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Latest Headlines

New federal toolkit aims to help agencies better measure, analyze social media programs

Federal agencies that want to measure how well their social media programs are working or identify areas that need updating can tap into a new analytics toolkit developed by a government working group.

New federal toolkit seeks to improve social media content for people with disabilities

A new federal toolkit aims to help agencies assess their social media programs for people with disabilities and identify areas that can be improved.

Proactive social media monitoring drives online citizen services at HHS

Recent revelations of widespread government surveillance, or the "Snowden effect," may have given the practice of digital monitoring a bad rap, but a Health and Human Services Department official says proactive social media monitoring can drive positive citizen services.

Facebook taps GSA API for social media verification

Facebook now references General Services Administration data to verify that visitors to federal Facebook pages are viewing an authentic page and not a copy-cat account.

Report: More federal execs going virtual for training and events

The impact of federal conference and travel spending scandals over the past few years appears to be playing out as a shift to digital. After four-years of steady decline, more federal executives are now attending online webinars than in-person conferences.

Social media gives terrorist new tools, not just wider audience

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms enable terrorist groups not only to reach a wider audience but to execute new strategies for propaganda and recruitment, says a report published by the Wilson Center.

72% of Americans get a response from government inquiries via social media

Thirty percent of U.S. citizens using social media to interact with the federal government sought to ask a question or a resolve a problem, with only 72 percent receiving a response from an agency, says a new report from J.D. Power.

Social analytics help government track policy conversations, says guidance

Social media reporting can help agencies better understand who is talking about a policy area, what they are saying and where are they saying it, says a new guide published by the United Kingdom's government communications service.

Federal social media registry looks to expand

The General Services Administration's federal social media registry allows those with a.gov or.mil email address to register federal accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and, soon, Instagram. The registry – which serves as the federal government's solution for addressing copycat and unauthorized social media accounts – likely won't stop with Instagram either.

USPS should expand social media presence to drive revenue, IG says

The Postal Service should expand its social media outreach and marketing to help drive sales and better compete in the digital age, says an April 21 USPS inspector general report says.