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Latest Headlines

Tufekci: Internet, social media empowering majorities

The Internet is bolstering the views of majorities but may leave minorities vulnerable, said Zeynep Tufekci, an information science and sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, during a Brookings Institution event Nov. 25.

EPA experiments with Thunderclap

Late last month the Environmental Protection Agency experimented with a new social media tool designed to amplify a single message across social networks called Thunderclap. The tool is open to all agencies for use based on federal-friendly  terms of service  recently negotiated by the General Services Administration.

Followers don't equal engagement with federal tweets

A Twitter account's number of followers does not tend to correlate strongly with the degree of public engagement, said Jed Sundwall, a consultant who helped develop the federal social media registry and the USA.gov social media presence.

'Create once, publish everywhere' model comes to government

An effort to structure government content under a "create once, publish everywhere" model will help agencies adapt, share and syndicate information, Lakshmi Grama of the National Cancer Institute said Nov. 7. Structured content can be plugged into different formats automatically, she explained.

CDC looks to social media for disease trends

The Centers for Disease Control can envision a future where it uses social media as a data source for the early tracking of emerging diseases, but it's not without obstacles. Nontraditional data sources are an increasing necessity caused by the great recent decline of public health staff at local governments, said Joanne Andreadis, senior advisor within the CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. She spoke on a panel Oct. 28 during the annual ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference.

HHS wants wider use of its open data

In the next few years, the Health Data Initiative plans to focus on publicizing its openly available data to ensure it's put to use. A strategy document dated Oct. 23 says the initiative, which the Health and Human Services Department launched in 2010, should make healthdata.gov more user-friendly and boost outreach to businesses and developers who can realize the data's potential.

Agency websites, social media presence restored

As the federal government  reopened  Oct. 17, agency and department websites went back online and new media and public affairs officials took to social media to announce their return.

Twitter increases political contributions, but not from constituents, says paper

Donations increase significantly after politicians adopted Twitter, but the donations are primarily from outside their constituencies, with little increase from within their constituencies, finds a  paper  published Sept. 10 in the Government Information Quarterly.

Confusion at DHS over social media use by investigators

Law enforcement and intelligence officers at the Homeland Security Department have used social media in investigations, but there's not enough guidance to prevent inappropriate activity, the DHS office of inspector general says. Social media has factored into an array of investigations within the department, including at the Secret Service.

NARA: Multiple email accounts per fed is okay

Federal employees utilizing multiple official email accounts doesn't go against record management practices so long as each email account is traceable to its single user, says the National Archives and Records Administration.