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Latest Headlines

DHS, State Dept. need to better assess programs to counter influx of migrant children, GAO says

U.S. officials and others have said that extreme violence, persistent poverty and other problems in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala spurred last summer's migration of tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children.

GAO: State Dept. should assess countering extremist violence program to gauge impact

Such an evaluation would help the department's counterterrorism bureau ensure accountability, better measure the program's impact and effectiveness, and shape future programming decisions, but it's been postponed since 2012.

Digital experience central to White House effort to improve immigration system

The White House announced July 15 a major initiative to improve the legal immigration system that officials said is now complex, paper-based and confusing to users applying for a visa.

GAO: Security of overseas US diplomatic residences, other 'soft targets' may be vulnerable

Between August 1998 and December 2014, there have been about 30 attacks against U.S. diplomatic residences and other soft targets, congressional investigators said.

GAO: Agencies not following guidance for reviewing goals

Some agencies haven't be consistent in following guidance for reviewing priority goals, says a July Government Accountability Office report.

Violence from terrorism rises globally in 2014 from prior year, new think tank report finds

The Global Peace Index said total deaths from terrorism increased by 9 percent to about 20,000. The largest increases in terrorist activity occurred in Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria, the second most deadly country for terrorism after Iraq.

Technical problems snag issuance of overseas visas, passports, State Department reports

In a June 12 notice, the State Department said there is no evidence that the problem is cybersecurity related, but it also couldn't say when the problem will be resolved.

State Dept. must boost science and technology capabilities to better address US interests

A new National Research Council report says the State Department needs to take greater advantage of science and technology capabilities to promote U.S. foreign policy, economic and national security interests and address complex global challenges.

GAO: Cost of Kabul embassy expansion continues to rise into the billions

The State Department has already invested billions of dollars in the expansion of its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan since 2002 and the spending continues to rise because the agency hasn't properly assessed the risk and cost of the project, says a May 19 Government Accountability Office report.

Deluge of new FOIA requests increases governmentwide backlog

Officials at several agencies told a Senate panel that Freedom of Information Act requests have become unmanageable because of a dramatic increase in the number of requests over the last few years.