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Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity framework released with incentives unfinished and privacy appendix gone

The federal government today released a framework for cybersecurity meant for voluntary adoption within the private sector while acknowledging that work remains to be done in constructing incentives for adoption, and within the framework itself. Framework development has been a year-long effort under the tutelage of NIST, which received a mandate through an cybersecurity executive order.

Recovery Act bred innovation in grant oversight

Federal agencies learned new approaches to accountability amid their effort to oversee massive spending on grants under the 2009 stimulus law, a review by the Government Accountability Office found.

House passes notification requirement for health exchange breaches

The House passed a bill Friday that would impose stringent new reporting requirements on the Health and Human Services Department whenever any healthcare exchange created under the Affordable Care Act suffers a data breach. The White House opposes the bill.

Spotlight: Beers leaves DHS for White House

Rand Beers has left the Homeland Security Department for the White House, to become an adviser to President Obama. After Janet Napolitano resigned and until Secretary Jeh Johnson was confirmed, Beers served as the acting secretary at DHS, before which he was filling in as acting deputy secretary.

Successful e-gov crowdsourcing projects unrelated to cost or customization, finds paper

The most successful public sector crowdsourcing projects simply focus on encouraging maximum crowd participation, finds a recently published academic paper. And, where factors such as customization have proven important to e-commerce, crowdsourcing participants appear to care little about a custom experience.

Intelligence review panel calls for stricter NSA limits

A five member panel  charged  by President Obama in August to review intelligence surveillance has recommended new limits to current National Security Agency activities. Among its recommendations is an end to NSA long-term storage of telephony metadata--the transaction records of all domestic and international telephone calls crossing through U.S. carrier switches--and a transition to a system in which those records are stored privately.

Wireless carriers agree to cellphone unlocking policy

Wireless carriers committed to adopting a more consumer-friendly cellphone unlocking policy based on proposals from the Federal Communications Commission.

Agencies must use 20 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2020, White House says

Agencies will be required to use 20 percent renewable energy for its electricity by 2020, a Dec. 5 President Obama memo says. The memo builds on a 2009 executive order (.pdf) that set targets for reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent by 2020.

New White House open government plan looks good on paper, say transparency advocates

The final version of a new White House open government action plan is substantially expanded from a recently circulated  preliminary draft  – although many of the actions called for in the plan aren't new initiatives.

White House balks at Senate committee-proposed security clearance reforms

A Nov. 18 statement of administration policy (.pdf) asks the Senate not to make changes to the security clearance process until the Office of Management and Budget completes its ongoing review. OMB's findings may lead to recommendations that conflict with the Senate Armed Services Committee's proposal.