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Latest Headlines

OPM looks to update public affairs job classification

The Office of Personnel Management wants subject matter experts at federal agencies to help it revise the classification and qualification standards for the Public Affairs occupational series — a federal job description that has not been updated since its issuance in 1981.

Predicting crime hotspots through tweets

Hitachi Data Systems announced Monday that it has integrated real time social media data feeds into its predictive crime analytics solution as part of improvements to its Visualization Suite 4.5.

Greensboro police turn to social media for alerts

On Monday, the Greensboro Police Department announced a partnership with the private social media network, Nextdoor.

Social media, other companies would be required to report 'terrorist activity' under Senate intelligence bill

The measure is part of the larger Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016, which the Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously passed about three weeks ago. The full Senate has yet to vote on the entire bill.  

Dispersed nature of jihadist propaganda networks makes them resilient, new analysis finds

In one example, a jihadist video was viewed on YouTube 150,000 times before it was removed a few days later. By then, the video had been copied to other sites, where it was still available, and those interested in finding it could also search Twitter.

FBI official calls for legal remedy to access encrypted communications in House hearing on terrorism

A senior FBI counterterrorism official emphasized the need for federal law enforcement officials to have the capability to legally access encrypted devices without the use of backdoors for investigating potential terrorist incidents.

NARA seeks comments on new guidance for electronic message management

The NARA bulletin applies to chat or instant messaging, texting, voicemail messages that can be attached to emails, and other communications platforms such as social media or mobile apps.

New global CIO survey finds legacy networks are top worry, could impede new tech adoption

Federal chief information officers have similar worries to businesses when it comes to the impact their legacy networks have on adapting new, innovative technologies that improve service and lower costs, according to a Brocade Communications executive whose company released a global survey today about infrastructure issues.

DHS secretary: Counterterrorism enters new phase, gov't seeking Muslim community help

Jeh Johnson says counterterrorism efforts wading into new territory as the Islamic State calls for attacks against U.S. military installations and local law enforcement and government buildings through social media.

OGE outlines rules for feds' use of personal social media accounts

The Office of Governmentwide Ethics laid how federal employees should be using social media in their personal lives in a new memo released April 9.