical to the success of FAA's 2020 NextGen program.

Halvorsen vows to push DoD to commercial solutions for cloud, data storage

The Defense Department's acting chief information officer wants the department to be more creative in how it uses commercial data solutions. "That means that there's almost no data storage, data transmission, data exchange scenario we won't use," said Terry Halvorsen, DoD's acting CIO.

FAA approves first commercial drone operation over land; Nevada begins drone testing

For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration allowed a commercial drone operation over land. AeroVironment, an unmanned aircraft system maker, flew a drone over Alaska June 8 to conduct aerial surveys for oil company BP.