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Latest Headlines

NIST offers help in securing printers, copiers, scanners from cyber intrusions

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently released draft guidance pointing out the risks and vulnerabilties of such so-called replication devices, which increasingly also include 3D printers and scanners. Besides reminding people about potential cybersecurity problems, it offers advice on how such devices and information that's stored or transmitted can be better protected.

Two Democratic Senators request more info from Apple, Home Depot about data breach incidents

In each letter, the senators- Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)-- said that they've been "advocates for data security and breach notification legislation that would better protect consumers and improve corporate responsibility." They added that the incidents at Apple and Home Depot reflect the need for such a law.

Tech coalition urges support for Senate bill banning bulk collection of phone, Internet data

Several major technology trade groups are urging congressional leaders to support legislation that would ban bulk collection of phone and Internet metadata by U.S. spy agencies.

GAO says federal agencies need better oversight of contractor-operated systems

In reviewing six selected agencies, the Government Accountability Office said the agencies generally established security and privacy requirements and had plans to assess the effectiveness of contractor-operated systems. But five of the agencies were inconsistent in such reviews.

Audit: USPS isn't complying with cloud computing standards

An internal investigation found that the U.S. Postal Service's cloud computing contracts did not comply with all of the agency's standards.

Congress turning up the screws on website breach

With the revelation that the website was hacked into last week, congressional lawmakers said they're taking a closer look at what happened as well as stepping up hearings on cybersecurity.

Survey: Majority of government CIOs say they don't have sufficient IT resources

A recent survey found that 62 percent of government chief information officers said they don't have sufficient resources to do their jobs effectively.

Army pushing for more cybersecurity personnel to combat increasing threats, attacks

As part of its efforts to combat rising cyber threats and attacks, the Army is launching the Cyber Protection Brigade and could start a new cyber branch as soon as the second week of October, an official said.

NATO adopts cybersecurity policy, says such threats, attacks no different from conventional ones

At the two-day Wales summit, the alliance issued pledges and decisions in a number of areas-- including cybersecurity-- to better meet various security challenges. It adopted an Enhanced Cyber Defence Policy that lays out the principles for its members to defend against cyber threats and attacks as they become more frequent, complex and potentially damaging.

Los Alamos inks deal to commercialize quantum cryptographic tech for 'truly secure' computing

The lab said the technology, which has been developed and rigorously tested for 20 years now, creates cryptographic keys "with lightning speed" by using the quantum properties of light particles, or photons, to generate random numbers to securely send data.