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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: New marketplace lets intelligence community test-drive cloud tech

The U.S. intelligence community has opened a classified marketplace for cloud applications, with a goal of letting IC analysts and developers test out thousands of commercial tools without their agencies needing to make large investments beforehand.

Spotlight: 18F open sources 35 reusable projects

The General Service Administration's innovation arm 18F opened 35 reusable pieces of code yesterday for federal employees, government agencies, state governments or the private sector to use freely.

NTIA seeks public comments to improve federal role in IoT

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, part of the Department of Commerce, issued a request for comment Tuesday to get public input about potential federal policy issue raised by the Internet of Things.

USGS and ESA partner to share Earth observation data

The European Space Agency established a new partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey last week in order to complement earth observing capabilities from the Landsat satellite series. The partnership will allow anyone to access complete Sentinel and Landsat data at no charge. The agencies plan to incorporate and converge the data sets in order to give users a more complete and accurate model.

Private sector buy-in critical to cybersecurity commission success

The success of the President's Commission for Enhancing National Cybersecurity depends heavily on buy-in and advocacy from the private sector, agency officials explained at a New America cybersecurity conference in Washington, D.C., last Wednesday.

GAO: Ineffective coordination inhibits DoD assessment of satellite alternatives

A Department of Defense-conducted Analysis of Alternatives, or AOA, came up short due to self-imposed limitations in the analysis and a failure to properly coordinate with stakeholder agencies, a GAO report found last week.

NTIA reviewing ICANN's Internet stewardship transition plan

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, on Thursday concluded meetings in Morocco with the submission of a comprehensive Internet stewardship transition plan to the U.S. government.

Spotlight: OMB should look to community for open source metrics, says industry exec

In the spirit of openness, one federal IT executive said the White House should consider crowdsourcing the pilot metrics based on what's already available in the community, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Agencies would face new open source software requirements under OMB draft policy

The White House issued a draft policy today that would require federal agencies to open source a significant portion of its software code. Under the proposed Federal Source Code Policy, the Office of Management and Budget would pilot the requirement to share publicly all custom code developed in-house by federal IT personnel and at least 20 percent of newly developed custom code by third party developers or vendors on behalf of a covered agency.

GSA seeks to find, correct problems for citizen interactions with government services

The General Services Administration carried out a survey recently to identify areas of weakness – and potential solutions for them – in how the federal government and citizens interact.