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Cloud first is about delivering value, not counting services, says OMB official

Cloud first, a cornerstone of the Office of Management and Budget's 25-point plan to reform federal information technology, continues to be a priority for OMB and will be addressed in agency PortfolioStat sessions this summer, said Scott Renda, cloud computing portfolio manager at OMB.

Budget tops list of concerns in annual CIO survey

Budget is the top concern among federal chief information officers in an annual survey from TechAmerica and Grant Thorton, published May 2. Based on interviews with 41 federal CIOs, report authors say federal information technology leaders are concerned about budget constraints caused by the continuing resolution and sequestration, and inadequate budget authorities that impact how much control they have over IT programs.

FDCCI launches governmentwide data center marketplace

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative has launched a governmentwide marketplace for excess agency data center capacity, said Zach Baldwin, FDCCI project manager, during an Aug. 28 webinar. Right now the marketplace is limited to rack space, but the intention is for agencies in the future to offer up excess virtualized server capacity through a metered service, Baldwin said.

18 months later, 25-point plan language vastly different

The Office of Management and Budget's 25 point plan to reform federal information technology passed its final milestone, the 18-month mark, on June 9. Just how well the federal government tracked against the plan is unclear, however, as the rhetoric out of OMB has shifted considerably since the plan's December 2010 unveiling.

VanRoekel: 25-point plan was about 'shocking the system'

The goal of the 25-point plan was to shock the system, said Federal CIO VanRoekel May 24 before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee. The strategy served as "a tactical change agent to really wake people up," he added.

OMB: 25 point plan items 'complete,' just not done

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel also stated that the intent of the 25 point plan "was not to reform all federal IT, but to establish some early wins to garner momentum," paraphrases the GAO report.

Cybersecurity agency CIOs' top priority, says survey

Cybersecurity is the top concern of federal chief information officers, according to a survey conducted by TechAmerica and Grant Thorton. But budget cybersecurity priorities don't match up to...

DoD IT strategy focuses on consolidation

The Defense Department says it has a departmentwide information technology plan that will allow flexible adoption of emerging technology while taking "appropriate actions" for projects that are "not

VanRoekel pushes 'smart' federal website reform

A new report that aims to map the federal web universe reveals a sprawling collection of.gov websites, but Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel says it presents a chance to find

State Department official warns of data center consolidation 2.0

Federal agencies are rapidly consolidating data centers and moving programs to the cloud, but one federal official worries brash action could lead to a future riddled with inefficient cloud silos.