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Latest Headlines

House and Senate appropriations committees differ significantly on NIST spending

The government's applied science, standards and measurement laboratory would receive nearly $947.55 million under the Senate committee mark, but a substantially lower $748.04 million under the House committee mark, a difference of $163 million.

Grants and rate increases top tier incentives for cybersecurity framework adoption, says DHS

Since Obama issued the executive order, (EO 13636  [.pdf]) the National Institute of Standards and Technology has had in  development  a cybersecurity framework, private sector adoption of which NIST officials have stressed will be  voluntary, although the order does require regulatory agencies to review a preliminary version of the framework when completed and to make a determination of whether existing regulations are sufficient to meet the cyber threat.

Senate Appropriations subcommittee markup would boost NIST spending

A Senate Appropriations subcommittee marked up July 16 a spending bill for the coming fiscal year that would fund the National Institute of Standards and Technology with $948 million, an amount approximately $14 million  more  than in the White House proposal.

Draft bill would codify NIST cybersecurity framework into law

A draft cybersecurity bill being circulated by Democratic and Republican heads of the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee would codify in law the cybersecurity framework called for by President Obama in a Feb. 12  executive order.

NIST releases iris biometric ID specification

A  long-awaited  specification for biometrics--including iris images--on federal identity cards saw light on July 12 after its release by the National Institute for Standards and Technology. The suitability of iris scans as a biometric came under some question following the July 2012 publication of a Notre Dame University study that  found  aging produces changes in irises over time.

House subcommittee votes to lower NIST appropriations

A House Appropriations subcommittee marked up July 10 a spending bill for the coming fiscal year that includes $784 million for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

NIST preparing new special publication on multi-organization computer security response

How multiple computer security incident response teams should coordinate to handle a cyber incident larger than any single organization will be the subject of a new National Institute of Standards and Technology special publication.

NIST: Agencies should adopt mobile models, testing, policies

In a new publication, the National Institute of Standards and Technology outlines concrete guidelines for agencies to better secure smartphones and tablets. Clear policies, says NIST SP 800-124 revision 1 (.pdf), are central to a mobile security strategy and should cover everything from how personally-owned and organization-issued devices are provisioned to how mobile device management servers are administered and updated.

NIST releases draft outline of cybersecurity framework

The  outline  (.pdf) – which greatly merits draft status – emphasizes that the framework should include a section accessible to senior executives. Written comments  in response  to a NIST  request for information  regarding the framework and points brought up during  workshops  have emphasized that without senior executive engagement, the framework will not be effective, the draft states.

CIO empowerment isn't just for department CIOs, says Szykman

Recent congressional testimony and White House oversight has further fueled the discussion around strengthening federal chief information officer authorities. While the focus has largely been on centralizing programs under the department CIOs, Commerce Department CIO Simon Szykman says greater authorities should be given to component CIOs as well.