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Latest Headlines

Military services' role in cloud acquisition to get a boost, DISA role gets a downgrade

A memo to be released next month will allow the military services to handle their own acquisition of cloud computing technology rather than requiring them to work through the Defense Information Systems Agency. 

IT and program management grow closer at DoD

The Defense Department's chief information officer and deputy chief management officer will be sharing an even closer relationship as they try to tie technology and management together. Terry Halvorsen, DoD's acting CIO, said he and DCMO David Tillotson are going to be seamless in their approach.

Halvorsen vows to push DoD to commercial solutions for cloud, data storage

The Defense Department's acting chief information officer wants the department to be more creative in how it uses commercial data solutions. "That means that there's almost no data storage, data transmission, data exchange scenario we won't use," said Terry Halvorsen, DoD's acting CIO.

Navy embraces virtualization in the data center and for end points

Two memos released by the Navy Department chief information officer in short succession show the department edging away from the dedicated machine model that's dominated computing for the past 4 decades. In a July 29  memo  (.pdf), DON CIO Terry Halvorsen says all Navy and Marine Corps servers should be virtualized by the end of fiscal 2017.

DISA says commercial cloud computing middleman function at IOC

The Defense Information Systems Agency  announced  April 16 it has achieved initial operational capacity as the commercial cloud computing middleman for the Defense Department--despite its acknowledgment that it has yet to fully approve for DoD use any FedRAMP-authorized commercial cloud service providers.

Navy official emphasizes quality, not quantity in data center consolidation

The Navy Department has closed between five and seven data centers so far as part of its effort to reduce its total down to 25 or below by 2017, departmental Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen told reporters Nov. 26. That the department has closed so far only 5 percent or less of the data centers it needs to doesn't mean that progress hasn't been made, Halvorsen said.

Audio: Terry Halvorsen on DoN CIO money-saving efforts

Navy Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen spoke with reporters Nov. 26 about efforts the department is making in data center consolidation, adopting new mobile devices, reducing expenditures on printing, and others

Halvorsen: DoN policy will aim to curb customization

A forthcoming policy from the Department of Navy will discourage the customization of information technology systems, said (.pdf) DoN Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen.

Halvorsen: Acquisition regulations aren't the problem

"A lot of times we say the acquisition process is the problem, but when we get through it I find there's more flexibility in it than I know, but we don't ask the right questions--'we' being the government and 'we' being industry," said Halvorsen.  

Audio: DON CIO Terry Halvorsen on IT acquisition

Much of Halvorsen's address focused on changes to information technology acquisition at DON. Halvorsen noted that the department needs to make its IT systems less specialized and needs to begin leveraging more holistic solutions through the use of enterprise service license agreements, when they're available.