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Latest Headlines

DHS posts BlackEnergy malware update as part of ongoing investigation

The Homeland Security Department on Monday issued an update to its ongoing investigation of the "BlackEnergy" malicious code, recovered from the networks of a power company in western Ukraine that suffered an outage in December.

'Severe cyberattack' on Israel's Electric Authority underway

On Tuesday, Israel's Electric Authority had neutralized but had not fully disabled a "severe cyberattack" that targeted the country's electric systems and was discovered Monday.

IDC: Federal IT security spending to rise 11% for national defense, emergency services

As cybersecurity continues to take on a more significant role in the total framework of national security, the federal government has matched that increase in importance with a sizeable increase in spending, according to IDC.

US faces technological 'peer competitors' in cyberspace, says USCYBERCOM

The military arm of the government's efforts in cyberspace recently released a document admitting that despite a considerable edge at the beginning of the cyber age, it now faces experts outside the country who possess capabilities on par with the U.S.

NSA director: 'Encryption is foundational to the future'

Increased connectivity and the Internet of Things exacerbate the challenges of cybersecurity, but it would be short sighted to stymie innovation in an attempt to become more defensible, said NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers.

Report: FBI investigates possible Super Bowl link to fiber optic cable mischief in the Bay Area

An internal FBI memo obtained by an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. reportedly showed federal officials' concern that recently compromised fiber optic cables in California may have been part of an attempt to disrupt the Super Bowl early next month.

US agencies take a closer look at malware implicated in Ukraine blackout

Following reports that the United States intelligence community is investigating a cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid that caused an outage late last year, the Homeland Security Department has issued the first public statement from the administration on U.S. involvement.

Report: Cyber response executive order in the works

President Obama will issue an executive order or presidential directive within several months that provides federal agencies guidance on the appropriate response to a catastrophic cyber attack, according to  Politico.

Spotlight: Following Ukraine grid outage, E-ISAC urges US power companies to bolster defenses

In a notice obtained by  Reuters,  a public-private cyber threat information sharing group advised U.S. power companies to "do a better job" with network defense.

Spotlight: Signs point to Russia in Ukraine power grid outage

New information suggests the Russian government may be responsible for the "interference" of an IT system that took down a portion of the Ukraine's power grid.