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Latest Headlines

NIST announces competition to help U.S. advanced manufacturing industry

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced it will begin accepting applications for a new round of competitive grants to help address challenges to the growth of advanced manufacturing in the United States.

FAA rulings on model aircraft stifle development of new technologies, think tank claims

In a letter to the FAA's Regulations Division, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation states that the administration's Special Rule for Model Aircraft is too narrowly defined and would limit the use and development of certain technologies.

US government conducts largest cyber-defense exercise to protect critical infrastructure

The U.S. government has just wrapped up one of the largest cyber exercises to date, involving more than 500 participants from the military, law enforcement, civilian agencies, academia and the commercial sector.

White House directs agencies to lay out flexible work schedule options

Agencies need to better offer telework, flexible schedules and childcare options to employees to attract and maintain a talented workforce, a June 23 White House memo says. "We should build on our record of leadership through better education and training, expanded availability of workplace flexibilities and work-life programs, as appropriate, and improved tracking of outcomes and accountability," the memo says.

HHS considering Desktop as a Service

The Health and Human Services Department is interested in moving as many as 200,000 desktop computers to the cloud as part of a shift to Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.

Technology not always transformative in advancing democracy, finds paper

Citizen participation can be advanced through the use of technology – whether by providing better access to information or improving communication with officials – but probably not to the extent that some believe, says a new report.

Structured content, metadata makes federal content reusable, say web managers

Federal web managers are encouraging their agency peers to better define the chunks of information that feed their online and mobile content. "This information-centric approach is to enable interoperability," said Logan Powell, public affairs specialist at the Census Bureau.

Kostin: Digital government strategy a continuous effort

A year ago, federal agencies  met  ambitious deadlines established under a presidential directive to create a modern digital government. Now, says General Services Administration's Gwynne Kostin, agencies are rethinking these areas and enhancing them to provide a better experience for users, she said.

18F, OMB's Digital Service to change federal IT in a way TechStats can't, say officials

Agency-led TechStat accountability sessions, with oversight from the Office of Management and Budget, have proven to route troubled federal IT programs back on track and avoid costs. But the administration has shifted emphasis away from TechStat in favor of more nimble, innovative programs.

VA considers prize competition for VistA Evolution

The Veterans Affairs Department is considering using a contest to spur the development of a modernized electronic health record system. In a  notice  posted April 25, the agency said it wants to implement a prize program as a way to tap outside expertise to help develop the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture, or  VistA.