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Latest Headlines

NIST preps digital privacy framework, considers control catalog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a new interagency report that will advise federal agencies on assessing and mitigating the privacy risks associated with their digital services.

New NIST document envisions broadband public safety network over next 20 years

Location-based services – which gathers information on a user that could be based on global-positioning system signals – is the first focus area of a planned series on relevant technologies.

NIST releases standard for measuring accuracy of human genome testing

Genetic analysis is flawed because laboratories often report different findings from samples of the same material, but, by testing the reference materials, labs can adjust their DNA sequencers and software to produce the correct analysis.

GSA, USPS find early success with Internet of Things

A handful of federal agencies aren't just talking about how sensor-based technologies can fuel new capabilities and efficiencies, they're embracing the "Internet of Things" now.

US government gets low cybersecurity marks from own federal employees, (ISC)2 survey says

Nearly half the respondents said the U.S. government is seeing little to no return on such security investments, while 17 percent said their organization's security posture is even worse – which is 5 percent higher than what respondents said in a 2013 survey.

NIST prepping more cloud security control guidance to complement FedRAMP

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is working on new guidance that will address the distribution and placement of security controls for cloud computing environments.

An exit interview with Jeremy Grant, NSTIC director and NIST's lead on digital identity

Jeremy Grant left the National Institute of Standards and Technology April 30 after spending the last four years leading an effort to improve digital identity management nationwide. We caught up with Grant to discuss recent developments with NSTIC, the program's biggest accomplishments and some challenges that lie ahead.

NIST releases draft guide to help communities better plan for, recover from, disasters

Over the last four years, there have been 42 extreme weather events "that caused at least $1 billion in damage, for a total cost of about $227 billion and 1,286 lives lost."

NIST issues draft de-identification guidance for personally identifiable information

In a new draft publication, the National Institute of Standards and Technology explores techniques for de-identification and summarizes almost 20 years of research. 

NIST issues identity management considerations for FirstNet

As work moves forward on a nationwide public safety broadband network, the National Institute of Standards and Technology released guidelines for addressing identity management across the new system.