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Latest Headlines

Census outreach to go mobile, social with new communications plan

With a new Integrated Communications Contract for the 2020 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau hopes to reach more of the population online than ever before.

Report: IoT makes the 'going dark' debate moot

More technology companies offer products and services with strong encryption, but when people use them to "go dark" – whether for innocent or nefarious purposes – it isn't as big of a problem as law enforcement officials have claimed, says a new report.

GAO: Agencies need additional guidance on data quality under DATA Act

Agencies are depending on instruction from the Office of Management and Budget and Treasury Department to comply with the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014, but the draft guidance could lead to inconsistent reporting.

IRS identity theft detection systems, processes need adjustments, TIGTA says

The IRS is developing a new identity theft detection system, but in certain areas it doesn't work as well as its outdated predecessors, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Amendments to Judicial Redress Act may threaten Safe Harbor negotiations

The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced legislation Thursday that many considered critical to ensuring U.S. companies properly protect European citizens' data – in light of the forthcoming expiration of the so-called "Safe Harbor" agreement between the United States and the European Union.

Q&A: Commerce Dept. Chief Data Scientist Jeffrey Chen on building a new data service and why data context matters

FierceGovernmentIT  caught up with Commerce Department Chief Data Scientist Jeffrey Chen to learn more about the work underway at the newly formed Commerce Data Service and the Commerce Data Usability Project.

Commerce launches Data Usability Project

The Commerce Department is home to tens of thousands of datasets including satellite imagery, material standards and demographic surveys, and today it's giving that underutilized resource a boost, said the department.

Spotlight: Hope for US-EU safe harbor after all?

While data transfer negotiations between the United States and European Union were looking grim,  Politico  reported on two recent revelations that could make businesses hopeful.

Israel to curb cybersecurity exports fearing technology will fall into the wrong hands

Earlier this month, Israel's defense ministry floated a proposal that would slow exports of cyber technology from Israel to avoid it being used to carry out a major cyberattack.

McDonald: VA working toward single 'data backbone'

This year, the Veterans Affairs Department plans to develop a holistic veteran data management strategy, which will help ensure that veterans can go to any VA health facility and more easily receive care, said VA Secretary Bob McDonald in recent testimony.