Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IG finds NRC systems hacked into three times in three years, agency says proper action taken

An internal probe found that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's computer systems were hacked into three times- including twice by foreign entities- within the past three years

Air Force Academy creates new cybersecurity major to expose cadets to potential cyber careers

At a time when the Air Force Academy has cut a number of majors, it has developed a new computer network security major designed to help cadets better understand and gain proficiency in cyberspace, the institution said recently.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden reveals new secret US cyberwarfare program

Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency contractor who leaked thousands of classified documents last year about the U.S. government extensive surveillance programs, revealed a new secret cyberwarfare program that could not only block a cyber attack, but automatically go after the attacker.

CFPB sounds alarm for consumers on virtual currencies, calls it the 'Wild West'

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Aug. 11 said Bitcoin and other virtual currencies pose a risk to consumers who'd be "stepping into the Wild West" if they use them.

Expert: Cybersecurity, privacy and government policy must adapt to a changing, complex environment

Vast and rapid technological changes are affecting government, the IT industry and society as a whole. How organizations and individuals respond to those changes, especially when it comes to enacting security policies, will have a major impact on the Internet's future and personal freedoms, a top security industry analyst and thinker said.

Study: Government and businesses not deploying enough email authentication technology

The majority of U.S. businesses and government agencies do not take adequate steps to secure their email and ensure that customers and business partners can tell if emails coming from their domains are genuine or forged, a new report finds.

Army labs re-create battlefield environment to test cyber threats, identify vulnerabilities

The Army said it's simulating a battlefield environment in a laboratory to better address cyber threats to new technologies before they're tested by soldiers in the field.

Contractor that performs security background checks for DHS, other agencies suffers computer breach

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating a computer attack on a government contractor's network that performs background security checks for Homeland Security Department personnel and other agencies, the contractor said Aug. 6

HHS IG: Vulnerabilities in EHR certification process potentially opens systems to attack

An internal Health and Human Services Department audit found insufficient oversight in ensuring that certified electronic health records securely protected patient health data.

NSF announces two new academic-based cybersecurity research grants

The National Science Foundation recently announced funding for two teams of university researchers who will work on new approaches to enhance cybersecurity for information systems as weell as provide education and training around the issue.