The Office of Management and Budget is a cabinet-rank office within the Executive Office of the President.  The OMB was organized by the Nixon administration from the previous Bureau of the Budget. Its main function is to assist the president in overseeing the formation of the budget and its implementation in government agencies. 
The management component of OMB oversees personnel, information technology, financial transactions and federal procurement policy-related actions. One of the offices within this side of the OMB is the Office of E-Government and Information Technology, which is headed by the appointed federal government's chief information officer. Click here for a complete organizational chart. Agency officials often elaborate on official memoranda and executive orders with posts to the OMB blog.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GSA doesn't measure agencies' inclusion of small businesses in strategic sourcing, GAO says

The General Services Administration hasn't developed a performance measure to determine small business participation in strategic sourcing initiatives and the Office of Management and Budget hasn't monitored agencies' efforts to include small businesses, a recently release Jan. 23 Government Accountability Office report says.

OMB pushes agencies to make administrative data open internally and to private sector

Agencies must come up with a plan and oversight process to make information more available both internally and to the private sector, a Feb. 14 Office of Management and Budget memo says.

OMB seeks to strengthen use of voluntary standards

The Office of Management and Budget has proposed revisions to its guidance on the use of voluntary standards in regulations for the first time since 1998. The proposed  updates  (.pdf) encourage agencies to coordinate their use of voluntary standards so they don't use different versions of the same standard. They also suggest that agencies notify the public if they plan to participate in a standards development process, so businesses can decide if they want to participate as well.

Interagency individual data sharing protocols unclear in implementation, says GAO

There's confusion within the federal government regarding the requirements for setting up information exchanges between agencies, finds the Government Accountability Office in a newly released Jan. 13  report.

Groups defend DATA Act from OMB suggestions

A coalition of advocacy groups criticized the Obama administration for revisions it proposed to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act in a Feb. 11 letter to the president.

Former White House official: Leadership needed to elevate bioterrorism urgency

For bioterrorism to draw the level of attention that nuclear terrorism has received will require a concerted effort from the White House, said Robert Kadlec, formerly the special assistant to the president for biodefense. "It really does take some leadership at the very top," Kadlec, who served under President George W. Bush, told a House Homeland Security subcommittee during a  hearing  Feb. 11.

Federal CIO Council shared services catalog could be indicator of policy stasis

When the Federal CIO Council  announced  in April 2013 a catalog of shared services available to agencies in furtherance of the Office of Management and Budget's policy of "Shared First,"  FierceGovernmentIT grew curious about the contents of the catalog. FierceGovernmentIT filed almost immediately a Freedom of Information Act request for a list of all the services in the catalog. We wanted to see the building blocks of the transformation, but couldn't on our own, since OMB keeps the list behind a password protected  website.

Agency cybersecurity criticized in Senate report

Basic cybersecurity measures such as patching, anti-virus software updates and password management are insufficient at federal agencies, leaving government networks vulnerable to even non-sophisticated cyber intrusions, finds a Feb. 4 report.

Mixed year for e-gov and White House technology funds

Under the omnibus spending act (H.R. 3547) that funds federal agencies through this fiscal year, the e-government fund administered by the General Services Administration at the behest of the Office of Management and Budget has $16 million in appropriations. The Office of Management and Budget itself will have $10 million for its Integrated, Efficient, and Effective Uses of Information Technology fund.

Integrate cybersecurity with federal cloud computing adoption, says Karen Evans

A paper co-authored by a former government executive who occupied the position now known as the federal chief information officer recommends greater integration of cybersecurity efforts with federal cloud adoption.