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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: DoD congressional reports to be made public

The Defense Department is now required to post all reports to Congress on a "publicly accessible Internet website," whether they're requested or not.

Future of open data not so bright, says researcher

With a push for governments worldwide to open more data publicly there have been plenty of open data advocates touting the power and potential of open data. But Sascha Meinrath, vice president of the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, says after a brief uptick in open government data, retraction is on its way.

New White House open government plan looks good on paper, say transparency advocates

The final version of a new White House open government action plan is substantially expanded from a recently circulated  preliminary draft  – although many of the actions called for in the plan aren't new initiatives.

Study finds limitations in federal grant data

Two academics who set out to analyze government grants to nonprofit organizations found that the databases housing that information continue to resist easy use.

DATA Act passes in the House

The House passed Nov. 19 the DATA Act (H.R. 2061), which requires federal agencies and departments to release more complete and higher-quality spending data. The bill also shifts oversight of federal spending transparency dashboard USASpending.gov from the Office of Management and Budget to the Treasury Department.

Congress.gov to lose beta status this month

A congressional beta website for tracking legislation more than a year in the making will soon become the default source of bill data, the Library of Congress announced earlier this month.

United States vows to modernize FOIA, expand open data in updated national action plan

The United States made six new commitments, including expanding open data and modernizing the Freedom of Information Act, in an updated national action plan released in draft form by the White House Oct. 31. The United States issued the draft set of commitments during the  Open Government Summit  in London.

Shutdown delayed FOIA processing, says NARA official

Freedom of Information Act processing at many agencies has been delayed because the majority of FOIA professionals were furloughed as non-excepted employees during the government's 16-day shutdown. Unfortunately, the FOIA statute does not address government shutdowns,  writes  Kristen Mitchell, a facilitator at the National Archives and Records Administration's office of government information services, in an Oct. 24 blog post.

USASpending.gov data deteriorating, says Lee

Since USASpending.gov's launch 6 years ago, the quality of financial data reported by agencies has worsened, said Tom Lee, director of the Sunlight Foundation's Sunlight Labs. "According to USASpending.gov the United States spent zero dollars on Medicare insurance and zero dollars on Medicare prescription drugs in 2011, 2012 and 2013," Lee told a Senate Committee.

GAT Board's limited authorities concern GAO

The Government Accountability Office is concerned that the Government Accountability and Transparency Board is hamstrung because it has no dedicated funding, no role in actual policy implementation and has not developed mechanisms for obtaining input from non-federal fund recipients.