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Latest Headlines

US not as friendly to civilian drone R&D as other countries, witnesses tell House lawmakers

If federal regulators don't revamp rules designed to accelerate drone research and development for civilian use, U.S. companies will likely shift testing and operations – and jobs – abroad, several witnesses told a House subcommittee last week.

FAA rulings on model aircraft stifle development of new technologies, think tank claims

In a letter to the FAA's Regulations Division, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation states that the administration's Special Rule for Model Aircraft is too narrowly defined and would limit the use and development of certain technologies.

Texas search-and-rescue group can resume drone usage after court order

A Texas volunteer group that searches for lost and missing persons is resuming use of drones in such efforts after a federal court said the Federal Aviation Agency's email warning the group not to use such unmanned aircraft wasn't legally binding.

US government needs to conduct comprehensive strategic review of lethal drones, new report says

The Obama administration needs to conduct a "rigorous strategic review" and cost-benefit analysis of the use of drones in counterterrorism efforts, said a new report on lethal drones released by a nonpartisan task force co-chaired by a former U.S. Central Command commander.

FAA releases draft bid for expert team to study drone-related issues

With more unmanned aircraft systems operating within the United States, federal aviation officials are seeking experts from industry, academia and government to help them better deal with existing and anticipated issues arising from so-called drones.

CSIS calls for new unmanned systems office at Pentagon

The Defense Department needs a prominent office dedicated to advocating for unmanned systems technology, says a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Coast Guard concludes small UAV test

The Coast Guard concluded earlier this year its final phase of small unmanned aerial vehicle testing with a two week shore-side test on Virginia's eastern shore.

DARPA tests drone-mounted WiFi

Warfare more dependent on the gathering and dispersal of battlefield data has long been in the making, but hobbled by the problem of assuring connectivity – especially at the level of soldiers rather than commanders.

Fisher: Border Patrol committed to using metrics, data

Initially, the Border Patrol needed the Government Accountability Office to prod it. "Quite frankly, they had it right. If you can't measure it, you shouldn't be doing it," Fisher said during remarks at the Border Security  Expo.

S&T ready to invest in riskier science

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Now that the Homeland Security Department's Science and Technology Directorate has established a track record and credibility, it plans to take on more risky, futuristic projects, an agency official said Tuesday.