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Latest Headlines

18F breaks down implementation of HTTPS for federal agencies

In order to help federal agencies meet a new requirement to use HTTPS connections for all publicly accessible websites, 18F offered a how-to guide for beginners.

Federal CIO: Agencies would benefit from data committees

The federal government already has a great deal of talent in data science, but agencies aren't organized to best leverage it for their programs, said Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott.

Top federal acquistion policy official highlights progress to streamline, improve IT spending

Anne Rung, administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, outlined several initiatives underway now that would help agency IT contracting and acquisition officers better use shared services, become more innovative and strengthen relationships with vendors.

Federal CIO says 'digitization of everything' will help enhance cybersecurity across government

Digitization is forcing the public and private sectors to "re-imagine everything," and this means applying new design techniques, business models and workflows, Tony Scott said. 

FITARA should reduce IT acquisition risks, save money if implemented effectively, says panel

The House Oversight and Government subcommittees on information technology and government operations held a June 10 hearing on the role that the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act can play in reducing IT acquisition risk. 

CIOs get boost with release of FITARA guidance

The Office of Management and Budget has officially given federal chief information officers more clout in the government. By releasing the final draft of implementation guidance for the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, OMB awards CIOs bigger IT governance and personnel management roles. 

State Dept. must boost science and technology capabilities to better address US interests

A new National Research Council report says the State Department needs to take greater advantage of science and technology capabilities to promote U.S. foreign policy, economic and national security interests and address complex global challenges.

Wanted: Training program for Digital Service procurement pros

The federal government wants to know how best to train and develop the contracting workforce that supports government's Digital Service teams. 

White House contracting officer talks about flexible way for agencies to procure software

Traci Walker talks about her experience in the "Behind the Buy" podcast that features stories from federal contracting officers about using effective IT contracting strategies to help agencies get what they need.

NASA's 'datanauts' pioneering new insights from agency's vast wealth of collected data

The agency announced the founding class of data scientists will seek new insights from the exponentially growing repository of NASA data that includes technical and scientific datasets, records, reports, simulations, videos, images and other information.