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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Cyber weapons unlikely to get WMD-like treaty

Banning cyber weapons can't take the same approach as a treaty to ban the use of weapons of mass destruction, a post at Defense Systems argued yesterday. Part of the problem is that the term "cyber weapons" is itself ambiguous.

EPIC to OPM: Stop collecting sensitive job applicant information if you can't secure the data

Saying federal agencies are "incapable of adequately protecting sensitive information from improper disclosure," a privacy watchdog group this week urged the Office of Personnel Management to limit the amount of personal information it collects on job applications and focus instead on data protection.

Spotlight: US still lacking countrywide data breach notification law

The U.S., despite 47 states having their own notification laws, lacks a single, national law at the federal level.

Galois gets $10M DARPA contract to make legacy military, commercial systems less vulnerable

Galois, a Portland, Ore.-based security firm, announced Wednesday that it has been awarded a $10 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to make cyber security vulnerabilities in the code bases of legacy military and commercial communications systems less exploitable.

Spotlight: CMS 'data guardians' on watch after phishing attempts

CMS, compelled by the then-recent hack of the Office of Personnel Management, went into containment mode after it was targeted by phishing attempts and aimed to inform its employees of cybersecurity best practices.

Report: In mixed cloud landscape, hybrid IT rules agencies

Nearly every government agency has begun migrating to the cloud, but the cloud is not ideal for every workload, so most agencies think it is unlikely they will move completely to cloud resources.

Clinton email hacker to plead guilty

The hacker who says he broke into Hillary Clinton's personal email server while she was U.S. secretary of state will likely plead guilty to criminal charges this week.

Spotlight: Navy seeks industry help to boost weapons-systems cybersecurity

The Naval Air Systems Command is looking for outside help to improve its weapons-systems cybersecurity capabilities.

US lawmaker seeking answers following $81M cyber heist of Bangladesh central bank

A heist of the Bangladeshi central bank may not have been of prime concern to U.S. stakeholders 20 years ago, but in the age of cyber heists – especially one involving $81 million – a top U.S. lawmaker is eager for answers.

Spotlight: Evaluating Obama's cyber legacy

Former federal officials evaluated President Obama's efforts to improve federal cybersecurity at an event in McLean, Va., yesterday, and delivered a mixed verdict.