The Office of Management and Budget is a cabinet-rank office within the Executive Office of the President.  The OMB was organized by the Nixon administration from the previous Bureau of the Budget. Its main function is to assist the president in overseeing the formation of the budget and its implementation in government agencies. 
The management component of OMB oversees personnel, information technology, financial transactions and federal procurement policy-related actions. One of the offices within this side of the OMB is the Office of E-Government and Information Technology, which is headed by the appointed federal government's chief information officer. Click here for a complete organizational chart. Agency officials often elaborate on official memoranda and executive orders with posts to the OMB blog.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

GAO: EPA not providing clear information about costs, benefits of regulatory decisions

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't always provide clear information about its cost-benefit analyses underlying its regulatory decisions, the investigative arm of Congress said in a recent report.

Lawmakers: IGs need complete access to records for investigations

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come out in support of agency inspectors general who claimed insufficient access to records during investigations. In an Aug. 8 letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan, House lawmakers said inspectors general should, in most cases, have no problem accessing agency records during an investigation and that OMB needs to make sure agencies enforce the 1978 Inspector General Act.

Agencies falling short in providing accurate, complete federal award data, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office said agencies provided incomplete and inaccurate information about such assistance awards- totaling about $619 billion- on, a publicly accessible website designed to improve transparency and accountability on federal spending.

White House directs agencies to make employment and training programs more job-driven

Since the federal government invests $17 billion annually into employment and job-training programs, the White House is directing agencies to incorporate a series of elements that would help businesses better meet hiring needs and workers improve their outcomes.

OMB wants more information from agencies for its continuous evaluations program

The Office of Management and Budget will collect information on training and case management to help implement continuous evaluations on the security clearances of federal workers, a July 18 OMB memo says. The memo expands on what OMB wants from agencies under the program to monitor security clearances.

Bill would set continuous goals for agencies

An Iowa lawmaker introduced a bill July 16 that seeks to set clear, measurable goals for government performance and evaluate bureaucratic systems on a continuing basis. The bill (H.R.5064), sponsored by Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa), builds on the 2010 Government Performance and Results Modernization Act, which set performance goals for agencies on a quarterly basis.

OMB: Top-notch federal customer service could lead to performance awards

Federal workers who give top-notch customer service could get performance awards in the future, according to a June 30 Office of Management and Budget update of cross-agency goals. The award structure is slated to be completed by the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014 and expected to launch by the first quarter of fiscal 2015, the update says.

OMB lays out agency goals and ways to achieve them

The White House set out 15 cross-agency goals back in March and now the Office of Personnel Management has laid out plans for how agency can achieve them. "As part of the Administration's effort to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Federal government, agencies have been setting clear, measurable goals to drive better outcomes for the American people," OMB Deputy Director Beth Cobert said in a June 26 blog  post.

FITARA, FISMA reform and DHS cyber authority bills advance from Senate committee

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee June 25  advanced  legislation that would give federal chief information officers more acquisition oversight, modernize the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 and clarify the Homeland Security Department's role in federal cybersecurity efforts.

OMB proposes eliminating 74 agency reports

The Office of Management and Budget Wednesday identified 74 agency reports that could be eliminated to reduce agencies' workload and save money. Those 74 reports come after OMB identified 35 reports to be eliminated back in 2012. But Congress has to act to actually eliminate the reports