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Latest Headlines

As Congress mulls options to deal with migrant chldren, agencies try to cope with border crisis

The Senate Appropriations Committee chairwoman released a draft bill July 23 that would provide more than $1 billion in emergency funding to help the Homeland Security Department and other departments cope with the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the southwestern border.

Obama asks Congress for $3.7B to deal with thousands of child migrants in southwest border

President Barack Obama is seeking $3.7 billion in emergency appropriations from Congress to help deal with the thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the southwest border.

Texas wants $500M reimbursement from federal government for border security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked the federal government to reimburse his state for a decade of contributions to border security during a House hearing July 3.

GAO: Some diplomatic facilities remain at risk, despite improvements

Despite making significant progress in securing overseas diplomatic facilities and the safety of personnel, the State Department is not addressing certain problems that could still put its people at risk, congressional investigators said in a report released June 25.

GAO: US counterterrorism program in West Africa needs to better track, manage, report funds

The primary U.S. counterterrorism program in northwest Africa – where terrorist groups including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram operate – has spent about $140 million since 2009, but program managers were unable to easily provide data on the status of the funds, a congressional investigation has found.

IG: State Department bureau needs to develop IT strategy, manage networks more efficiently

A bureau that promotes the State Department's policy-advocacy work through videos, social media, interactive web chats and other means still has not established an IT strategy that matches up with business needs, an investigation has found.

GAO: State Department counterterrorism program in Africa needs strengthening

A State Department regional bureau, which manages a $104 million U.S. counterterrorism program in East Africa, lacks sufficient financial and operational data to determine whether plans and goals are being met, congressional investigators said.

State seeks input on creating multi-platform foreign language application

The State Department is seeking information on how it can deploy a universal electronic flashcard solution that supplements language training on multiple computing platforms.

Flood of unaccompanied minors across southwestern border forces vast federal response

The massive number of unaccompanied children crossing the southwestern border has federal officials scrambling to provide enough people and space to deal with the crisis.

Report: 'Microbial forensics' can help ID and stop disease outbreaks, but field faces barriers

It's possible to find the source of a suspicious disease outbreak and stop further cases just by analyzing microorganisms. But this emerging field called "microbial forensics" needs to overcome some tough scientific and technical challenges to become more effective, according to a new National Research Council report.