The Office of Management and Budget is a cabinet-rank office within the Executive Office of the President.  The OMB was organized by the Nixon administration from the previous Bureau of the Budget. Its main function is to assist the president in overseeing the formation of the budget and its implementation in government agencies. 
The management component of OMB oversees personnel, information technology, financial transactions and federal procurement policy-related actions. One of the offices within this side of the OMB is the Office of E-Government and Information Technology, which is headed by the appointed federal government's chief information officer. Click here for a complete organizational chart. Agency officials often elaborate on official memoranda and executive orders with posts to the OMB blog.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spending caps lower discretionary spending by $91 billion in 2014

The amended 1985 Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act requires discretionary spending caps to be lowered by $91 billion in fiscal 2014 and the sequestration of $18 billion in direct spending, according to a letter (.pdf) to congress by Acting Official of Management and Budget Director Jeffrey Zients.These cuts assume sequestration will still be in effect for fiscal 2014.

Audio: Steven VanRoekel on the fiscal 2014 federal IT Budget

Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel spoke with reporters April 10 about information technology aspects of the Obama administration's fiscal 2014 budget proposal, which it transmitted to Congress that day.

2014 Budget Request: E-gov and IEEUIT

The Obama administration in its fiscal 2014 budget request  proposes  $20 million for the General Services Administration e-government fund and $14 million for a fund controlled by the federal chief information officer.  Typically the Obama administration request significantly more for the e-gov fund, housed in the General Services Administration, than Congress appropriates. Taking into account inflation, the fiscal 2014 request of $20 million would be a 63 percent increase over the current year amount.

The president's 2014 budget request

President Obama sent to Congress Wednesday a $3.77 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2014, a total amounting to about $14 million less than estimated fiscal 2013 spending. When accounting for White House-projected inflation, that proposed topline is 0.37 below current year spending.

Management side of OMB is critical, nominee says in confirmation hearing

President Obama's nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget stressed the need to reduce the deficit and increase efficiency during her April 9 confirmation  hearing  with the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.Sylvia Mathew Burwell, who currently heads up the Walmart Foundation and was previously president of Global Development Program at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, garnered promises of support from Senators of both sides of the aisle.

Agencies need to need to spend carefully under sequestration, OMB controller says

Agencies should generally use any available flexibility to reduce operational risks and minimize impacts from sequestration on the agency's core mission, Office of Management and Budget Controller Danny Werfel said in a  memo  (.pdf) to agency heads Thursday.

Deese tapped for OMB deputy director, Zients's post-OMB future unknown

President Barack Obama nominated Brian Deese as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget Monday, according to a White House press release. Obama tapped Sylvia Burwell for the top spot at OMB on March 4. The confirmation process is expected to go smoothly, White House Spokesman Jay Carney said at a March 19 press briefing.

PortfolioStat update integrates FDCCI, in attempt to streamline reporting

New guidance, in the form of a memo (.pdf) signed by OMB Director Jeff Zients and Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel, combines PortfolioStat and the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative into a single, streamlined reporting mechanism. As part of this approach, FDCCI success won't be measured by closures, says the memo.

OMB renews requirement for agencies to use shared service providers for financial systems

The Office of Management and Budget says agencies should stop buying their own core financial management systems in favor of federal or commercial shared service providers, with changes in OMB policy to codify that requirement to come.  "Agency-specific approaches are discouraged," the memo adds, stating approval for them will be reserved for when an agency can demonstrate "exceptional circumstance."

House Oversight and Government Reform approves FISMA amendments act

The bill (H.R. 1163), which would need approval by the full House and the Senate before it could become law, would amend the Federal Information Security Management Act. The House approved the  same legislation  in April 2012 but the Senate did not advance it beyond committee.