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Latest Headlines

NIST gets back to measurement basics

The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced a new blog this week that will take a look at some of the people and projects underway at the science and technology agency.

NSTIC NPO issues documents to guide identity solution performance, evaluation discussions

In advance of its  Applying Measurement Science in the Identity Ecosystem workshop  Jan. 12 and 13, the National Institute of Standards and Technology team responsible for the implementation of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, or NSTIC, has issued three white papers that dive into how identity solutions can be evaluated and measured.

NIST rides identity, privacy momentum with two new projects

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is collaborating on two new projects that aim to foster the development of privacy-enhancing technologies.

Q&A: A deep dive on the Identity Ecosystem Framework with IDESG's Kimberly Little Sutherland

Kimberly Little Sutherland, the IDESG's plenary chair and senior director of identity management strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, sat down with  FierceGovernmentIT  to discuss the process of crafting the framework, how federal agencies should use it and what the documents' release means for the future of the organization.

New framework lays the foundation for 'identity ecosystem' to enhance privacy, security on the Internet

With the release of the framework, the group delivers the first tangible result of National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, a visionary plan rolled out by the White House in April 2011.

Spotlight: Major privacy-enhancing document to be issued this month, says NIST

The public-private partnership tasked by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to create an "identity ecosystem" will release a major document later this month. 

3 new NSTIC pilots focus on reducing tax refund thefts and securing health data and online storage

This fourth round of projects are part of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which is aimed at encouraging adoption of more secure, easy-to-use and interoperable identity credentials for access to various online services.

Partnerships key to confronting cybersecurity challenges, say NSF and NIST officials

The National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology separately have contributed much to improve the cybersecurity of federal agencies and the nation as a whole, but officials at a recent hearing say the credit and responsibility are shared.

Q&A: Naomi Lefkovitz explains what NIST's privacy risk framework means for agencies, NSTIC pilots

FierceGovernmentIT  recently caught up Naomi Lefkovitz, senior privacy policy advisor at NIST, to discuss what the draft privacy risk management framework means for agencies, and concurrent efforts, such as NIST's cybersecurity framework and NSTIC implementation.

An exit interview with Jeremy Grant, NSTIC director and NIST's lead on digital identity

Jeremy Grant left the National Institute of Standards and Technology April 30 after spending the last four years leading an effort to improve digital identity management nationwide. We caught up with Grant to discuss recent developments with NSTIC, the program's biggest accomplishments and some challenges that lie ahead.