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Latest Headlines

Report: MITRE's bug-numbering backlog has cyber researchers seeking an alternative

The Register  reported that MITRE, which names and assigns numbers to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, or CVEs, has built up a backlog over the past six months and several cybersecurity researchers are turning to a new system.

NIST wants to give organizations a leg up on mobile app security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking public input on a draft guide to help organizations use mobile apps while managing associated security vulnerabilities and risks.

GSA social media tools lack security oversight, says IG

The General Services Administration is using social media tools to build a more participatory and collaborative government, but a GSA Inspector General report (.pdf) dated Sept. 28 finds the

New set of security metrics on the way

A federal task force will be coming up with new metrics for information security performance that focuses on outcomes. Agencies will receive a draft in November with requests for comments. Federal

GSA OKs five cybersecurity software firms

The General Services Administration has reached agreement with five companies to supply cybersecurity tools to federal agencies to help them ward off attacks. The deal will allow agencies to purchase

Social Security numbers ripe for fraud

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University reported this week that, in this era of widespread use of computers and sophisticated software, the Social Security numbering system is more vulnerable to

Pentagon looking to recruit young hackers

As the security threats to the nation's military and civilian computer systems grow, the government needs top-flight cybersecurity specialists, those who know how to defend and those who know how to

Air Traffic control systems vulnerable

You would think that it's cybersecurity protection week with the number of articles out in public about cyberattacks and the vulnerabilities of the federal government's many networks. In one case,

Turning the page on the cybersecurity review

The Obama administration's two-month review of the nation's cybersecurity policy is just about over, and the results will have a major impact on IT policy for every federal agency. While little is

Interior Department computers sitting ducks for hackers

The Interior Department failed to fix its computer network after being warned of vulnerabilities to security system. The warning was issued last year by the Interior's then-inspector general, Earl A.