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Latest Headlines

Biometric exit easier said than done

A top official at Customs and Border Protection cautioned that a biometric exit system at airports could be a vast waste of money if it doesn't guarantee that passengers have actually boarded their flights.

US-VISIT reorganized but not diminished, DHS official says

Although the US-VISIT program was dismantled and moved to three different components of the Homeland Security Department earlier this year, a DHS official said its mission hasn't been scaled back. The fiscal 2013 continuing resolution that became law in March split US-VISIT up.

NPPD fiscal 2014 appropriations slightly better under Senate Appropriations than House bill

The Senate committee voted 21 to 9 on July 18 to approve its mark of the spending bill for the coming fiscal year which would create a NPPD topline of $1.47 billion (not including the Federal Protective Service, which is a fee-reimbursed organization that provides security to federal buildings).

Potential visa overstays still difficult to track

In a preliminary  assessment  (.pdf) submitted as prepared testimony to a May 21 House Homeland Security subcommittee  hearing, the GAO says DHS has taken steps to improve data sharing among various systems. But because the changes are so recent, GAO says it can't yet assess their effectiveness, and auditors note that DHS has about 1 million arrival records in ADIS without a corresponding departure records.

Senate committee proceeds on immigration reform, concludes border security amendments

The Senate Judiciary Committee continued its consideration of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act May 14, adopting 15 amendments as it worked through the border security section of the bill and into the section on nonimmigrant visas.

Senate immigration debate to take up nonimmigrant visas next

Provisions for nonimmigrant visas will be the focus of immigration reform efforts when the Senate Judiciary Committee resumes its consideration of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act on May 14. On May 9, the committee voted on amendments to the border-security section of the bill.

S&T official previews future of TSA technology, US-VISIT

In a few years, air passengers at security checkpoints will be able to walk through an imaging machine without stopping, with their pockets unemptied and their shoes on, Paul Benda of the Homeland Security Department's Science & Technology Directorate said May 8.

Gang of 8 immigration bill ties legalization to border security measures

An immigration reform bill proposal unveiled April 17 by a bipartisan group of eight senators would tie a path to citizenship for the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants to increased border security measures.

2014 Budget Request: National Protection and Programs Directorate

Funding for the National Protection and Programs Directorate would overall go down by about an inflation-adjusted 10 percent under the Obama administration's fiscal 2014 budget proposal transmitted to Congress April 10.

2014 Budget Request: Customs and Border Protection

President Obama's fiscal 2014 budget request includes $12.9 billion for Customs and Border Protection, a 6.45 percent increase from the estimated fiscal 2013 budget, accounting for inflation. CBP is one of the few Homeland Security Department components to receive an increase in the request.