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Latest Headlines

Bypassing warrants through border laptop searches

Documents from a border crossing laptop seizure case show the Homeland Security Department using the international passenger alert system to seize the digital equipment of Americans without a warrant. "There's strong circumstantial evidence that they did this precisely to avoid the warrant requirement," said ACLU legal fellow Brian Hauss.

DoD looks to quarantine employees from leaked documents

Classified information, even if it's already in the public domain, remains classified until it's been declassified by a government authority, said the Defense Department's Director of Security Timothy Davis, in a June 7 memo (.pdf) to DoD security directors.

DOJ censures former attorney for leak while State Dept. leak investigation continues

The former top federal prosecutor in Arizona violated Justice Department policy when he shared an internal memorandum with a Fox News reporter, the DOJ office of inspector general says in a new report, released amid new revelations about the prosecution of a State Department contractor who also allegedly leaked information to a reporter.

Communication tools expand scrutiny of foreign policy and diplomacy, says panel

The rising use of new communication technology is changing the balance of control and ownership of information among states and individuals, leading to increased monitoring of government diplomacy by individuals and other nations.

State Department still vulnerable to WikiLeaks-style breach, say auditors

The State Department has been vulnerable to another breach of diplomatic cables in the 2 years since WikiLeaks created an international incident by posting online hundreds of thousands of U.S. confidential assessments of foreign leaders and states. Unless the weaknesses are resolved, "an incident similar to WikiLeaks could occur," auditors warn.

DoD reissues directive to safeguard technical documents

The Defense Department reissued a standard framework and markings for managing, sharing, safeguarding and disseminating technical documents. The departmentwide instruction (.pdf) applies to newly created, revised or previously unmarked classified and unclassified technical documents generated or managed by all defense-funded research, development, test and evaluation programs.

DoD security manual addresses classification policies

A new information security mandate effective immediately brings the Defense Department in compliance with a December 2009 Executive Order on classified national security information. Defense

Agencies not sharing enough information, says Karen Evans

Even by federal internal measures, information sharing remains a challenge, said Karen Evans, who occupied the position of federal chief information officer during most of the George W. Bush

Intel chief looks to metadata, identity management to prevent WikiLeaks redux

The intelligence community has embarked on a 5 year metadata and identity management effort meant to prevent a repeat of incidents such as the WikiLeaks disclosure of State Department cables, said

Congress authorizes offensive cyberspace military operations

A provision of the fiscal 2012 national defense authorization bill says the military may conduct offensive cyberspace operations subject to the same principles the Defense Department uses for kinetic