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Latest Headlines

White House unveils Veterans Employment Center

T​he White House launched a website April 23 that aims to connect veterans and service members with employers. The Veterans Employment Center will provide public- and private-sector employers looking to hire veterans, service members and their spouses a database of resumes to search from.

PCAST report on spectrum proving transformative, says White House official

The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology submits recommendations regularly to the White House, but few have been as well received across government and as actionable as a July 2012  report on spectrum usage, says a senior official.

White House to propose ending NSA bulk telephony data storage

The Obama administration plans to propose legislation that would end the bulk collection of telephony metadata by the intelligence community, as it currently does it.

Big data study could lead to policy changes, says White House official

A White House study now underway will analyze the benefits and challenges of big data technologies, and could prompt the administration to take a hard look at existing policies and the federal research agenda, said Nicole Wong, deputy federal chief technology officer.

White House announces new manufacturing innovation hubs

The Defense Department will lead the hubs, which will receive $140 million in federal funding and a similar financial commitment from businesses and universities, the White House  says. The Detroit-area institute will focus on lightweight and modern metals manufacturing, and the Chicago counterpart on digital manufacturing and design.

White House calls on public to help aid patent examiners

The White House Thursday enlisted the public in the fight against patent trolls, calling for companies, experts and the general public to help patent examiners find relevant prior art to determine whether the invention is truly novel.

Obama cuts chained CPI from fiscal 2015 budget request, but proposal not off the table completely

President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget request won't include a proposal that would have trimmed cost of living increases for Social Security benefits. Using chained CPI would have  saved the federal government  $230 billion over ten years, then-Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Jeffrey Zients said in an April 10 press conference.

Obama sets 2016 deadline for agencies to use trade-data system

Before businesses can clear their goods for import or export, they have to submit documents, often on paper, to an assortment of federal agencies. The ITDS would let them submit all the required data electronically and all in one place. The system would then distribute the data to the agencies that need it.

Groups defend DATA Act from OMB suggestions

A coalition of advocacy groups criticized the Obama administration for revisions it proposed to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act in a Feb. 11 letter to the president.

Former White House official: Leadership needed to elevate bioterrorism urgency

For bioterrorism to draw the level of attention that nuclear terrorism has received will require a concerted effort from the White House, said Robert Kadlec, formerly the special assistant to the president for biodefense. "It really does take some leadership at the very top," Kadlec, who served under President George W. Bush, told a House Homeland Security subcommittee during a  hearing  Feb. 11.