Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DoD plans to expand drone flights, but cut UAV acquisition in a potentially wise move, CRS says

The department will fulfill the demand for flights by repurposing some of the thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles purchased before 2012 for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and wait for industry to build the next-generation of drones with more advanced capabilities.

DHS alerts law enforcement of potential criminal, terrorist drone threats, news outlets report

The Homeland Security Department's office of Intelligence and Analysis has reportedly issued a warning to law enforcement agencies nationwide about criminals and terrorists potentially using drones for attacks.

New report: Privacy, property rights among top regulatory issues as drones multiply in air

As unmanned aerial vehicle usage becomes more prevalent within society, governments, the commercial sector and the public will have to take a hard look at a host of changing and evolving implications it has on privacy, property rights and other issues, a New America report says.

Feds launch privacy discussion around commercial, private use of drones

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration wants input on a range of issues from the structure of a new multistakeholder group addressing these issues to specific questions around privacy, transparency and accountability.

UN report focuses on modern technology to improve peacekeeping missions

United Nations peacekeeping missions are "well behind the curve" when it comes to using technology to establish situational awareness, carry out mandates and protect themselves.

Aerial images of critical infrastructure before and after disasters could aid emergency response

San Diego State University is developing a program that would display aerial imagery of critical infrastructure before and after a major disaster to help first responders better assess the situation and deploy resources accordingly.

US not as friendly to civilian drone R&D as other countries, witnesses tell House lawmakers

If federal regulators don't revamp rules designed to accelerate drone research and development for civilian use, U.S. companies will likely shift testing and operations – and jobs – abroad, several witnesses told a House subcommittee last week.

FAA rulings on model aircraft stifle development of new technologies, think tank claims

In a letter to the FAA's Regulations Division, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation states that the administration's Special Rule for Model Aircraft is too narrowly defined and would limit the use and development of certain technologies.

Texas search-and-rescue group can resume drone usage after court order

A Texas volunteer group that searches for lost and missing persons is resuming use of drones in such efforts after a federal court said the Federal Aviation Agency's email warning the group not to use such unmanned aircraft wasn't legally binding.

US government needs to conduct comprehensive strategic review of lethal drones, new report says

The Obama administration needs to conduct a "rigorous strategic review" and cost-benefit analysis of the use of drones in counterterrorism efforts, said a new report on lethal drones released by a nonpartisan task force co-chaired by a former U.S. Central Command commander.