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Latest Headlines

FAA should develop holistic threat model as it transitions to NextGen system, GAO says

As the Federal Aviation Administration shifts to a more advanced and networked Internet-technology based air-traffic control system, it needs to develop a comprehensive threat model to better protect computer networks against cyber threats.

IG: Disaster recovery of EPA information systems may be difficult without key updates

The agency's inspector general, which conducted the audit from March 2014 to January 2015, focused on EPA's National Computer Center, or NCC, that provides critical computing and data management support for a large segment of its administrative, programmatic and scientific applications.

Identity management, data integrity remain pain points for a range of companies in protecting consumer data, says NIST

As corporations consider the protection of company and customer data, security, privacy and usability are a major focus but businesses cited several challenges in taking such measures. Identity management and data integrity are among the issues highlighted in a draft interagency report (pdf) published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology April 2.

NIST, NARA closer to standard for securing federal information on outside systems

A final draft on a standard for protecting controlled unclassified information, or CUI, in nonfederal information systems is available for comment.

NIST seeks pilot privacy-enhancing technologies for NSTIC project to secure online identities

The federally led program that's trying to provide secure online identity interactions for individuals and organizations across the nation is soliciting applications to test privacy-enhancing technologies.

NIST: Precise timing signals are critical in development of Internet of Things

A new National Institute of Standards and Technology paper says some critical applications systems among the billions of wired and wirelessly linked physical devices from smart meters to smart cars – known as the Internet of Things – may be hampered by inadequate timing systems.

Report: Transfer of federal research to private sector is growing

The transfer of new technology from federal laboratories to the open market has been growing in recent years, according to a report.

NIST announces small business funding for cybersecurity research

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Small Business Innovation Research program is offering to fund research projects that address specific challenges in cybersecurity.

NIST developing tools, methods for higher frequencies as mobile broadband demand rises

Researchers at the National Institute for Standards and Technology are developing tools and methods that provide better measurements for wireless channels at higher frequencies, which can significantly boost bandwidth and capacity for smartphone and tablet users.

New NIST-funded center aims to enhance local resilience, recovery from major weather hazards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology awarded $20 million over five years to develop the new Community Resilience Center of Excellence, which will be based in Fort Collins, Colo. The agency has the option to renew the award for another five years after that.