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Latest Headlines

European Commission views sought on whether US can compel provider to disclose data stored abroad

The Center for Democracy and Technology says it would be beneficial for the European Commission to provide its views on a case in which a U.S. federal court has ordered Microsoft to produce a customer's information that's stored in a data center in Ireland – an order the company has refused to comply with.

USPS delayed breach notification so as not to tip off hackers

The Postal Service didn't notify some 800,000 USPS employees immediately when it was believed their personally identifiable information was compromised because it did not want to jeoprodize the investigation and alert the perpetrators,  said  a USPS officia Nov. 19 before a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee. In fact, the investigation is still very much underway, said Randy Miskanic, vice president of secure digital solutions at USPS.

GSA upgrades search analytics for agency website managers, giving them more insight

Federal website managers have additional tools to improve their sites' "findability," including access to more query and click data, as a result of recent upgrades to the backend analytics framework used by the General Services Administration's digital search program.

Americans feel they're losing control of online personal data, new Pew study finds

In the year after former contractor Edward Snowden revealed the National Security Agency's sweeping surveillance programs, Americans feel less confident that they can control their personal information, a new Pew Research poll found.

Let Congress use open source, say transparency groups

Transparency groups are recommending changes to the rules of the House of Representatives that would allow the use of open source software. Noting a push toward open source software adoption by the executive branch, the legislative branch should follow suit and allow open source code to be used and published, say recommendations (pdf) issued to the 114 th  Congress by three transparency groups.

FERC improves unclassified cybersecurity program, IG review finds

Steps taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have improved its unclassified cybersecurity program, including the management of software upgrades and fixes, according to a review by the Energy Department's inspector general.

NSF: 'Smart' network devices, systems transforming physical world as research expands

Since 2008, NSF has invested more than $250 million for fundamental research into "smart," networked systems that underlie advances such as autonomous cars, robotic surgery and smart grids.

IRS not documenting risk-based IT security decisions, finds IG

The Internal Revenue Service failed to consistently document when it made exceptions to its own information technology security policies and requirements based on suitable justifications and a thorough assessment of potential risks, finds a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report (pdf) dated Sept. 22 but only issued publicly Nov. 6.

NIST outlines steps for coordinated cyber incident response

Improved information sharing and coordinated incident response can help agencies bolster defenses against cyber threats, says draft guidance from NIST that aims to help agencies establish, participate in, and maintain information-sharing relationships throughout the incident response life cycle.

Federal panel holds hearing on rule change that expands FBI electronic surveillance powers

A federal regulatory body is discussing a rule change Nov. 5 that would allow the FBI to conduct electronic surveillance of devices wherever they're located.