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Latest Headlines

White House releases plan to improve use of and access to data from Earth-observation systems

The White House has released a new plan to better coordinate how the government conducts, manages and maintains its Earth-observing scientific systems.

GAO finds some security weaknesses within Fiscal Service's information systems

A review of a bureau's information systems within the Treasury Department found a "signficant deficiency" in security measures over financial reporting, a Government Accountability Office report released July 18.

New TechAmerica commission to advise federal government on tech convergence

An IT industry group has established a commission to advise the federal government on the convergence of social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies.

FBI seeks information about cloud services to store criminal justice data

The FBI is seeking commercial cloud-computing options that can store vast amounts of criminal justice data. In a recent request for information, the bureau said it wants an on-site, infrastructure-as-a-service, "cloud in a box" system to support the Criminal Justice Information Services division in Clarksburg, W.Va., at multiple locations across the country

Commerce creates new 'chief data officer' post to help better leverage information

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said July 14 that the department is hiring its first-ever chief data officer to help it "develop, test, and grow the next phase of the open data revolution."

Next-generation supercomputer to support nuclear weapons labs

The Trinity machine is part of a $174 million contract from the National Nuclear Security Administration to supercomputer manufacturer Cray. Los Alamos, Sandia and the Lawrence Livermore national labs will use it to run very large and complicated nuclear weapons simulations.

Major Internet trade group makes pitch to FCC for net neutrality

The Internet Association filed comments July 14 in response to the Federal Communication Commission's net neutrality proposal that would allow Internet service providers offer faster service for websites willing to pay for it. The deadline for the comment period ends July 15.

VA, DOD integrated health program makes some, but not enough progress, GAO says

The troubled effort by the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense to combine their electronic health records into a single system has partially met goals set by Congress. But investigators say improvement is needed before more funding can be allocated to the initiative.

BOP wants device to help federal inmates get access to legal documents electronically

The Federal Bureau of Prisons wants to build a computerized tool to help inmates with legal issues. In a request for information, the bureau wants commercial input to develop an electronic discovery system that would allow inmates to view legal documents without the need for trips to resource libraries.

NIST announces competition to build research center around disaster resilience

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking to create a research center to help communities better respond and recover from disasters.