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Latest Headlines

The president's 2016 budget request: Federal Aviation Administration and NextGen

The Federal Aviation Administration has requested $15.83 billion under the president's fiscal 2016 budget proposal – including almost $1 billion for Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen.

FAA IG: NextGen by 2020 a "tall order"

The Federal Aviation Administration could have a tough time meeting its deadline for the Next Generation Air Transportation program, or NextGen – a 20-year, $40 billion initiative designed to modernize a decades-old U.S. aviation system by using satellite-based, digital technologies to make air travel safe, reliable, convenient and more predictable – according to the Transportation Department's inspector general.

FAA, industry form NextGen working group

A new working group comprised of the Federal Aviation Administration and  aviation industry members is taking on the task of equipping avionics with next-generation technology by a mandated deadline.

Test to improve air traffic management expands following FAA grant

Following successful tests at Boston's Logan International Airport, New York's LaGuardia Airport will be the next site to see how algorithms can improve air traffic management – by reducing the time passenger planes spend taxiing and idling.

Top FAA official: Agency needs to make sure industry complies with key NextGen mandate

FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker said he FAA needs to make sure that airlines and other operators comply with the mandate for implementing the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, or ADS-B, equipment in their aircraft by 2020.

FAA, industry agree on high-priority NextGen initiatives

During an Oct. 8 meeting, Federal Aviation Administration officials, airlines, manufacturers and labor groups agreed on a plan that sets specific milestones, locations, timelines and metrics for completing what the group identified as NextGen's "high priority, high readiness" initiatives.

Flexibility in airspace crucial and NextGen can help, FAA administrator says

When a contractor last week started a fire at an air traffic control center near Chicago, one of America's busiest airspaces, thousands of flights were delayed or canceled. The Federal Aviation Administration's quick response to get the center operational again is indicative of the flexibility the industry needs, the agency's top official said.

IG memo to FAA: Eliminate risks to air traffic control automation system deployment, rein in rising costs

The Transportation Department's inspector general recently said the implementation of an advanced system to help manage air traffic — which the watchdog warned in a previous report could fall short of capabilities, go over budget and over schedule — is still at risk.

DOT IG to review why NextGen's PBN procedures not used by major airlines

The Transportation Department watchdog said it will review why some major airlines and their pilots are not using performance-based navigation- which is part of the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen initiative- even though it can deliver significant benefits.

Don't blame funding for NextGen's slow rollout, says DOT IG

While some lawmakers find the Federal Aviation Administration's implementation of key 2020 NextGen program milestones slow, the Transportation Department's Inspector General says it's not due to inadequate funding.