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Latest Headlines

USASpending.gov updated, functionality drastically diminished say businesses

In the early hours of March 31, the Treasury Department pushed out an update to USASpending.gov, one of the federal government's premier open data platforms, but instead of ushering in improvements or new capabilities, changes to the massive database tool stripped the site of critical functionality.

Watchdog criticizes distance between open government policy and reality

Obama administration criticism of the open government watchdog community overlooks the gap between good policy and implementation, said Nate Jones while speaking earlier this month on a Freedom of Information Act panel at American University.

Vast disparities in agency FOIA processing times

Federal agencies react with wide disparity in the amount of time it takes to process complex Freedom of Information Act requests, compared to simple ones, according to a Sept. 6 report from

Participation lacking from open government plans

Federal agencies' open government plans all say they want public participation, but few describe how staff will include public input in the decision-making process, finds a report from Washington,

DoD revises FOIA directive to include 'presumption of disclosure'

A July 28 revision by the Defense Department to its Freedom of Information Act directive incorporates the "presumption in favor of disclosure" first called for by President Barack Obama on his first

ACLU calls for sweeping changes to federal secrecy rules

Current government secrecy policy is a legacy of the Cold War now made obsolete by information technology, charges the American Civil Liberties Union in a July paper. In an era of open information

DOJ grades agency FOIA performance

An assessment by the Justice Department's office of information policy on cabinet department self-reported enactment of Obama administration Freedom of Information Act policy during the last...

Beta: The future of government websites

Launching a website in "beta" used to be a way to test functionality before releasing a more polished product for public consumption, but according to some federal technologists, beta is now a goal

FOIA presumption of openness not taking hold, Senate panel told

Activists decried during a Senate hearing March 15 a lack of progress in federal Freedom of Information Act responsiveness despite Obama administration policies meant to foster a climate of

Only half of agencies meet Obama FOIA standards

About half of federal agencies have taken steps required by a White House Freedom of Information Act memo issued a year ago, says a March 14 report from the National Security Archive at George