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Latest Headlines

Advancing government IT: From legacy ownership to savvy management

Information technology is rapidly advancing in ways that directly impact the business of government. In this special report,  FierceGovernmentIT  explores some of the ways federal agencies are managing this change.

Backgrounder: Using FedRAMP to navigate the cloud

The benefits of cloud computing — such as speed, security and scalability — are appealing to chief information officers everywhere, but finding a way to acquire cloud solutions has been a tough nut to crack for those working in the federal government.

Government should ensure security, privacy but not overregulate IoT, says report

A new report recommends the federal government take several actions as it navigates the Internet of Things, such as ensuring privacy and security protections are in place without imposing regulations that would hinder innovation.

New data center consolidation requirements coming, says Scott

Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott plans to issue updated data center consolidation guidelines to agency CIOs in the coming months.

DISA's changed cloud broker role 1 year later

Nearly one year ago, Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen signed a memorandum that allowed the military services to handle their own acquisition of commercial cloud computing technology rather than requiring the Defense Information Systems Agency to serve as middleman.

DISA zeroing in on virtualization

Virtualization will be a major focus of the Defense Information Systems Agency moving forward, said Alfred Rivera, director of DISA's development and business center.

Cloud is making the dream of big data, analytics a reality, say federal IT security officials

"The information has always been there, but it's always been a matter of, how do you store it?" asked Steve Pugh, presidential response officer at the White House Communications Agency.

Civilian agencies edge out Defense in cloud adoption, finds survey

Civilian agencies are only slightly more mature than Defense organizations in terms of adoption of cloud computing technology, according to a survey published by  FierceGovernmentIT  last month. goes live

The General Services Administration flipped the switch on Oct. 9, going live with a new offering from its innovation lab, known as 18F. The service aims to provide agencies with a ready-to-go Platform as a Service cloud for building, testing and managing web applications.

CIA looks to cloud, big data to advance mission

The Central Intelligence Agency is embracing cloud computing technology to help ease the burden of computing-intensive analytics programs that produce intelligence for its agents. It's also opening doors that will help the CIA to partner with innovative vendors in the big data market.