Visa Waiver Program

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DHS announces VWP security enhancements in effort to address foreign terrorist fighter threat

Enhancements include required use of e-passports for all Visa Waiver Program travelers, mandated use of INTERPOL's lost and stolen passports database, and permission to expand use of U.S. marshals on incoming international flights.

House bill would widen Visa Waiver Program despite concerns of intelligence gaps

The bill would expand the program that permits visitors from certain participating countries to enter the country without a visa as a way to boost tourism in the United States, but some have fears that the program could also potentially admit terrorists.

DHS expands screening for international travelers who don't need a visa to enter US

Concerned about the rising number of people with Western passports fighting with terrorist groups, Homeland Security Department officials earlier this week began collecting more information about international visitors who aren't required to get a visa to enter the United States.

DHS: Efforts underway to ease travel to US, improve visitor experience

Two Homeland Security Department officials testified before a Senate subcommittee that international travelers face several challenges, such as increased wait times and poor service at many U.S. ports of entry, but efforts are underway to improve those areas as the U.S. tries to reach a goal of attracting 100 million visitors annually by 2021.

Mocny: US-VISIT biometric tech becoming world standard

Broad-based use of biometric screening standards worldwide and interoperability between the Homeland Security Department and other agency systems are among the most significant technology improvements since Sept. 11, 2001, says Robert Mocny, DHS director of US-VISIT.

Visa waiver countries not sharing terrorist watch list info, says GAO

Terrorist information sharing originating in countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program--under which foreign citizens are mostly exempt from having to apply for a visa to travel to the United