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Latest Headlines

NSA tested tracking U.S. cellphone locations

The National Security Agency tested in 2010 and in 2011 the possibility of collecting cell phone location information, NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander acknowledged publicly during an Oct. 2 Senate hearing. Reading from a prepared statement during a  hearing  of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Alexander said the NSA "received samples in order to test the ability of its systems to handle the data format." 

Social media creates a democracy-challenging informational filter

The increasing pervasiveness of information filtering via social networks has implications for American democracy, said David Weinberger, a senior researcher with the Harvard Berkman Center for...

EU agency warns of voluntary surveillance society

The executive body of the European Union should consider a new regulatory framework in anticipation of an socialized world of ubiquitous devices that gather personal data from nearly every aspect of

Berry: USAJobs.gov relaunch 'highly complex'

USAJobs.gov has been riddled with problems since the Office of Personnel Management unveiled its website redesign Oct. 11, but OPM Director John Berry says OPM will continue working to address

Intelligent video system could automatically detect prison fights

Federally-funded research holds the potential for an intelligent video system that can automatically detect crowd formation and patterns such as fighting or agitation, as well as estimate the social

U.K. officials ponder social media restrictions following London riots

In light of this month's riots in London and other cities across the United Kingdom, government officials and representatives from social networks met Aug. 25 to discuss options for handling social

When a tweet becomes a lifeline

The lifesaving power of social media was dramatically underscored in the wake of the Haitian earthquake. And it's a lesson that first responders and the federal government should pay attention to as

DoD primer on web behavior

The military is all about order, rules and procedures, so it should come as no surprise it has issued a primer for service members, civilian employees and military family members on how to act

SPOTLIGHT: What's your favorite social network?

The Department of Defense has conducted a poll to find what social networking sites are used by its employees. The poll found that Facebook was the clear winner, with 84.6 percent of those responding

A new secure Navy site for IT collaboration

The Department of the Navy is making it easier for Navy personnel and their IT staff to collaborate in a new extension of the CIO's website. CIO Robert Carey announced the idea on his blog Monday to