The Office of Management and Budget is a cabinet-rank office within the Executive Office of the President.  The OMB was organized by the Nixon administration from the previous Bureau of the Budget. Its main function is to assist the president in overseeing the formation of the budget and its implementation in government agencies. 
The management component of OMB oversees personnel, information technology, financial transactions and federal procurement policy-related actions. One of the offices within this side of the OMB is the Office of E-Government and Information Technology, which is headed by the appointed federal government's chief information officer. Click here for a complete organizational chart. Agency officials often elaborate on official memoranda and executive orders with posts to the OMB blog.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IG: VHA support services contract costs more than doubled in fiscal 2013

The amount of money that the Veterans Health Administration pays for its support services more than doubled between fiscal years 2012 and 2013, according to a recent Veterans Affairs Department inspector general report.

FDA not testing fruits and vegetables for most commonly used pesticides, GAO says

The Food and Drug Administration doesn't test for some of the most commonly used pesticides when it looks into the amount of residue left on fruits and vegetables, says a Government Accountability Office report released Oct. 7. And the agency isn't releasing that information in their annual monitoring reports, according to congressional investigators.

AGA: OMB needs clearer accountability in new internal controls policy

Clearer accountability and better training could improve the Office of Management and Budget's governmentwide approach to internal financial controls compliance, an Oct. 31 Association of Government Accountants report says. OMB created a compliance framework for internal financial controls that is meant to be less burdensome for agencies and is more linked to risk management.

GAO: Some agencies not meeting customer service standards

None of the five agencies that the Government Accountability Office surveyed met all key elements of the government's customer service standards, an Oct. 24 report says.

Response rate for OPM survey down over last four years

Response rates to the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey have dropped by nearly six percentage points over the last four years. In 2010, nearly 53 percent of federal workers responded to the questionnaire. But, by 2014, that number dropped to about 47 percent, the Office of Personnel Management survey shows.

Top Obama administration official says FAR can be made to work

A senior Obama administration official acknowledged that federal purchasing rules are difficult to navigate, especially for information technology projects and services, but they're getting the job done – for now.

OMB pushes agencies to reduce improper payments

The Office of Management and Budget is pushing agencies to do more to reduce improper payments at agencies. Since coming into office, President Obama has signed two laws and issued three directives on how agencies can reduce improper payments. Those have culminated in improper payments declining governmentwide, an Oct. 20 OMB memo (pdf) says.

OMB and NARA set dates for electronic records management

The Office of Management and Budget and the National Archives and Records Administration set two new dates for agencies to get their electronic records in order. OMB issued guidance (pdf) that supports a 2012 directive requiring agencies to manage permanent and temporary email records electronically by the end of 2016 and manage all permanent electronic records in an electronic format by the end of 2019.

Energy Department overpaying for software licenses, audit finds

The recently released audit found that DOE programs and sites routinely paid about $600,000 more than necessary when acquiring software licenses in a three-year period and had not maintained an inventory to manage them.

OMB changes security incident reporting procedures, tweaks FISMA metrics

The Office of Management and Budget said Oct. 3 that new guidelines issued to federal civilian agencies will improve the government's information security posture.