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White House releases data sets, digital tools to educate students on college's financial impact

The Obama administration unveiled Sept. 12, an updated college assessment online tool, which is designed to help students and their families better plan for college and its associated costs via open access data sets.

White House announces new efforts to combat climate change for Alaskan communities

On the final day of his three-day tour in Alaska, President Obama announced Sept. 2 a number of new actions and several million dollars in new investments to fight climate change that he said is having a greater impact on the state than in the continental United States.

White House seeks feedback on Precision Medicine Initiative

As it prepares to move to the next phase of the Precision Medicine Initiative, the White House is seeking feedback from the public.

DJ Patil says US is progressing toward a data-driven government

Through recent progress on three data initiatives, the United States is making progress to become a truly "data-driven government," said U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil. In an Aug. 19 post to the blog Medium, Patil reflected on half a year on the job.

Presidential advisors recommend 8 new focus areas for IT research and development

In an Aug. 7 report to the White House, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST, recommended the federal government overhaul the way it categorizes information technology research and development spending.

Federal contractors ask White House to slow stream of executive orders

The federal contracting community wants the Obama administration to halt the flow of executive orders focused on reforming the industry after a draft executive order that would mandate federal contractors to give employees paid sick leave was leaked. 

Efforts to beef up wireless workforce target veterans, other underserved groups

To help supply the demand for workers in the wireless industry, public- and private-sector entities are joining forces.

White House to host first 'Tech Day' Aug. 4

Federal Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith said this upcoming Tech Day is just one of the initiatives she and her team are working on to make the government more tech-savvy.

White House fence gets temporary spikes to deter intruders in response to 2014 incident

The Secret Service and National Park Service July 1 began installing large metal spikes along the top of the White House fence in what the agencies say is a temporary measure to deter fence jumpers.

White House looks to bolster infrastructure resilience with new transportation and climate data

The White House hopes releasing transportation-related data will enhance the nation's resilience to extreme weather events linked to climate change, which could have a serious impact on U.S. transportation systems.