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Latest Headlines

Contracting officer to join GSA's newest technology service

As 18F settles into its new home as part of the General Services Administration's Technology Transformation Service, or TTS, the innovation team is preparing for a new contracting officer.

Federal cloud decision makers are looking for an off-ramp when it comes to FedRAMP

A majority of federal cloud decision makers would consider a non-FedRAMP-compliant cloud deployment, even though FedRAMP is mandatory for agency cloud deployments and service models at the low and moderate risk impact levels.

Spotlight: Rep. Hurd says data center consolidation, not modernization fund, is key to funding IT upgrades

The Obama administration for months has been fiercely pushing its proposed $3.1 billion IT modernization revolving fund, but the chairman of a House panel overseeing federal IT issues said this week that that's not his preferred approach.

Good news, bad news in lastest FITARA implementation scorecard

There's good news and bad news in the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard a House panel released on Wednesday. The good news is that fewer agencies are failing at FITARA implementation. The bad news is that one agency is still failing, and another received a lower grade.

Senators to OMB: Where's the DATA Act pilot on contractor reporting?

Senators from both parties pressed the Office of Management and Budget Tuesday on the agency's plans to create a procurement pilot for contractor reporting that complies with the DATA Act's requirements.

Largest US tenant launches web-based leasing tool

Who is the largest tenant in the United States? Believe or not, it is the General Services Administration, which handles leasing of office space for the federal government. To make the leasing process easier, GSA is launching a new web-based tool, the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program.

GSA adds Schedule 70 Special Item Number for health IT acquisitions

The General Services Administration detailed upcoming changes to Schedule 70, the government's largest acquisition vehicle, at a Professional Services Council-hosted breakfast earlier on Monday.

DHS' Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation system nearing completion of Phase 2

The Department of Homeland Security is closing in on contract awards for the second phase of its Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation system. Since the department launched Phase 2 last year, it has so far issued a request for quotation and taken submissions, so contractors are expecting award announcements any day.

Australia revamps process for procuring internet, telecom services for the government

The Australian Department of Finance is establishing a Telecommunications Services Panel, or TSP, to procure internet and telecommunications services for the government through a single panel of suppliers.

DOJ creating guide to help law enforcement pick most secure body cameras

Data access and security is a major issue when it comes to police-worn body cameras. The Justice Department is creating a catalog of body cameras to help local law enforcement agencies compare and choose between them.