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Latest Headlines

'War game' will determine if DoD can share well with others in the cloud

The Defense Department is pushing ahead with a plan that would permit commercial cloud computing providers operating in DoD facilities to serve non-federal government clients.

Commerce task force seeks to start discussion on cybersecurity issues with many stakeholders

The Internet Policy Task Force plans to hold a series of discussions around key cybersecurity issues through the multistakeholder process, according to a draft request for comment, released March 13.

GAO: Census Bureau faces challenges in designing, implementing Internet response option

An Internet response option for the 2020 census could be more convenient for households, provide better quality data that could result in less follow-up work, and lower costs related with processing paper questionnaires.

The president's 2016 budget request: General Services Administration's E-Gov and Federal Citizen Services Funds

The General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Services Fund would see an appropriation of $58.4 million for the next fiscal year, under the president's recently unveiled fiscal 2016 budget proposal. The figure is more than a 9 percent jump from fiscal 2015 enacted levels – or about $5.1 million – and significantly more than the offices' fiscal 2014 budget of $50.8 million. Of that $58.4 million, $16 million would go to electronic government, or E-Gov, activities in fiscal 2016.

Heath data security, privacy are top concerns for CMS, FDA

The rapid growth of health data is helping federal agencies better chart the quality of care being provided and other trends nationwide, but it's also presenting some privacy and security challenges, said government officials.

DoD wants to enter the commercial cloud distribution business

On a small scale, the Defense Department is allowing commercial cloud providers to operate in Defense-owned and operated facilities, but Acting DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen would like to take that model a step further.

FedRAMP releases draft for higher security cloud computing authorization, seeks public input

The federal government Jan. 27 released a long-awaited draft document that establishes a high baseline of security controls for cloud computing service providers, allowing them to host some of the federal government's most sensitive information.

Cloud business cases must address staff, says NOAA exec

There's been much discussion around the efficiencies to be gained from cloud computing – shuttering data centers and streamlining operations – but little talk of the freezing effect this end goal can have on the federal IT workforce. Cloud computing efforts would see stakeholder buy in improve significantly if there was some assurance that personnel would be protected, says one National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration IT executive.

Gov execs: 'Exit strategy' critical in federal cloud computing contracts

Interoperability and portability remain largely unaddressed issues among cloud services. And until all cloud computing services can ensure clients' data is portable and interoperable, federal chief information officers need to think about how they can get out of their cloud contracts, said federal executives speaking Jan. 15 at the Federal Cloud Computing Summit in Washington, D.C.

Proximity matters, even in the cloud, says DISA's top technology official

Having data available anytime, anywhere has long been touted as a major benefit of cloud computing, but a top Defense Information Systems Agency official said where data is physically located still matters.