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Latest Headlines

Obama lays out climate change plan

President Obama set new goals in a plan to address climate change June 25 including directing the Environmental Protection Agency to work with the states to establish carbon pollution standards and directing the Interior Department to permit renewable energy project on public lands by 2020, a White House fact sheet says.

Backgrounder: Mobile app code of conduct

In February 2012, the White House directed the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to convene stakeholders to develop codes of conduct that would specify how the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights applies in certain contexts. In June 2012, NTIA announced that the first such process would address transparency in mobile application privacy.

Obama pay cap proposal would mostly affect large contractors, GAO says

If White House proposed legislation to cap reimbursment for contractor executive pay at the president's salary is enacted for cost reimbursment contracts, few small contractors would be affected but for larger contractors reducing the cap would dramatically increase the number of employees with pay above the cap, a June 19 Government Accountability Office  report  (.pdf) says.

Senate Appropriations subcommittee approves $20M more for VA IT

Veterans Affairs Department information technology spending would receive $3.7 billion in the coming fiscal year under a spending bill marked up June 18 by the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on military construction and veterans affairs.

House approves $38.9B fiscal 2014 DHS spending bill

The House approved June 6 a spending bill funding the Homeland Security Department for the coming fiscal year with $38.9 billion in discretionary spending. That amount totals $34.9 million less than the White House request and $617.6 million below the current year enacted level, an House Appropriations Committee  statement  says. The total amounts to $981 million more than DHS spending under sequestration, it adds.

New White House site lists federal agency programs

The White House just launched an online catalog of federal programs that centralizes information available on individual agency websites. The website mission is to provide the public with an easily accessible and searchable inventory of government programs.

GitHub tool kit covers nuts and bolts of White House Open Data Policy

Along with its Open Data Policy, the White House unveiled May 9 Project Open Data, a GitHub-hosted tool kit it hopes will be the living, breathing implementation arm of its policy. The online repository provides tools for coders to adopt the policy within agencies' 6-month timeline.

White House Earth observation strategy relies on data interoperability

The strategy lays out a data-management framework for earth-observation data generated, disseminated and used by federal agencies. The framework aims to maximize the likelihood that Earth data is available in a timely and usable manner; facilitate the use of open, machine readable-formats and APIs; and encourage uniform tools and practices to increase interoperability, says the strategy.

White House: Tsarnaev not an 'enemy combatant'- UPDATED: Tsarnaev charged in federal court

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will not be treated as an "enemy combatant" following his April 19 apprehension  and subsequent hospitalization, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday.  "We will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice," Carney said, adding that the courts system had proven many times its ability to handle terrorist cases.

The president's 2014 budget request

The fiscal 2014 budget request that President Obama sent to Congress April 10 includes $59.959 billion for the Homeland Security Department, a slight decline from its estimated budget for fiscal 2013. Of the major components within DHS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement would take the biggest hit under Obama's request, losing more than 11 percent of its fiscal 2013 budget.