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Latest Headlines

NCCoE issues draft guidance for bolstering cybersecurity at utilities

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is urging utility companies to change decentralized identity management practices at their facilities to shore up a weak link against online attack.

White House cybersecurity czar: Threat awareness has improved, but protection hasn't

Federal agencies are increasingly engaged in cybersecurity issues and understand they have something to protect, said the White House's cybersecurity czar, but he added that most agencies, like their private-sector counterparts, are not protecting themselves as well as they should.

NIST's cybersecurity center seeking help to address mobile security, network authentication

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is seeking vendor products and technical expertise on three projects that focus on mobile device security, personal identity verification credentials for such devices and access control.

NIST seeks comment on draft report for greater int'l cybersecurity standards development, use

Development of international cybersecurity standards would improve the security resilience of U.S. information and communications systems and their supporting infrastructures, and efforts should include greater training and more collaboration with industry.

Beyond compliance: Advanced management and security practices for health data

As several recent, private sector breaches have illustrated, personally identifiable information, or PII, is not immune to cyber threats. 

NIST completes SHA-3 cryptographic hash standard

NIST announced last week that the final version of its Secure Hash Algorithm-3 standard, or SHA-3, is complete. The cryptographic hash will be used to retain document security and integrity across the government, as the tech provides a tool that helps guarantee the veracity of electronic communications.

NIST looks to keep smart cities momentum going

The National Institute of Standards and Technology plans to keep the momentum from the Global Cities Teams Challenge 2015 rolling into next year.

NIST issues draft solution for two-factor authentication on mobile devices

The National Institute of Standards of Technology has developed a draft solution to help agencies with the difficult task of providing multifactor authentication when accessing government information systems via mobile devices.

NIST launches mobile app competition that seeks innovative access, use of scientific data

Participants must use at least one of the agency's eligible datasets, which pertain to physics and chemistry and often used by high school, college and graduate students. One example is the computational chemistry comparison and benchmark database.

NCCoE guide tells providers how to secure EHRs on mobile devices

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has released its first draft of a step-by-step, how-to guide mapping out how healthcare providers can make mobile devices more secure and protect sensitive patient information.