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Latest Headlines

FBI seeks information about cloud services to store criminal justice data

The FBI is seeking commercial cloud-computing options that can store vast amounts of criminal justice data. In a recent request for information, the bureau said it wants an on-site, infrastructure-as-a-service, "cloud in a box" system to support the Criminal Justice Information Services division in Clarksburg, W.Va., at multiple locations across the country

NIST report outlines steps to strengthen encryption standards development after NSA revelation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's main advisory committee, which has been reviewing concerns about the integrity of the agency's cryptographic standards and guidelines program, recommended greater transparency and openness in NIST's relationship with the National Security Agency.

Federal government seeks input on testing dynamic spectrum sharing

The Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued a joint public notice July 11, seeking input in creating a so-called "Model City" program, which is an outgrowth of a White House report about how spectrum can be better used to spur economic growth.

NIST announces competition to build research center around disaster resilience

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking to create a research center to help communities better respond and recover from disasters.

NIST guidance helps agencies break from static IT system reauthorization cycle

In a November 2013 memorandum, the Office and Management and Budget told agencies they could abandon a security reauthorization process required every three years in favor of ongoing authorization of information systems. Now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is advising agencies on how exactly to make that transition.

NIST proposes supply chain risk management baseline in updated publication

Newly-proposed cybersecurity controls from the National Institute of Standards and Technology would establish a baseline for tracking the components that make up the information and communication technology systems used by federal agencies.

Obama administration satisfied with cybersecurity regulations

The Obama administration doesn't need to develop new cybersecurity regulations, a review by the administration has concluded. Voluntary implementation of the cybersecurity framework that the National Institute of Standards and Technology released in February will suffice for now.

NIST touts FirstNet technology transfer

Emergency service agencies nationwide are benefitting from its public safety broadband demonstration network because the use of proprietary systems and non-contiguous spectrum assignments have thus far prevented the standardization of nationwide public safety communications, said NIST.

Ron Ross dissects NIST's newest guidance – what it means for agencies

The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a new draft publication May 13, which aims to help agencies build or acquire IT systems with better security baked in from the start, by outlining best practices and recognized software engineering principals.  FierceGovernmentIT  spoke with Computer Scientist and NIST Fellow Ron Ross May 14, to learn more about the newest draft guidance.

NIST seeks to better define, assess technology transfer

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has adopted a more comprehensive definition of technology transfer and is improving the metrics it relies on when assessing its efficiency and success in transferring technology to the private sector.