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Latest Headlines

Social media an important foreign policy tool, says State Department official

Foreign policy has not traditionally been a modern or agile part of government, but the State Department is using social media as an effective outreach tool, said United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, while speaking Sept. 23 at Mashable 's Social Good Summit. "I've gotten really into it because I realize it's a whole different way of connecting with a completely different set of voices and people around the world," said Rice.

Spotlight: HHS app uses Twitter to track disease

The Health and Human Services Department announced Sept. 13 the winner of its latest developer challenge: a web-based application called "MappyHealth." The tool mines health-related tweets...

Android increasingly attacked, says McAfee report

Among the  report's  (.pdf)  key findings are the emergence of mobile "drive-by downloads" as a new attack vector, the use of Twitter for control of mobile botnets, and the appearance of mobile "ransomware" as the newest way of extracting funds from unsuspecting victims."Practically all new mobile malware was directed at the Android platform," states the report.

Most Americans don't politic on social media sites

About half of social networking online users say those sites are not at all important to them when it comes to political activity and only a small minority say they're very important, finds a poll published Sept. 4 by the Pew Research Center. Despite the  attention  that online social networks often  garner  from the  political class, 73 percent of Americans say debating or discussing political issues on those websites is not at all or not too important.

DoD OIG: Installation voting assistance centers not a necessity

Online and social media communication have decreased the necessity for military installations to have voting assistance offices to the point where they should no longer be mandated, says the Defense Department office of inspector general.

Obama to Reddit: Ask me anything

President Barack Obama participated in his first " ask me anything," or AMA, session on social media platform Reddit Aug. 29. The president's debut on the site caused such an influx of traffic the site temporarily crashed. Obama's visit to the Reddit community was something of a surprise. Forgoing the customary advance press release and White House blog post, the president instead announced via Twitter at 1:08 pm on Aug. 29, "Hey, everyone: I'll be taking your questions online today. Ask yours here: http://OFA.BO/gBof44 –bo."

NOAA looks to social technology to improve weather warnings

As residents of the Gulf Coast got hit this week by the effects of tropical storm Isaac, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced four new research awards seeking to improve the way potentially life-saving weather warnings reach those who need to act on them. Despite advances in weather prediction and hurricane tracking, researchers continue to grapple with the problem of how to more effectively issue storm warnings to populations caught in the path of natural disasters. Online tools and social media offer tremendous potential in positively impacting how people respond to adverse weather conditions.

Judges to warn jurors even more against Internet use during trials

New model instructions to jurors in federal court cases prepared by a committee of judges goes out of its way to warn off individuals from using Internet-connected mobile devices or social media during trial and deliberations.

GSA launches social media account registry

The General Services Administration unveiled a tool Aug. 16 allowing those with email addresses ending in.gov or.mil and a valid phone number to update or add to the registry of official federal social media accounts.

Obama re-election campaign more active online, says Pew study

Barack Obama's re-election campaign makes far more use of online content than that of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, says a study based on activity from June 4 through June 17. The  study, conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that on daily average, the Obama campaign sent out 29 tweets for every one that the Romney campaign sent out and posted twice as many blog posts onto the official campaign websites—eight on barackobama.com for the four on mittromney.com.