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Latest Headlines

NIST issues draft solution for two-factor authentication on mobile devices

The National Institute of Standards of Technology has developed a draft solution to help agencies with the difficult task of providing multifactor authentication when accessing government information systems via mobile devices.

NIST launches mobile app competition that seeks innovative access, use of scientific data

Participants must use at least one of the agency's eligible datasets, which pertain to physics and chemistry and often used by high school, college and graduate students. One example is the computational chemistry comparison and benchmark database.

NCCoE guide tells providers how to secure EHRs on mobile devices

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has released its first draft of a step-by-step, how-to guide mapping out how healthcare providers can make mobile devices more secure and protect sensitive patient information.

Dawn Leaf makes the case for a cloud practitioner roadmap

More than five years ago, Dawn Leaf lead the National Institute of Standards and Technology's work to write a cloud computing roadmap for the federal government. Since that time, there's been no shortage of additional resources for departments to rely on as they move systems to the cloud, but as Labor Department chief information officer, Leaf sees an important element missing.

Joint NIST, NTIA program drawing industry to help test public safety communications network

More than three dozen telecommunications companies have signed up to participate in an independent test bed to evaluate advanced broadband equipment and software for first responders.

NIST proposes new ways to secure email, mobile devices

Two new information technology security building blocks proposed through a National Institute of Standards and Technology public-private partnership could help organizations make email and mobile devices more secure.

NIST publishes updated document on cryptographic standards needed for data encryption

The agency has revised guidance recommending methods for generating random numbers – crucial in data encryption – and permanently removed any reference to a controversial algorithm suspected of being tampered with by the National Security Agency.

NIST finalizes guidance on protection of sensitive federal data by nonfederal organizations

The guidance is designed to ensure that sensitive federal data stay confidential when processed, transmitted and stored by contractors, state governments, research and academic institutions and other nonfederal organizations.

Interconnected technologies, sensors could enhance 'smart fire fighting,' new report says

The report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Fire Protection Research Foundation said technologies could provide useful information to first responders when they need it and even help with code enforcement, prevention, training, salvage and investigations.

Next-gen PIV cards provide federal employees with secure mobile access

New technical specifications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology enable smart identity card holders to access government computer networks from mobile devices.