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Latest Headlines

Twitter increases political contributions, but not from constituents, says paper

Donations increase significantly after politicians adopted Twitter, but the donations are primarily from outside their constituencies, with little increase from within their constituencies, finds a  paper  published Sept. 10 in the Government Information Quarterly.

Confusion at DHS over social media use by investigators

Law enforcement and intelligence officers at the Homeland Security Department have used social media in investigations, but there's not enough guidance to prevent inappropriate activity, the DHS office of inspector general says. Social media has factored into an array of investigations within the department, including at the Secret Service.

NARA: Multiple email accounts per fed is okay

Federal employees utilizing multiple official email accounts doesn't go against record management practices so long as each email account is traceable to its single user, says the National Archives and Records Administration.

Make social media measurement matter, says FAFSA official

Social media platforms offer a variety of analytics, but agencies shouldn't just report for the sake of reporting. They must ensure they're getting actionable data from measurement efforts,  said  Nicole Callahan, new media analyst at the Education Department's office of federal student aid.

United States leads Facebook data requests

The U.S. government requested the greatest number of "total requests" and "user accounts requested" of any other government from Jan. 1 to June 30 of this year. The finding echoes results published by other technology companies in similar reports-- most recently Twitter--that the United States leads in requesting information from email and social media companies.

NASA shares lessons learned from Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts, which allow up to 10 people to join a virtual conversation while thousands watch via Google+ or YouTube, are great tool for outreach and education, says Jason Townsend, NASA's deputy social media manager. To get started, agencies need a YouTube account and a Google+ page where the YouTube account is linked as an admin user. 

More tweets correlates to congressional election wins, says paper

A study finds a correlation between candidate name mentions on Twitter and election outcomes, a finding study authors say persists even when controlling for other variables such as media coverage, incumbency, district partisanship and demography.

USPS could better utilize social media to improve customer service, IG says

The Postal Service could better engage customers by utilizing blogs and other social media and analyzing customer comments, an Aug. 1 USPS inspector general report (.pdf) says. The Postal Service's social media presence includes 18 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

CIO Council outlines privacy implications of social media use for situational awareness, operations

Beyond simply broadcasting information or promoting their mission, agencies can use social media for situational awareness and for mission operations, but there are privacy issues agencies must consider, says the Federal Chief Information Officers Council.

'Social listening' can prevent misinformation in disaster, says FEMA official

In the same way two people would have a conversation, social media requires listening and responding in turn, said Shayne Adamski, senior manager of digital engagement at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.