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Latest Headlines

Q&A: NASA's Sean Herron and William Eshagh on code.nasa.gov

On Jan. 4, NASA added to its growing collection of open.nasa.gov websites with the launch of code.nasa.gov. The site aims to be a "community hub" by providing access to current NASA open source

NASA looks to lower open source licensing barriers

The recent launch of code.nasa.gov is providing better access to NASA sourced and funded projects, but William Eshagh of the NASA open government team says some forthcoming open-source licensing

NASA touts Nebula, faults the public cloud

Nebula, the open-source infrastructure-as-a-service platform NASA began developing in 2009, has exceeded its initial goal of discouraging agency web developers from building rogue computing sites,

NASA and Census Bureau offer tips for cloud computing success

Cloud computing allows agencies to be more agile and innovative, say federal information technology managers. According to NASA Deputy Chief Technology Officer Tsengdar Lee, cloud computing has made

NASA launches private cloud

All NASA personnel can take advantage of their agency's private cloud now, announced the agency in an Oct. 18 blog post. NASA Cloud Services will remain in pre-release until an operational readiness

Book excerpt: Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution chapter on NASA

Partly an object of anticipation, partly of dread, cloud computing has been in the news as initial federal try-outs promise to become models for future capabilities. Out with a book on how to handle

Q&A: Charles Babcock on cloud computing

Cloud computing so far in the federal government is more potential than reality, but initial clouds at the Defense Information Systems Agency and NASA hold a promise of widespread future capability.

Feds open online cloud storefront

The federal government Tuesday announced the opening of an online storefront to make it easier for federal agencies to buy cloud computing services at good prices. The site was launched as Apps.gov,