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Latest Headlines

DARPA tests drone-mounted WiFi

Warfare more dependent on the gathering and dispersal of battlefield data has long been in the making, but hobbled by the problem of assuring connectivity – especially at the level of soldiers rather than commanders.

Fisher: Border Patrol committed to using metrics, data

Initially, the Border Patrol needed the Government Accountability Office to prod it. "Quite frankly, they had it right. If you can't measure it, you shouldn't be doing it," Fisher said during remarks at the Border Security  Expo.

S&T ready to invest in riskier science

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Now that the Homeland Security Department's Science and Technology Directorate has established a track record and credibility, it plans to take on more risky, futuristic projects, an agency official said Tuesday.

Spotlight: CBP drones resume flying after crash

The drones that Customs and Border Protection uses for surveillance returned to the air Feb. 7, after the agency suspended flights for nearly two weeks,  Reuters   reported. One of CBP's ten drones  crashed into the Pacific Ocean Jan. 27  following a mechanical failure, prompting the agency to ground its other nine drones while it investigated the crash.

CBP drones grounded after Pacific crash

The remaining fleet of nine Customs and Border Protection drones has been grounded after one crashed into the Pacific Ocean Monday night.

CBP Predator drones fly on behalf of state and local law enforcement

Documents newly uncovered via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show Customs and Border Protection blurring the line between border security and other law enforcement operations through the frequency of its unmanned aerial vehicle flights on behalf of other agencies, says the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

FAA looks to establish drone research center

Now that it has approved test sites for unmanned aerial systems, the Federal Aviation Administration is turning its attention to establishing a new center of excellence for drone research. The agency will first need to develop a research agenda for the center, but it plans to begin the selection process later this year, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said during a Jan. 15 hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

FAA approves drone test sites

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Dec. 30 six operators spread across the country that will test the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the national airspace.

Slideshow: The Coast Guard's recapitalization plan

Although the Coast Guard's  recapitalization  plan may  cost more  than what appropriators will provide--potentially up to $29 billion for its full completion--while also being  insufficient  for the service to perform all of its missions, it offers a look at the assets that will comprise Coast Guard's future. Click  here  to view the slideshow.

U.S. support for Yemen govt. critical for AQAP fight, says State Dept. official

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula continues to pose an immediate security threat to Yemen and to the United States, despite the central government's recovery of territory in the south previously under AQAP control, a State Department official told a Nov. 19 House panel.