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Latest Headlines

House bill would create national cybersecurity supergroup to train state, local and private partners

A bill that would create a national group to help states and first responders improve cybersecurity overwhelmingly passed the House on Monday.

Senate debate over balancing national security, civil liberties swirls over FISA reauthorization

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act isn't up for congressional reauthorization until December 2017.But the Senate Judiciary Committee brought together experts Tuesday to talk about the "balance between national security, privacy and civil liberties" ahead of that vote.

Twitter revokes intelligence community's access to terror-spotting analytics service

Twitter on Sunday cut off U.S. intelligence agencies' access to a third-party service that sifts through public Twitter feeds for its clients, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Spotlight: Pentagon working on tech to identify hackers

Pentagon researchers are expecting to develop a tool by 2018 that will allow the government to both characterize a cyberattacker and share the attacker's modus operandi with potential future victims.

NJ cybersecurity center wants to integrate incident management into its operations

New Jersey's nearly year-old Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell, which monitors government and business computer networks for cyberthreats, is looking to expand into incident management, according to the organization's chief information security officer.

US intelligence community scored data on more than 96,000 'targets' last year

The U.S. intelligence community collected data on more than 96,000 "targets" last year under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Security Act, or FISA, according to the annual transparency report released Monday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Secretive spy court brings new meaning to term 'rubber stamp'

According to a report by Reuters, based on a Department of Justice document it obtained, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved all of the electronic surveillance requests from the U.S. government in 2014 and 2015.

Spotlight: More government data breaches due to human error than cyber espionage, finds report

Governments in 2015 lost more data from simple mishandling than from cases of cyber espionage, found security analysts in a new report.

Spotlight: FBI unlocks second iPhone without Apple

The FBI managed to unlock a second iPhone on Monday, which it previously asserted it needed Apple's assistance to unlock, because someone gave the agency the passcode.

The few, the proud, the cyber Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps is taking the fight to the cyber domain. As part of a larger effort to improve the U.S. military's cyber force, the service recently launched its Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group, or MCCYWG.