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Latest Headlines

Halvorsen: DoD's cybersecurity training, culture have improved

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen said cybersecurity training and overall awareness of cyberthreats have improved across the organization since a phishing scheme last summer compromised the Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email network.

New background check system under fire by Congress

House lawmakers issued a barrage of questions Thursday on authority, timeline and funding needed to scrap the Office of Personnel Management's Federal Investigative Service in favor of a new entity called the National Background Investigations Bureau.

JIE has undergone no test or evaluation, says OT&E report

Despite launching one and a half years ago, infrastructure and components of the Defense Department's Joint Information Environment have yet to undergo any operational testing, said the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation in an annual report submitted to Congress Feb. 1.

DISA's changed cloud broker role 1 year later

Nearly one year ago, Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen signed a memorandum that allowed the military services to handle their own acquisition of commercial cloud computing technology rather than requiring the Defense Information Systems Agency to serve as middleman.

Halvorsen says 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' probable

The idea of a catastrophic IT security event has captured cyber policy wonks' imaginations through the term "Cyber Pearl Harbor." And while some have railed against the term's use as fear mongering, the Defense Department's IT lead thinks such an event is not only plausible, but probable.

Army allows commercial cloud providers to operate on base

As part of the Army's data center consolidation efforts, the service will merge data centers run by several Army components into a single facility run by a commercial cloud service provider at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, reports  Federal News Radio.

DoD CIO plans to let contractors use commercial cloud services on DoD property

Hoping to tap into the business and mission benefits of co-locating Defense Department data with the data of its contractors, DoD is crafting a hybrid cloud computing strategy that would allow commercial cloud providers to serve non-government clients on infrastructure that is physically located at military facilities.

DoD hopes better cybersecurity automation will weed out 'basic players'

The Defense Department is working with Silicon Valley to bolster cybersecurity with a specific focus on automating the detection of and reaction to "zero-day" attacks on defense networks, according to Richard Hale, DoD's deputy chief information officer for cybersecurity.

DoD memo aims to goose data and IT services sharing through XML, APIs

In an effort to encourage the sharing of data, information and information technology services across the Defense Department, DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen issued a memo directing military departments, defense agencies and others to adopt standardized, machine-readable information exchange practices.

Cybersecurity sprint ends with some agencies reporting successes

The 30-day "cybersecurity sprint" federal agencies undertook in response to serious data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management wrapped up July 12. Now, agencies await review from senior Obama administration officials and the promised Federal Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy.