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Latest Headlines

Vulnerabilities in visa database could put up to 290M personal records at risk

A visa database with over 290 million records could be vulnerable to hackers breaching, stealing and even doctoring official visa applications, the U.S. State Department found through an internal study on the matter.

State Department's cheeky tweet gets skewered on social

The State Department's official Twitter account for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, @TravelGov, got a bit more than it bargained for yesterday with a tweet related to its #springbreakingbadly campaign.

Spotlight: Teachable moments, coming soon to the State Department via phishing email simulation

The State Department earlier this month issued an updated solicitation for information on phishing email simulation services.

Price of declassification requests to climb at ODNI

Beginning in late April, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will make individuals pay all fees for submitting mandatory declassification review requests – and the fees are substantial in comparison to those charged by the Defense and State Department.

IT contingency plans lacking at State Department's overseas posts

Despite flagging the issue in 2011, the State Department Office of Inspector General found that information technology contingency plans at overseas posts remain largely inadequate.

OPM breach story playing out at Education Dept., says congressman

Agencies aren't doing enough to implement the information security recommendations made by the oversight community, said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

With 1 year until deadline, State Dept. begins search for email records management system

The State Department is seeking feedback on potential commercial off-the-shelf solutions or options that would modify or customize existing technology to help it meet a mandate for managing government email records.

Report: US sees uptick in cyberespionage from Iran

Since late October, State Department officials suffered a series of cyberattacks at the hands of Iranian hackers — the culmination of a months-long climb in cyberespionage activity against the U.S federal government from Iran, according to a recent report from  The New York Times.

OIG: Unimplemented plans, poorly positioned CIO threaten IT security at State Department

Several control weaknesses significantly impact the State Department's information security program, attributable in part to unimplemented strategies and a chief information officer who lacks security oversight authorities, a recent report found.

State Department looks to enhance biometric identity assurance technology

The State Department is considering updates to an identity assurance system that collects and matches fingerprint, iris and face data. The system, called Tactical High-Threat Operational Response, or THOR, needs additional work because the Defense Department halted in December 2014 a program with similar capabilities that was used by the State Department.