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Latest Headlines

Communication tools expand scrutiny of foreign policy and diplomacy, says panel

The rising use of new communication technology is changing the balance of control and ownership of information among states and individuals, leading to increased monitoring of government diplomacy by individuals and other nations.

Pew: Tweets not a reliable indicator of public opinion

Those looking for the unadulterated voice of the American people in social media may be disappointed to find that the reaction on Twitter to major political events or policy decisions often differ greatly from public opinion survey results.

Federal social media gets accessibility toolkit

A new initiative is trying to improve the accessibility of social media content from the government for people with disabilities, starting with guidelines and training resources. The toolkit and other future deliverables will continually evolve and adapt to changes and suggestions and its  HowTo.gov page  has options for agency and public feedback.

Facebook via mobile devices remains untapped government resource, says Facebook VP

About 600 million people worldwide access Facebook regularly on their mobile devices, says Elliot Schrage, Facebook's Vice President of Communications and Public Policy. Schrage, who served as a...

GSA rolls out new metrics, API for social media

In the DigitalGov blog post, Justin Herman, lead for social media in the Center for Excellence in Digital Government, offered a few examples of the API's potential uses. One could aggregate the activity from all of a department's Twitter accounts or track mentions of a certain topic across all federal accounts, he wrote.

NLM seeks social media data mining tool

In a Feb. 11  solicitation, the library says its wants software that would canvas Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites – "with full respect for privacy rights of those who created the social media entries" – for things such as the relative frequency NLM resources get mentioned.

Online moderates can counter violent Muslim extremism, RAND says

The same Internet that Islamic extremists use to whip up fury against the West can be used by more moderate forces to counter that extremism, according to a new Rand Corp. report.  The  report  (.pdf) notes that American Muslims already use the web and social media to provide an opposing voice to and undercut extremists.

Report: Social media a growing means of communication for jihadists

Jihadists are increasingly turning to social media sites to exchange ideas and publicize their beliefs, according to a new report (.pdf) from the New America Foundation. "It is only a matter of time before terrorists begin routinely using Twitter, Instagram, and other services in ongoing operations."

START: Al Shabaab mostly used Twitter to spin its narrative of events

Al Shabaab has used Twitter largely to promote its preferred narrative of world events, research out of the University of Maryland says. The university's National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism released interim findings (.pdf) about the group's use of Twitter shortly after the website suspended al-Shabaab's account, @HSMPress, on Jan. 25.

Twitter sees rise in government requests for user information

Growing government inquiries are having "serious chilling" effects on free expression and tangible privacy implications, says Twitter's manager of legal policy  Jeremy Kessel  in a Jan. 28 blog  post. Over the past year, Twitter received 1,858 government requests for user information worldwide and 48 government requests to withhold content, according to the company's new transparency  report.