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Latest Headlines

Federal social media registry looks to expand

The General Services Administration's federal social media registry allows those with a.gov or.mil email address to register federal accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and, soon, Instagram. The registry – which serves as the federal government's solution for addressing copycat and unauthorized social media accounts – likely won't stop with Instagram either.

USPS should expand social media presence to drive revenue, IG says

The Postal Service should expand its social media outreach and marketing to help drive sales and better compete in the digital age, says an April 21 USPS inspector general report says.

Paper tax returns mostly superseded by electronic filing

Paper federal tax returns increasingly are a relic of the time before ubiquitous Internet, shows Internal Revenue Service preliminary filing data.

Teen tweet on terrorist threat results in arrest

Dutch police today arrested a teenager after she tweeted on Sunday a terrorist threat to American Airlines in what she quickly said was a joke.

Study seeks to understand rumor-mongering during emergencies

Tweets that propagated rumors during crises often contained ambiguous sources and mentioned direct experience with the event, says a study published in the journal  Management Information Systems Quarterly.

Guest opinion: Not just a code repository; GitHub's potential as a social tool for government

In the early days of Twitter, it was easy and common to dismiss the infant social network as a simplistic tool that served a whimsical and nerdy niche.  Much like we pooh-poohed Twitter in those early days, GitHub, in its early crawl, is today dismissed simply as a tool for the diehard developer.

EEOC hears from panel about how social media can cause workplace discrimination

The use of social media has become pervasive in today's workplace and, as a result, is having an impact on the enforcement of federal workplace laws, a panel of experts told the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during a March 12  meeting.

Federal agencies target their social media presence

Several years into the social media revolution, federal agencies find themselves also discovering social media analytics, panelists during a Feb. 11 event said.

Commerce secretary joins Instagram; DOI shares best practices for federal use

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker made her debut on Instagram Jan. 31, becoming the first cabinet official to have an account on the social media platform. The secretary's participation on the social platform is part of the department's efforts to increase digital engagement with consumers and businesses.

Wikipedia pageviews and Google searches have potential as predictor of electoral outcomes

Two Oxford University academics say there's potential in looking at Google searches and Wikipedia pageview trends for predicting the outcomes of elections. In a December  paper, Taha Yasseri and Jonathan Bright, both of the Oxford Internet Institute, acknowledge that search activity suffers from the immediate problem of being opaque about the searcher's sentiments.