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Latest Headlines

White House balks at Senate committee-proposed security clearance reforms

A Nov. 18 statement of administration policy (.pdf) asks the Senate not to make changes to the security clearance process until the Office of Management and Budget completes its ongoing review. OMB's findings may lead to recommendations that conflict with the Senate Armed Services Committee's proposal.

Slow rollout of FirstNet could doom nationwide interoperability

FirstNet must deliver quickly on its promise of a nationwide first-responder communications network before states and cities opt out, a former White House technology official says.

Affordable Care Act online marketplaces open

Speaking at the White House today, President Obama acknowledged that the rollout was flawed. "There are going to be some glitches in the signup process along the way that we will fix," he said. "There have been times this morning where the site has been running more slowly than it normally will." Some users also received error messages.

Spotlight: Obama to nominate Cobert for OMB position

The White House announced Sept. 10 that it will nominate Beth Cobert as the new deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget.

White House solicits input for follow-on Open Government plan

The Obama administration is seeking the public's help in developing a second National Action Plan on Open Government, states a White House blog  post. The administration poses a series of questions for public response by September 23. At a later date, the White House said it will provide an online a summary of the submissions received from the public.

White House NSA surveillance board heavy on the Washington insiders

President Obama's picks for a five member group tasked with reviewing National Security Agency surveillance has drawn criticism over its insider-heavy composition. The group is one of a handful of Obama administration reactions to revelations of widespread surveillance of  telephone records  and  Internet communications  caused by the leaking of classified documents by former intelligence community contractor Edward Snowden.

Aging infrastructure, climate change don't bode well for grid resilience

Between 2003 and 2012, upward of 600 power outages caused by severe weather affected at least 50,000 customers each, says the report (.pdf), prepared by the White House Council of Economic Advisers and the Energy Department's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability. The frequency and intensity of hurricanes, blizzards, floods and other extreme weather events is expected to rise due to climate change, the report says.

Treasury sees technical assistance as possible cybersecurity framework incentive

Holding out the possibility of non-emergency technical assistance could be an incentive to drive private sector adoption of the  cybersecurity framework  under development by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, say the White House and the Treasury Department.

Commerce Dept. critical of liability protection as cybersecurity framework incentive

Liability protection as an incentive for private sector adoption of the cybersecurity framework under development by the National Institute of Standards and Technology requires further study, says the Commerce Department in a discussion paper that takes a skeptical view of the need for protection against tort claims and other possible private sector incentives.

U.S. sends aid directly to Mexican state and local governments

The Merida Initiative between the United States and Mexico, which began as a federal-to-federal assistance program, has increasingly helped Mexico's state and local governments, the White House says. Law enforcement assistance will focus on support for Mexico's new training requirements for federal, state and local enforcement agencies.