Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AT&T to start gigabit speed Internet in San Antonio next week

AT&T revealed Monday that it would offer its gigabit-per-second U-Verse GigaPower Internet service to an unknown number of San Antonio homes and businesses beginning on September 28.

AT&T jumps into smart cities initiatives

The company announced Monday that it has joined a new public-private partnership in its hometown of Dallas called the Dallas Innovation Alliance, and the alliance will focus on deploying smart city technologies that may include smart lighting systems, modernized traffic controls and gunfire detectors.

FCC opens 600 MHz band to more unlicensed use, adopts wireless mic rules

Federal communications regulators last week approved rules that would give unlicensed devices access to both the 600 megahertz and television broadcast bands as well as ensure that wireless microphone users get continued access to the spectrum and expanded access to other bands.

New smart sensors monitor water pipes for leaks

Three companies, AT&T, IBM and Mueller Water Products, announced this week that they have developed a new technology package to help water utilities detect leaks in pipes.

Consumer activist says Sprint, T-Mobile didn't meet own voluntary phone unlocking standards

While the Federal Communications Commission applauded the milestone, consumer rights activist Sina Khanifar analyzed the agreements of the four major U.S. carriers and found that two – Sprint and T-Mobile – failed to fulfill half their own commitments.

California court dismisses portion of NSA surveillance charges

A long-running legal battle against a National Security Agency surveillance program took a turn in favor of the government agency Feb. 10, when a California district court dismissed part of the charges brought against the NSA.

T-Mobile agrees to $90M settlement over federal mobile cramming allegations

Federal officials alleged that the company charged customers millions of dollars for third-party subscriptions or services such as horoscopes, love tips and celebrity gossip that they never ordered or authorized. 

Cricket Communications to pay $2.2M fine to settle federal overbilling charges

Wireless provider Cricket Communications has agreed to pay a nearly $2.2 million fine after the Justice Department alleged that the wireless carrier overcharged federal law enforcement agencies for wiretaps. DOJ announced the fine Dec. 1.  

T-Mobile customers will get better info about mobile broadband speeds under FCC deal

Federal regulators recently announced a deal with T-Mobile that would provide customers with more accurate information about their mobile broadband speeds, especially those whose speeds have been reduced after reaching the monthly data cap. The Federal Communications Commission said Nov. 24 that T-Mobile will fully implement the agreement within 60 days.

USDA data network vulnerable due to lack of security and oversight

Inadequate security protections of a new U.S. Department of Agriculture computer network could result in a data breach and loss, according to a new internal audit, which also found that the project's prime contractor even under- and overbilled the department for services.