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Latest Headlines

Study seeks to understand rumor-mongering during emergencies

Tweets that propagated rumors during crises often contained ambiguous sources and mentioned direct experience with the event, says a study published in the journal  Management Information Systems Quarterly.

'Cuban Twitter' report disputed by USAID

The U.S. Agency for International Development did  acknowledge  that it funded the creation of ZunZuneo, a social media platform for people in Cuba, after the  AP  revealed the agency's involvement in a  story  Thursday.

Federal agencies target their social media presence

Several years into the social media revolution, federal agencies find themselves also discovering social media analytics, panelists during a Feb. 11 event said.

Agencies lean on mobile, social to collect info

Under a planned sole-source award, the FBI will buy 12 kits from Cellebrite USA, Inc., to obtain call histories, text messages, pictures, videos, passwords, location data and more – including deleted data – from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.

Verizon details government requests for user data

Verizon released its first report on government requests for customer information Jan. 22, drawing praise for its thoroughness. Federal, state and local authorities issued more than 320,000 requests for customer data in 2013, in the form of subpoenas, warrants, national security letters and court orders.

GSA shares URL shortening best practices

On social media, such as Twitter, smartly using every precious character of the 140 allowed is an important part of getting one's message across, but so is establishing credibility. The General Services Administration reminds agencies that it has two tools that can help new media managers achieve both of these goals.

International trade tensions foreseen in differing legal regimes over government surveillance

The extent to which governments can compel digital and telecommunication services providers to hand over data has become the source of renewed controversy since former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden leaked a trove of classified documents to media outlets earlier this year.

Feds can utilize Twitter for information sharing and deeper debate

Twitter gave a lesson to government workers on how to work the social media website to its full advantage, including how to tweet breaking news and how lawmakers can affect policy change through the site. The social media platform issued detailed guidance, saying Twitter alerts provide vital information to the public during fast-moving situations and also gives the public insight into how government works.

Government requests for Google user data keep rising

U.S. government requests for user data from Google rose 29 percent in the first half of this year compared to the second half of 2012. Google's latest transparency report says that the U.S. government requested data 10,918 times in the first half of 2013. That figure has increased for every six month reporting period since Google began releasing the statistics.

Followers don't equal engagement with federal tweets

A Twitter account's number of followers does not tend to correlate strongly with the degree of public engagement, said Jed Sundwall, a consultant who helped develop the federal social media registry and the USA.gov social media presence.