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Latest Headlines

NIST publishes updated document on cryptographic standards needed for data encryption

The agency has revised guidance recommending methods for generating random numbers – crucial in data encryption – and permanently removed any reference to a controversial algorithm suspected of being tampered with by the National Security Agency.

NIST finalizes guidance on protection of sensitive federal data by nonfederal organizations

The guidance is designed to ensure that sensitive federal data stay confidential when processed, transmitted and stored by contractors, state governments, research and academic institutions and other nonfederal organizations.

Interconnected technologies, sensors could enhance 'smart fire fighting,' new report says

The report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Fire Protection Research Foundation said technologies could provide useful information to first responders when they need it and even help with code enforcement, prevention, training, salvage and investigations.

Next-gen PIV cards provide federal employees with secure mobile access

New technical specifications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology enable smart identity card holders to access government computer networks from mobile devices.

New federal partnership seeks to improve global community resilience to climate change impacts

The Climate Services for Resilient Development public-private partnership was launched with more than $34 million in financial and in-kind contributions from the federal government and seven other institutions and governments.

DoD makes the IT security gauntlet faster, less burdensome

A little more than a year ago, DoD implemented the Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology, or RMF for DoD IT. Defense officials expect it to be more flexible, more effective and provide a continuous view of security risks so they can be reviewed in a more timely manner.

Q&A: Naomi Lefkovitz explains what NIST's privacy risk framework means for agencies, NSTIC pilots

FierceGovernmentIT  recently caught up Naomi Lefkovitz, senior privacy policy advisor at NIST, to discuss what the draft privacy risk management framework means for agencies, and concurrent efforts, such as NIST's cybersecurity framework and NSTIC implementation.

NIST releases draft risk framework to help agencies understand, manage privacy issues

As the smart grid, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things continue to collect massive amounts of data about people, significant concerns about the potential infringement on their privacy are being raised.

NIST preps digital privacy framework, considers control catalog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a new interagency report that will advise federal agencies on assessing and mitigating the privacy risks associated with their digital services.

New NIST document envisions broadband public safety network over next 20 years

Location-based services – which gathers information on a user that could be based on global-positioning system signals – is the first focus area of a planned series on relevant technologies.